Beijing Institute of Technology
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: China
Found Year: 1940
Address: 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Beijing Institute of Technology is the first science andengineering university founded by the Communist Party of China. BIT is one ofthe national key universities in China, is the among the first batch toestablish Graduate School, to join 211 Project which aimed to promote roughly100 universities to become world-class universities in 21st century, and tojoin 985 Project which started in order to build 39 Chinese universities intoworld renowned universities. Now, BIT is under the supervision of the Ministryof Industry and Information Technology. The University consists of fivecampuses, namely, Zhongguancun, Liangxiang, Xishan Experimental Zone, Zhuhaiand Qinhuangdao. BIT boasts 19 academic schools. Besides, it also has 5independent schools: The Institute of Education, School of ContinuingEducation, School of Basic Education, Vocational School and School of Zhuhai. Beijing Institute of Technology has taken the lead in the aspects of disciplines andspecialties, teaching staff, personnel training, scientific research amongnational research universities. It is also among the domestic first-classscience and engineering universities. In2012, the university entered the British QS World University Rankings--- “Top100 Asian Universities” and “Top 500 World Universities”, which have extensiveinfluence in the world. BIT ranks No. 13 in the selected 19 Chinese universities. BIT adheres to targeting major national strategic needs and the frontierdevelopment of technology and education in the world, attaching equalimportance to science and engineering,andcoordinating development among engineering,science,managementand liberal arts. Among these disciplines, engineering, materials, chemistry,physics, mathematics have ranked the top 1% in ESI. BIT has more than fortynational, provincial and national defense key laboratories and researchcenters. In the history, BIT has ever produced many “firsts” of RPC such as the first televisiontransmission receiver in China. At present, the university represents thenational level in terms of national defense science and technologies including precisionstrikes, efficient mutilate mobile penetration, long-range suppression,military information and confrontation system, showing outstanding advantagesin dual-use technologies like intelligent bionic robot, green energy, moderncommunications, and industrial process control. Since 2006, it has won 25 statescience and technology awards, becoming the significant base for cultivatingkey leading talents in the industry of national defense science and technologyand developing national defense weapons. Among more than 200 thousand graduates since established, there are party and stateleaders, provincial-level party leaders and the generals, as well as leadingtalents and excellent architects in various industries like aerospace, weapons,electronic and information. Our university has signed school cooperation dealswith over 180 colleges in 49 nations and regions in 6 continents, reaching the studentsexchange agreements with above 40 universities, establishing the global networkof international exchanges and cooperation. By 2040, BIT will make great efforts to become the first-class university in the world withdistinctive characters and majoring polytechnic.

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