National Central University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: China-Taiwan
Found Year: 1962
Address: Jhongda Rd.

National Central University (NCU) is a university with long-standing traditions in Taiwan. Founded in Nanjing in 1915, and was reestablished in Taiwan in 1962, becoming one of the top universities in the country.Located in Zhongli, NCU covers an area of 62 hectares. We have approximately 12,000 students, 8 colleges, 25 departments, 20 graduate institutes, 8 university-level research centers, one united research center, the Office of Teaching Centers and the affiliated Zhongli Senior High School. NCU is truly a comprehensive university which combines rich science and humanistic facilities. The era develops and changes rapidly; the cultivation of talents’ key capabilities has become our biggest challenge. In addition to spreading knowledge, NCU channels its academic energy to local development to effectively shoulder its social responsibilities and displays its values and functions of a university. NCU is a student-centered university that gives consideration to education of liberal arts and specialization in professions. We endeavor to empower our students with professional capabilities, to develop creative teaching and learning modes, and to help teachers get involved more proactively. With the solid foundation of international exchange and cooperation, we encourage our students to go abroad, broaden their horizons, and increase their international mobility with actual practice on the tide of globalization. Covered by shadows of pine trees, our campus is quiet and beautiful. While green economy is being promoted around the world, “sustaining social development and improving human welfare” are the essential educational purposes of NCU. In the meantime, we established the first Kunqu Museum in Taiwan, exhibiting rich resources in the field of humanities and creating rich opportunities for conversations between arts and technology. Concerning student aid, we also offer supports including grants and academic counseling to create the opportunities for disadvantaged students to move up on the social classes. “Sincerity in knowledge; simplicity in life” is the motto of NCU, and it is the spirit that we expect all our students to keep lifelong in mind. In addition to achieving outstanding performances in their professions, students should be able to think reflexively, fit into the society maturely and considerately, and keep the sincere attitude of NCU. We aim to lead our faculty and students to create a learning environment with both strong humanistic concerns and academic research on this beautiful and culturally-rich campus, to provide students with global vision and diverse learning experiences, and to become one of the world’s top universities with unique characteristics.

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Instruments Science & Technology
Atmospheric Science
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Undergraduate Programs
Advanced Materials And Precision Manufacturing Group Of The Mechanical Engineering
Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Group
Business Administration
Chemical Engineering And Materials Engineering
Chinese Literature
Civil Engineering
Communications Engineering
Computer Science And Information Engineering
Design And Analysis Section Of The Mechanical Engineering
Earth Sciences
Electrical Engineering
Information Management
Life Sciences
Mechanical Engineering, Optical, Mechanical And Electronic Engineering Group
Optoelectronic Science And Engineering
Space Group Of The Atmospheric Sciences
Graduate Programs
Accounting (Master)
Applied Geology (Master, Phd)
Arts (Master)
Astronomical (Master, Phd)
Atmospheric Physics (Master, Phd)
Biomedical Engineering (Master)
Business Administration (EMBA Master Containing, Phd)
Chemical And Materials Engineering (Master, Phd)
Chemistry (Master, Phd)
Chinese Literature (Master Of Science Program, Opera Master, Master Program, Phd)
Civil Engineering (Master Containing EMBA, Phd)
Cognitive Neuroscience (Master, Phd)
Communication Engineering (Master Classes With EMBA, Phd)
Computer Science And Information Engineering (Master Of Science Program, Master Of Software Engineering, EMBA, Phd)
Construction Management (Master Of Master And Ph.D. Programs)
Earth System Science International Graduate Ph.D. Program
Economics (Master, Phd)
Electrical Engineering (Master Containing EMBA, Phd)
Energy Engineering (Master, Phd)
English (Master)
English Business Master Of Business Administration
Environmental Engineering (Master Of Master And Ph.D. Programs)
Finance (Master With EMBA, Phd)
French (Master)
Hakka Studies EMBA
History (The Master Containing EMBA)
Human Resource Management (Master Of Master And Ph.D. Programs)
Hydrological And Oceanic Sciences (Master, Phd)
Industrial Economics (Master Classes With EMBA, Phd)
Industrial Management (Master Of Master And Ph.D. Programs)
Information Management (Master Of Master And Ph.D. Programs)
Law And Government (Master)
Learning And Teaching (Master With EMBA, Phd)
Life Sciences (Master, Phd)
Management Executives MBA Program
Master Of International Sustainable Development
Materials Science And Engineering (Master, Phd)
Mathematics (Master, Phd)
Mechanical Engineering (Master Of Science Program, Optical And Electrical Engineering Master Classes, EMBA, Optical, Mechanical And Electronic Engineering Doctoral, Doctoral)
Network Learning Technology (Master, Phd)
Of Geophysical (Master, Phd)
Of Hakka Social And Cultural (Master)
Philosophy (Master Classes With EMBA, Phd)
Photoelectric Science And Engineering (Master Of Science Program, The Master Of The Lighting And Display Technology, EMBA, Phd)
Physics (Master Of Science Program, Biophysical Master, Phd, Biophysical Doctoral)
Public Affairs And Ethnic Studies Ph.D. Program
Space Science (Master, Phd)
Statistics (Master, Phd)
Systems Biology And Bioinformatics (Master, Phd)
The Hakka Language (Master)
The Hakka Political Economy (Master)