University of California, Berkeley
Region: Northern America
Country/Region: United States
Found Year: 1868
Address: University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, California 94720-0001, United States of America

Berkeley is internationally noted for its academic excellence. Its current faculty include Nobel laureates, members in the National Academy of Sciences, Faculty Fulbright Scholars, and fellows in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In national surveys, Berkeley’s academic departments consistently rank among the top five in the country. By any standard, Berkeley ranks as one of the world’s leading intellectual centers, renowned for the size and quality of its libraries and laboratories, the scope of its research and publications, and the distinction of its faculty and students. Many Berkeley undergraduates engage in off-campus public service projects annually. Students study, work, and relax among Neoclassical buildings, wooded glens, and parklands spread across 1,232 scenic acres overlooking the San Francisco Bay. With more than 40,000 students, a distinguished faculty, over 250 degree programs, and alumni in positions of national and international leadership, Berkeley today is a large and complex institution offering students a vast range of scholarly endeavor and a wide arena for personal growth.The campus is surrounded by wooded, rolling hills and by the city of Berkeley. Berkeley has a long history as one of America’s most lively, culturally diverse, and politically adventurous cities. The surrounding San Francisco Bay Area offers culture, entertainment, and natural beauty without rival, much of which is accessible by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Research programs at Berkeley are conducted within teaching departments, institutes, and centers (sometimes referred to as Organized Research Units or ORUs). Institutes and centers are established and administered separately from the teaching units. They are interdisciplinary in nature and organized around the work of a group of faculty and graduate students whose research interests transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. They do not offer courses of instruction or degrees, although several work in conjunction with interdepartmental instruction programs which lead to bachelor’s or advanced degrees. Institutes and centers provide invaluable experience for graduate students in basic and applied research and greatly enhance Berkeley’s educational program and the overall academic quality of the University.The quality of Berkeley’s student body complements the stature of its faculty. Most students are Californians, but nearly every state and most foreign countries are represented. The student body can best be characterized by its diversity; more than half of the students are minorities, helping to produce the wide range of opinion and perspective essential to a great university.

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Key Statistics
Total Enrollment
International Students
Undergraduate Enrollment
International Students
Graduate Enrollment
International Students
Undergraduate Programs
African American Studies, B.A.
American Studies, B.A.
Anthropology, B.A.
Architecture, B.A.
Art (History of), B.A.
Art (Practice of), B.A.
Asian American Studies, B.A.
Asian Studies, B.A.
Astrophysics, B.A.
Business Administration, B.S.
Celtic Studies, B.A.
Chemical Biology, B.S.
Chemical Engineering, B.S.
Chemistry, B.A. or B.S.
Chicano Studies, B.A.
Chinese Language, B.A.
Classical Civilizations, B.A.
Classical Languages, B.A.
Cognitive Science, B.A.
Comparative Literature, B.A.
Computer Science, B.A. or B.S.
Conservation and Resource Studies, B.S.
Dance and Performance Studies, B.A.
Development Studies, B.A.
Dutch Studies, B.A.
Earth and Planetary Science, B.A.
Economics, B.A.
Engineering, B.S.
English, B.A.
Environmental Economics and Policy, B.S.
Environmental Sciences, B.A., B.S.4
Ethnic Studies, B.A.
Film, B.A.
Forestry and Natural Resources, B.S.
French, B.A.
Gender and Women’s Studies, B.A.
Genetics and Plant Biology, B.S.
Geography, B.A.
German, B.A.
Greek, B.A.
History, B.A.
Integrative Biology, B.A.
Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major, B.A.
Italian Studies, B.A.
Japanese Language, B.A.
Landscape Architecture, B.A.
Latin American Studies, B.A.
Latin, B.A.
Legal Studies, B.A.
Linguistics, B.A.
Mathematics, Applied, B.A.
Mathematics, B.A.
Media Studies, B.A.
Microbial Biology, B.S.
Middle Eastern Studies, B.A.
Molecular and Cell Biology, B.A.
Molecular Environmental Biology, B.S.
Molecular Toxicology, B.S.
Music, B.A.
Native American Studies, B.A.
Near Eastern Studies, B.A.
Nutritional Science, B.S.
Operations Research and Management Science, B.A.
Peace and Conflict Studies, B.A.
Philosophy, B.A.
Physical Sciences Field Major, B.A.
Physics, B.A.
Political Economy, B.A.
Political Science, B.A.
Psychology, B.A.
Public Health, B.A.
Religious Studies, B.A.
Rhetoric, B.A.
Scandinavian, B.A. (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)
Slavic Languages and Literatures, B.A.
Social Welfare, B.A.
Society and Environment, B.A.
Sociology, B.A.
South and Southeast Asian Studies, B.A.
Spanish, B.A.
Statistics, B.A.
Theater and Performance Studies, B.A.
Vision Science, B.S.5
Graduate Programs
African American Studies, M.A., Ph.D.
Agricultural and Resource Economics, M.S., Ph.D.
Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, M.A., Ph.D.
Anthropology, M.A., Ph.D.
Applied Mathematics, Ph.D.
Applied Science and Technology, M.S., Ph.D.
Architecture, M.S., , Ph.D.
Art, M.F.A.
Asian Studies, M.A., Ph.D. M.A. program emphases: East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian
Astrophysics, M.A., Ph.D.
Bioengineering, M.S., Ph.D. (joint degree program with UC San Francisco)
Biophysics, Ph.D.
Biostatistics, M.A., Ph.D.
Buddhist Studies, Ph.D.
Business Administration, M.B.A., M.F.E., Ph.D.
Chemical Engineering, M.S., Ph.D.
Chemistry, M.S., Ph.D.
Chinese Language (see East Asian Languages and Cultures)
City and Regional Planning, M.C.P., Ph.D.
Classical Archaeology, M.A., Ph.D.
Classics, M.A., Ph.D. M.A. program emphases: Greek, Latin
Comparative Biochemistry, Ph.D.
Comparative Literature, M.A., Ph.D.
Computer Science, M.S., Ph.D.
Demography, M.A., Ph.D.
Design (Visual), M.A.
Earth and Planetary Science, M.A., M.S., Ph.D.
East Asian Languages and Cultures, M.A., Ph.D. Program emphases: Chinese Language, Japanese Language
Economics, M.A., Ph.D.
Education, Teaching Credential, M.A., Ph.D., Ed.D.
Endocrinology, M.A., Ph.D.
Energy and Resources, M.A., M.S., Ph.D.
Engineering and Engineering Science, M.S., Ph.D.; M. Eng., D. Eng. (some majors) Majors for Engineering and Engineering Science: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Industrial Engineering and Operations Resea
English, M.A., Ph.D.
Environmental Health Sciences, M.S., Ph.D.
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, M.S., Ph.D.
Epidemiology, M.S., Ph.D.
Ethnic Studies, M.A., Ph.D.
Folklore, M.A.
Forestry, M.F.
French, M.A., Ph.D.
Geography, Ph.D.
Geology (see Earth and Planetary Science)
Geophysics (see Earth and Planetary Science)
German, M.A., Ph.D.
Greek (see Classics)
Health and Medical Sciences, M.S. (UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program)
Health Services and Policy Analysis, Ph.D.
Hispanic Languages and Literatures, M.A., Ph.D.
History of Art, M.A., Ph.D.
History, M.A., Ph.D.
Infectious Diseases and Immunity, Ph.D.
Information Management and Systems, M.I.M.S., Ph.D.
Integrative Biology, M.A., Ph.D.
Italian Studies, M.A., Ph.D.
Japanese Language (see East Asian Languages and Cultures)
Jewish Studies, Ph.D. (joint degree program with Graduate Theological Union)
Journalism, M.J.
Jurisprudence and Social Policy, M.A., Ph.D.
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, Ph.D.
Landscape Architecture, M.L.A.
Latin (see Classics)
Latin American Studies, M.A.
Law, J.D., LL.M., J.S.D.
Linguistics, M.A., Ph.D.
Logic and the Methodology of Science, Ph.D.
Mathematics, M.A., Ph.D.
Medical Anthropology, Ph.D. (joint degree program with UC San Francisco)
Microbiology, M.S., Ph.D.
Molecular and Biochemical Nutrition, M.A., Ph.D.
Molecular and Cell Biology, M.A., Ph.D.
Molecular Toxicology, M.S., Ph.D.
Music, M.A., Ph.D.
Near Eastern Religions, Ph.D. (joint degree program with the Graduate Theological Union)
Near Eastern Studies, M.A., Ph.D.
Neuroscience, Ph.D.
Optometry, O.D. (Residency Program, Cert.)
Performance Studies, M.A., Ph.D.
Philosophy, M.A., Ph.D.
Physics, M.A., Ph.D.
Plant Biology, M.S., Ph.D.
Political Science, M.A., Ph.D.
Psychology, M.A., Ph.D.
Public Health, M.P.H., Dr.P.H.
Public Policy, M.P.P., Ph.D.
Range Management, M.S.
Rhetoric, M.A., Ph.D.
Romance Languages and Literatures, Ph.D. Program emphases: French, Italian, Spanish
Scandinavian Languages and Literatures, M.A., Ph.D.
Science and Mathematics Education, Ph.D.
Slavic Languages and Literatures, M.A., Ph.D.
Social Welfare, M.S.W., Ph.D.
Sociology and Demography, Ph.D.
Sociology, M.A., Ph.D.
South and Southeast Asian Studies, M.A., Ph.D.
Special Education, Ph.D. (joint degree program with San Francisco State University)
Statistics, M.A., Ph.D.
Urban Design, M.U.D.
Vision Science, M.S., Ph.D.