University of Milano-Bicocca
Region: Southern Europe
Country/Region: Italy
Found Year: 1998
Address: Piazza dell'Ateneo Nuovo, 1

The University of Milano-Bicocca is one of the most dynamic and research- and innovation-oriented Italian Universities. Founded in 1998, it ranks high among the world’s best young universities. In fact, in only 15 years Milano-Bicocca has created an extensive network including many world-famous universities, research centers and top corporations. FACILITIES AND SERVICES The University of Milano-Bicocca has a unique campus structure, with 32 new university buildings, 3 libraries, 4 congress facilities, 195 modern classrooms with over 20,000 seats, 46 IT and 226 research labs. The campus includes also residence halls, canteens and cafeterias, theatres and cinemas, well-equipped sport facilities, study and leisure areas for over 32,000 enrolled students. The University Campus is very well connected and easy to reach by train, bus, tram, subway, car. All campus buildings have WIFI coverage. TEACHING ACTIVITIES Milano-Bicocca is a multidisciplinary university which offers a wide range of academic programs in different disciplinary fields: Economics, Statistics, Law, Education, Sociology, Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Health Care, Biotechnology, Psychology, Maths, Natural Sciences, Physics and Astrophysics, Computer Sciences, Optics, Chemistry, Material Sciences, Geological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, etc. Academic programs 2012/2013 include 66 Degree Courses (32 Bachelors’ degrees and 34 Master’s degrees) - 8 Doctoral Schools with 29 PhD courses - 34 Medical Specialization Degrees - 17 Master’s Courses (1st and 2nd level) RESEARCH ACTIVITIES Research at Milano-Bicocca is run by 16 Departments and 37 Research Centres which carry on a large number of activities. In each area there are researchers or research teams that enjoy a high reputation in the scientific international community. Research is supported by organizations with highly qualified professionals and advanced scientific instruments. Four Centres of Excellence, 31 Research Centres and Consortia based at the Bicocca Campus and other 18 Research Centres and Consortia have been created to manage large multidisciplinary research activities with international agreements, collaboration and/or financing and are engaged in important long term research projects. From a most analytical evaluation of the research products, the scientific areas with the highest ranking and strongest impact have been identified in: Medicine and Health Care, Life Sciences, Physics, Material Sciences and Chemistry, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Sociology and Anthropology, Psychology, Economics. In these areas research produces outstanding results with the highest impact on social and economic development. PATENTS AND SPIN-OFFS The University has put a lot of effort and resources into activities supporting Research and Technology Transfer, as witnessed by the 28 Patents in portfolio and 7 new Spin Offs in the following fields: ICT, Biotech, Energy, Medicine, Environment, Nano-technologies, Bio-markers. Research activities aim at providing our students the skills necessary to enter the job market, thanks to collaboration between the University and the business community, the University Industrial Liaison Office and Job Placement Office. INTERNATIONAL DIMENSION More than 300 agreements allow International mobility in 5 continents. Foreign students are constantly increasing and reached5% in 2012, split as follows: Europe 52%; Africa 12%; America18%; Asia 18%, out of which 11% from China. Free Italian language courses are provided to enrolled and visiting foreign students, together with counselling and tutoring activities.

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