Istanbul University
Region: Western Asia
Country/Region: Turkey
Found Year: 1453
Address: Istanbul University Main Campus Beyazit

Establishment: 1453 Faculties:15 Schools: 2 Vocational Higher Schools: 2 Nobel Prizes: 2 Nobel Prizes (1 in Literature and 1 in Chemistry) Motto: The Science Bridge From History to the Future Campuses: 8 Campuses The LibraryCollection: 1,5 Million Books (Approximately) Rector: Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak THE MISSION OF ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY Istanbul University brings together the East and the West; the past and the future; also it is the leading University raising competent indiv duals who produce beneficial knowledge for our country and humanity. THE VISION OF ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY Istanbul University will become one the leading universities of the world. ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY’S CORE VALUES To protect and glorify Atatürk’s principles and the Republic’s Acquisitions, Participation, Respect to the environment and human-being, Absolute harmony with ethical values.One of the main characteristics of Istanbul University is its leadership in higher education for centuries. It has played a guiding and influential role in thesocial and cultural life of our country. Istanbul University, as one of the oldest educational institutions, not only of Turkey, but also of the world, was founded when Mehmet the Conqueror conquered Istanbul. When the Turkish Republic was founded, Istanbul University was the only institution of higher education. That is the reason why it is the provider of teaching staff for all the universities in Turkey today. Many academics educated here have initiated the establishment of the other higher education institutions. Thus, Istanbul University has always been instrumental in the training and strengthening of our country's scientific cadres. In addition to its scientific impact, Istanbul University has also been a leader in the movement towards enlightenment and modernization that began with the Republic by acting as a bridge between science and life. It is aware of its role in the perpetuation of Atatürk's principles and reforms. Istanbul University will protect in line with this in all issues pertaining to public life with no concessions from its decisive stand. Istanbul University functions as a reflection of Turkey's history of science and independence. As was the case in its history, Istanbul University is still in the vanguard of scientific success. Being the bridge between both the East and West and the past and future, Istanbul University is the leading university which creates valuable knowledge both forTurkey and the world, and bring-up competent individuals.

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