University of Parma
Region: Southern Europe
Country/Region: Italy
Found Year: 962
Address: Via Università

Our mission and our values Our mission We promote knowledge creation, transfer and progress to meet the increasing demand of advanced education and research in our society. Our values We are a scientific community of a long tradition, made up by professors and researchers; we all work in the broader context of the international scientific community. We are an independent forward-looking community, open to the world and to the future. We foster study as a key factor for personal development and individual enrichment. Our aim is to guide and encourage students to make the most of their capacities. We firmly believe in scientific progress and do our best for its enhancement. We give our contribution for the improvement and welfare of our society, through the diffusion of knowledge and educational tools. Services and Facilities · 9 Departments conducting high-quality research and didactic activities in all scientific-disciplinary areas. · A 77 hectare University Campus, considered as a unique example in Italy; the Campus features 4 of the 9 Departments, study areas, libraries, computer and IT laboratories, canteens and sport facilities. · Studying opportunities abroad, thanks to a number of agreements with hundreds of international universities. · Undergraduate and postgraduate traineeships, on-the-job training in different companies and guidance for a better integration into the professional world. · 16 Libraries equipped with study rooms and internet access points, boasting a rich catalogue of more than a half million books. The Library system offers a number of online services accessible from home, including a digital catalogue with electronic journals, online databases and e-books. · Computer laboratories and Wi-Fi areas in all University structures. · Large study rooms in each University building. · Online services to register for exams and manage the bureaucratic aspects of the studying career. · A personal e-mail account for each student, to constantly keep in touch with UNIPR. · The University website, providing updated information and the latest news on UNIPR. · The University Language Centre, to learn foreign languages at different levels. · Part-time work (150 hours) in University structures · Total or partial exemption from tuition fees, according to merit and/or economic status · Services and support for students with disabilities and learning difficulties · Tutor students helping other students in their academic life · The University Choir and Orchestra, for students wishing to develop their passion for music · Psychological counselling, to help students in difficult situations · An online newspaper and a radio for students willing to develop their creativity in the communication field · Top-level sport activities, courses and cutting-edge sport facilities managed by CUS Parma (University Sports Centre)

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Academic Ranking of World Universities
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Food Science & Technology
Veterinary Sciences
Medical Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Agricultural Sciences
Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Key Statistics
Total Enrollment
International Students
Undergraduate Enrollment
International Students
Graduate Enrollment
International Students
Undergraduate Programs
Advanced Skills In Pediatric Nursing (1St Level)
Architectural Science
Artistic And Performing Art Heritage
Audioprothesic Techniques
Biomedical Laboratory Techniques
Business Administration
Civil And Environmental Engineering
Computer Science
Computer, Electronic And Communications Engineering
Conservation And Improvement Of The Italian Cultural Heritage Abroad (1St Level)
Conservation And Improvement Of The Italian Cultural Heritage Abroad (1St Level)
Culture, Organization And Marketing Of Territorial Oenogastronomy (1St Level)
Digital Libraries Learning (1St Level) - Erasmus Mundus - International Master'S Degree
Economics And Finance
Economics And Management
Economics And Marketing
Educational Sciences
Environment And Workplace Prevention Techniques
Food Science And Technology
Functions Coordination For The Health Care Professions (1St Level)
Gastronomic Science
Geological Sciences
Health Protection In Conditions Of Psycho-Social Difficulty: Detention, Substance Abuse, Migration (1St Level)
Imaging And Radiotherapy Techniques
International And European Relations
International Business (1St Level)
Livestock Science And Animal Production Technologies
Management Engineering
Managing Communications And Relationships In Social-Health Field (1Nd Level)
Mechanical Engineering
Modern Foreign Languages And Civilisations
Natural And Environmental Sciences
Orthoptic And Ophtalmologic Assistance
Packaging (1St Level)
Philosophical Studies
Physiopathology And Rehabilitation Therapy For Illnesses Of The Respiratory Apparatus (1St Level)
Political Science And International Relations
Project And Construction Management Of Building Works (1St Level)
Psychology: Theory And Techniques
Social Work
Speech And Language Therapy
Sport Sciences, Physical Exercise And Human Health
Strategy And Planning Of Sport Organizations, Events And Structures (1St Level) - International Master'S Degree
Wellness Sciences (1St Level)
Graduate Programs
Aba: Applied Behavior Analysis (2Nd Level)
Aesthetic Medicine (2Nd Level)
Anaesthesia, Resuscitation And Intensive Care - 5 Years
Animal Welfare, Breeding And Livestock Production - 3 Years
Applied Coastal Sciences (2St Level) - Joint Master'S Degree - Faculty Of Engineering And Faculty Of Mathematical, Physical And Natural Science
Audiovisual Translation (2Nd Level) - European Master'S Degree
Cardiac Surgery - 5 Years
Cardiology - 5 Years
Clinical Allergology And Immunology - 4 Years
Clinical Biochemistry (For Non-Doctors) - 5 Years
Clinical Biochemistry - 5 Years
Clinical Electrophysiology (2Nd Level)
Clinical Psychology: Individual-Based Evaluation And Counselling (2Nd Level)
Cognitive Behaviour Zoo-Anthropological Medicine (2Nd Level)
Culture Of Innovation And Sustainable Development (2St Level)
Dermatology And Venereology - 5 Years
Diabetes Management And Related Metabolic Disorders In Pediatric Age (2Nd Level) - Inter-University Master'S Degree
Dietary Science (For Non-Doctors) - 5 Years
Dietary Science - 5 Years
Digital Libraries Learning (1St Level) - Erasmus Mundus - International Master'S Degree
Ematology - 5 Years
Emergency Medicine - 5 Years
Endocrinology And Metabolic Diseases - 5 Years
Environmental And Wildlife Conservation And Management (1St Level) - Inter-University Master'S Degree
Forensic Sciences (2St Level)
Gastroenterology - 4 Years
General Surgery - 6 Years
Geriatrics - 4 Years
Gynaecology And Obstetrics - 5 Years
Hospital Pharmaceutics - 4 Years
Hygiene And Preventative Medicine - 4 Years
Illnesses Of The Cardiovascular Apparatus - 5 Years
Illnesses Of The Respiratory Apparatus - 5 Years
Implantology (2Nd Level)
Infant Neuropsychiatry - 5 Years
Infectious Diseases - 5 Years
Interceptive Orthodontics (2Nd Level)
Internal Medicine - 5 Years
Legal Medicine - 5 Years
Legal Professions - 2 Years
Maxillo-Facial Surgery - 5 Years
Medical Hydrology - 5 Years
Medical Oncology - 5 Years
Medical Spa And Hydroclimatology (2Nd Level)
Microbiology And Virology - 5 Years
Multidisciplinary Management Of Endocrinology Disorders In Pediatric And Adolescent Age (2Nd Level) - Inter-University Master'S Degree
Nephrology - 5 Years
Neurology - 5 Years
Occupational Medicine - 5 Years
Occupational Safety And Welfare In The Organizations (2Nd Level)
Operational Pneumology And Pulmonary Immunopathology (2Nd Level)
Ophthalmology - 5 Years
Orofacial Pain, Temporomandibular Disorders And Sleep Disorders (2Nd Level)
Orthopaedics And Traumatology - 5 Years
Osteopathy (2Nd Level)
Otorhinolaryngology - 5 Years
Paediatrics - 5 Years
Pathological Anatomy - 5 Years
Pharmaceutical Technologies And Regulatory Processes (2Nd Level)
Physical And Rehabilitative Medicine - 5 Years
Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation - 5 Years
Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery - 5 Years
Psychiatry - 5 Years
Radiodiagnostics - 5 Years
Radiotherapy - 5 Years
Reconstructive And Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - 5 Years
Science And Technology For Sustainable Growth In Contaminated Sites (2St Level) - International Master'S Degree
Stem Cells And Regenerative Medicine (2Nd Level)
Swine Pathology - 3 Years
The Inspection Of Animal-Based Foodstuffs - 3 Years
Thoracic Surgery - 5 Years
Urology - 5 Years
Vascular Surgery - 5 Years
Web Communication And Social Media For Journalists And Communicators (2Nd Level)