Umea University
Region: Northern Europe
Country/Region: Sweden
Found Year: 1965
Address: Umeå universitet

Umeå University was founded in 1965 and is Sweden's fifth oldest university. Today, we have a strong international and multicultural presence with students, teachers and researchers from all over the world. As one of the leading comprehensive universities in the nation, we are alive with enthusiasm, creativity and fresh ideas. We constantly strive towards being one of Scandinavia and Europe's best environments for education, research and community engagement that meets the challenges of an ever-increasing global society. Research at Umeå University extends over many disciplines and scientific fields. Many of our more than 2,000 researchers and teachers are among the elite in Sweden and throughout the world. Our strong research environments highlight our ambition to conduct high quality international research. We carry out groundbreaking, top-level international research within such areas as ageing and population studies, infections, plant and forest biotechnology. Umeå University welcomes students from diverse backgrounds; international students from all over the world, and domestic students from the whole of Sweden. What they all will find is a broad range of academic opportunities with English language instruction, including an exciting campus life and valuable support services. From long warm summer nights when the sun shines almost 24 hours a day to the Nordic winters when the famous northern lights shimmer in the skies above, the city of Umeå is truly is a city of contrasts. As the largest city in northern Sweden, Umeå is a place where different worlds meet. Over half of the people who live here are from outside the region. More than 50 languages are spoken - with English widely used everywhere - and there is a thriving community of clubs and societies that represent people and cultures from across the globe. The City of Umeå has been appointed the European Capital of Culture for 2014. Preparations are in full swing. Umeå, the most northerly Capital of Culture ever, will treat audiences and visitors from all around Europe to a challenging and innovative year.

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Scriptwriting For Film, Television and New Media (Autumn 2010)
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Surgical and Perioperative Sciences
Swedish Language Consultancy Programme (Autumn 2010)
Graduate Programs
Master of Arts Programme in Sustainable Architecture Production
Master of Science Programme in Ecological Management of Catchments in Europe
Master Program in Biomedicin E
Master Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Studies
Master's Program in Accounting
Master's Program in Advanced Product Design
Master's Program in Business Development and Internationalisation
Master's Program in Chemistry
Master's Program in Cognitive Science
Master's Program in Computational Science and Engineering
Master's Program in Computing Science
Master's Program in Cross Media Interaction Design
Master's Program in Ecology
Master's Program in Economics
Master's Program in Environmental Archaeology
Master's Program in Finance
Master's Program in Geoecology
Master's Program in Human-Computer Interaction
Master's Program in Immediate Architectural Intervention
Master's Program in Interaction Design
Master's Program in It Management
Master's Program in Management
Master's Program in Marketing
Master's Program in Molecular Biology
Master's Program in Pharmaceutical Science
Master's Program in Physics
Master's Program in Plant and Forest Biotechnology
Master's Program in Public Health
Master's Program in Public Health (One-Year)
Master's Program in Robotics and Control
Master's Program in Spatial Planning and Development
Master's Program in Tourism
Master's Program in Transportation Design
Masters Program in Fine Arts