Shaanxi Normal University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: China
Found Year: 1944
Address: NO.199 Chang‘an South Road, Shanxi Province, China

Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU) is one of the key institutions of higher learning directly affiliated to Ministry of Education and it entered “211 Project University” in 2006. It is an important base of fostering teachers of higher education, middle school education and educational administrative cadres. It is regarded as “the cradle of teachers” in Northwest China. Shaanxi Normal University was founded in 1944.The university is located in Xi’an, well-known for its cultural history, covering an area of more than 2,700 mu. It has two Campuses including Yanta Campus and Chang’an Campus. The university contains 20 colleges and 2 foundation teaching departments, 62 majors, 10 doctoral mobile programs,6 postdoctoral centers of first rank discipline, 69 doctoral programs, 24 master centers of first rank discipline, 159 master programs, the authorized organization to issue diploma for educational masters and the masters of college teachers at work. Among the 12 authorized organizations with the rights of issuing diploma in our country, SNNU covers 11 authorized majors including philosophy,economics,laws,pedagogy,literature,history,science,engineering,administration,agriculture,and medicine. It also has three national key disciplines, one national key discipline on education, two excellent doctoral dissertations among 100 national doctoral dissertations, 2 national bases of fundamental learning and personnel cultivation,1 national key engineering laboratory, 1 State experimental teaching demonstration center,1 research base on human sciences under Ministry of Education,1 sports sociology research base affiliated to State Sport General Administration, 3 key laboratory & engineering research centers affiliated to Ministry of Education, 6 key provincial laboratory and engineering research centers , 3 key provincial research bases on human sciences,5 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 60 research centers of all lines. The university has a faculty of 2,850, among whom there are 1421 with higher professional qualifications including 292 full professors, 452 associate professors and 194 doctoral supervisors, and over 68% of whom have degrees of MA and Ph.D. There are five national experts and five provincial experts with outstanding contribution respectively, one post of specially hired professor and one lecture professor under the Project of Changjiang Scholars Award, one national celebrated teacher, eleven provincial celebrated teachers, three candidates on first and second hierarchs under “National Project of Millions of Persons”, one candidate on national “New Century Project of Millions of Persons”, twelve candidates of “New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Project”, seven candidates of Awards and Subsidizing Project of outstanding young teachers, ten candidates of “Three-Five Personnel Cultivation Project of Shaanxi Province”, six State outstanding teachers, one candidate in national propaganda and culture system, one national teaching group and four provincial teaching groups. In recent years, the university actively adjusts its policy for personnel introduction, and as a result, almost one hundred of scholars well-known at home have been invited as part-time professors, among whom there are 10 members of the Chinese Academy of Science. The students enrolled at university amount to more than 50,000, among whom there are 6,688 post- graduates and 15,017 undergraduates, nearly 40,000 students in Further Education College or Net-education College, and 325 foreign students. The university puts emphasis on and continuously strengthens the scientific research work. During “Tenth Five-year Plan”, the whole university undertakes 145 programs of scientific research including 28 national social science fund program, 32 programs under the State Educational Ministry, with 101 items awarded for their achievements, publishes 536 books or textbooks and issues 3600 papers among which 985 papers are of high quality, the top three prize winners of The third Chinese collegial human science research achievements, According to the statistic data, the number of the papers published by the university faculty was ranked first compared with other universities of Shaanxi province. 210 Science & Technology programs were undertook in the period of “Tenth Five-year Plan”among which 59 national science fund programs,35 awarded programs,18 programs were awarded by provincial or national institutes. 68 books were published and 3365 papers of which 1573 were high quality papers were published including 522 SCIE papers and 16 patents. The university library has a collection of books of 2.968 million copies, reaching the top compared with other universities in western China due to its advanced facilities, perfect functions and bulks of books. The libraries of the two campuses cover 50.9 thousand square kilometers. History & Civilization Museum, Paintings & Art Museum and the only National Women History &Culture Museum are all set up in the university. The university also publishes journals as “Shaanxi Normal University Journal”, “Contemporary Teachers’ Education”, “Series of Chinese History & Geography” , “Review on Social Science” , “Chinese Arts Education”, “Study of De Xiaoping Theory”, “Studies on Laboratories of Colleges & Universities” and so on. “Shaanxi Normal University Journal” enters Ministry “Outstanding Journals Project” among11 social science journals published by universities. The University Press edits and publishes 9 kinds of journals of basic education research, with their publication total price rank first compared with the same kind of journals. Four journals are the core of the national publications. And the Press stresses both social and economic results, joining the ranks of top ten among university presses. The university actively carries out international cooperation and exchanges, and has built a relationship with 60 universities of a number of countries and districts including America, Britain, French, German, Japan, Australia, Canada, Korea, Vietnam and Hong Kong etc. fostering over 3,000 foreign students. Facing the new century, SNNU tries to take the opportunity of Western Development, enhances its teaching quality all over, increases its level of scientific research and social service, and strives for running SNNU into a comprehensive, research-oriented university with the specialization in teacher training.

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