University of California, San Diego
Region: Northern America
Country/Region: United States
Found Year: 1960
Address: 9500 Gilman Drive

UC San Diego is an academic powerhouse and economic engine, recognized as one of the top 10 public U.S. universities and ranked number one in the nation for public service by the Washington Monthly. Our location is unparalleled, our impact unmistakable. UC San Diego shapes minds, changes lives, launches industries and builds the student, one discovery and one achievement at a time UC San Diego is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through excellence in education and research at the undergraduate, graduate, professional school and postdoctoral levels. The campus is committed to community engagement, public service and industry partnerships in order to advance the health and well-being of our region, state, nation and the world. Our academic community of world-renowned faculty, bright students and dedicated staff is characterized by a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation which spans the globe. To foster the best possible working and learning environment, our university strives to maintain a climate of fairness, cooperation, and professionalism, which is embodied in our campus Principles of Community. UC San Diego embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential ingredients of academic excellence in higher education. UC San Diego’s rich academic portfolio includes six undergraduate colleges and five academic divisions. Five graduate and professional schools include the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the School of Medicine, The Rady School of Management, the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the School of Global Policy Studies. The university’s award-winning scholars are experts at the forefront of their fields with an impressive track record for achieving scientific, medical and technological breakthroughs, and include Nobel laureates, Fields medalists, Puliter and Kyoto Prize winners, Tony and Academy Award winners, and MacArthur Fellows.

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Undergraduate Programs
(Law schools do not require any particular major, but they do require evidence of good scholarship in demanding subjects. Almost any undergraduate major can qualify a student for consideration by a law school. The UC San Diego Career Services Center staff
(Like law schools, medical schools do not generally demand a particular major but ask for a solid background in the sciences upon which medicine is built. Most premed students major in biology, chemistry, physics, or bioengineering, but a substantial numb
5-year International Studies—Economics BA/MIA
5-year International Studies—Political Science BA/MIA
Aerospace Engineering BS
Anthropological (Archaeology) BA
Anthropology (Biological Anthropology) BA
Anthropology (Sociocultural Anthropology) BA
Anthropology BA
Biochemistry and Cell Biology BS
Biochemistry/Chemistry BS
Bioengineering BS
Bioengineering: Bioinformatics BS
Bioengineering: Biotechnology BS
Bioinformatics BS
Biology with a Specialization in Bioinformatics BS
Chemical Education BS
Chemical Engineering BS
Chemical Physics BS
Chemistry BS
Chinese Studies BA
Classical Studies BA
Cognitive Science (Clinical Aspects of Cognition) BS
Cognitive Science (Computation) BS
Cognitive Science (Human Cognition) BS
Cognitive Science (Human Computer Interaction) BS
Cognitive Science (Neuroscience) BS
Cognitive Science BA/BS
College Special Individual Majors BA
Communication BA
Computer Engineering BS
Computer Engineering BS
Computer Science BA/BS
Computer Science with Specialization in Bioinformatics BS
Critical Gender Studies BA
Dance BA
Earth Sciences with Specialization in Geochemistry BS
Earth Sciences with Specialization in Geology BS
Earth Sciences with Specialization in Geophysics BS
Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution BS
Economics BA
Electrical Engineering and Society BA
Electrical Engineering BS
Engineering Physics BS
Engineering Sciences BS
Engineering Sciences BS
Environmental Chemistry BS
Environmental Engineering BS
Environmental Systems—Earth Sciences BS
Environmental Systems—Ecology, Behavior and Evolution BS
Environmental Systems—Environmental Chemistry BS
Environmental Systems—Environmental Policy BA
Ethnic Studies BA
French Literature BA
General Biology BS
General Physics BA
General Physics/Secondary Education BA
German Literature BA
German Studies BA
History BA
Human Biology BS
Human Development BA
Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts BA
Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts BA
International Studies—Anthropology BA
International Studies—Economics BA
International Studies—History BA
International Studies—Linguistics BA
International Studies—Literature BA
International Studies—Political Science BA
International Studies—Sociology BA
Italian Literature BA
Italian Studies BA
Japanese Studies BA
Joint Economics-Mathematics BS
Joint Mathematics-Economics BS
Judaic Studies BA
Language Studies BA
Latin American Studies BA
Linguistics (Cognition and Language) BA
Linguistics (Language and Society) BA
Linguistics BA
Literature (Composite) BA
Literature (Cultural Studies) BA
Literature/Writing BA
Literatures in English BA
Literatures of the World BA
Management Science BS
Mathematics (Applied) BS
Mathematics BS
Mathematics—Applied Science BA
Mathematics—Computer Science BS
Mathematics—Scientific Computation BS
Mathematics—Secondary Education BA
Mechanical Engineering BS
Microbiology BS
Molecular Biology BS
Molecular Synthesis BS
Music BA
Music/Humanities BA
Nanoengineering BS
Pharmacological Chemistry BS
Philosophy BA
Physics BS
Physics with Specialization in Astrophysics BS
Physics with Specialization in Computational Physics BS
Physics with Specialization in Earth Sciences BS
Physics with Specialization in Materials Physics BS
Physics/Biophysics BS
Physiology and Neuroscience BS
Political Science (American Politics) BA
Political Science (Comparative Politics) BA
Political Science (International Relations) BA
Political Science (Political Theory) BA
Political Science (Public Law) BA
Political Science (Public Policy) BA
Political Science BA
Probability and Statistics BS
Psychology BA/BS
Russian and Soviet Studies BA
Russian Literature BA
Sociology BA
Sociology—American Studies BA
Sociology—Culture and Communication BA
Sociology—Economy and Society BA
Sociology—International Studies BA
Sociology—Law and Society BA
Sociology—Science and Medicine BA
Sociology—Social Inequity BA
Spanish Literature BA
Structural Engineering BS
Study of Religion BA
Theatre BA
Third World Studies BA
Urban Studies and Planning BA
Visual Arts (Art History/Criticism) BA
Visual Arts (Media) BA
Visual Arts (Studio) BA
Graduate Programs
Architecture-Based Enterprise Systems Engineering
Art History
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Biological Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Clinical Research
Cognitive Science
Computational Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Education Studies
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ethnic Studies
Health Law: Joint MAS Degree program UCSD/Western School of Law
Joint Doctoral Program SDSU/UCSD - Audiology
Joint Doctoral Program SDSU/UCSD - Biology
Joint Doctoral Program SDSU/UCSD - Chemistry
Joint Doctoral Program SDSU/UCSD - Clinical Psychology
Joint Doctoral Program SDSU/UCSD - Engineering Sciences
Joint Doctoral Program SDSU/UCSD - Geophysics
Joint Doctoral Program SDSU/UCSD - Language and Communicative Disorders
Joint Doctoral Program SDSU/UCSD - Mathematics and Science Education
Joint Doctoral Program SDSU/UCSD - Public Health - Epidemiology
Joint Doctoral Program SDSU/UCSD - Public Health - Global Health
Joint Doctoral Program SDSU/UCSD - Public Health - Health Behavior Studies
Latin American Studies
Leadership of Health Care Organizations
Literature - Master of Fine Arts in Writing
Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Political Science
Rady School of Management - MBA
Rady School of Management - PhD
School of International Relations and Pacific Studies
Science Studies Program
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Structural Engineering
Theatre and Dance
Visual Arts