Polytechnic University of Valencia
Region: Southern Europe
Country/Region: Spain
Found Year: 1968
Address: Camino de Vera, s/n

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is a Spanish public educational institution founded in 1968 that has a very high level of student satisfaction: 95% of its graduates would study there again were they to start afresh, due to the high employability rates of the degrees it offers, the bonds it has created with the best educational and research institutions worldwide, its outstanding sports facilities, and its wide range of continuing education opportunities.The UPV comprises three fully equipped campuses: Vera (in València city), Alcoi, and Gandia, with a total of 31,000 students and 4,300 staff members. The UPV is one of the best starting points for a career in research in both public institutions and private companies. Internationally, it is the leading university in technological research in many areas, and it is one of the top three Spanish universities regarding R&D cooperation agreements with private companies. It is also a leader in patents and technology licensing.

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Key Statistics
Total Enrollment
International Students
Undergraduate Enrollment
International Students
Graduate Enrollment
International Students
Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor'S Degree In Aerospace Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Architecture
Bachelor'S Degree In Audiovisual Communications
Bachelor'S Degree In Biotechnology
Bachelor'S Degree In Building Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Business Administration and Management
Bachelor'S Degree In Chemical Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Civil Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Computer Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage
Bachelor'S Degree In Electrical Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Environmental Sciences
Bachelor'S Degree In Fine Arts
Bachelor'S Degree In Food Science and Technology
Bachelor'S Degree In Forest and Environmental Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Geomatic and Surveying Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development
Bachelor'S Degree In Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Industrial Organization Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Industrial Technologies Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Public Administration and Management
Bachelor'S Degree In Public Works Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Rural and Agrifood Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Technical Telecommunications Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Telecommunications Systems, Sound and Image Engineering
Bachelor'S Degree In Tourism
Graduate Programs
Master’S Degree In Acoustic Engineering
Master’S Degree In Advanced Architecture, Landscape, Urban Planning and Design
Master’S Degree In Advanced Engineering In Production, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Master’S Degree In Agrifood and Environmental Economy
Master’S Degree In Analysis, Process Improvement and Decision Support Engineering
Master’S Degree In Animal Genetics and Breeding, and Reproductive Biotechnology (Inner-University)
Master’S Degree In Animal Husbandry
Master’S Degree In Aquaculture (Inner-University)
Master’S Degree In Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Digital Imaging
Master’S Degree In Artistic Production
Master’S Degree In Assessment and Environmental Monitoring of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
Master’S Degree In Automation and Industrial Computing
Master’S Degree In Biomedical Biotechnology
Master’S Degree In Building Constructions
Master’S Degree In Communications Technologies, Systems and Networks
Master’S Degree In Computer Engineering
Master’S Degree In Concrete Engineering
Master’S Degree In Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage
Master’S Degree In Contents and Legal Issues In The Information Society
Master’S Degree In Cooperation To The Development
Master’S Degree In Crop Production and Agroforest Ecosystems
Master’S Degree In Cultural Management (Inner-University)
Master’S Degree In Design Engineering
Master’S Degree In Digital Post Production
Master’S Degree In Electronic System Engineering
Master’S Degree In Energy Technologies For Sustainable Development
Master’S Degree In Environmental Engineering (Inner-University)
Master’S Degree In Experimental and Industrial Organic Chemistry
Master’S Degree In Financial and Fiscal Management
Master’S Degree In Food Science and Engineering
Master’S Degree In Green Chemistry (Inner-Unniversity)
Master’S Degree In Hydraulic Engineering and Environment
Master’S Degree In Industrial and Environmental Safety
Master’S Degree In Industrial Constructions and Installations
Master’S Degree In Integrated Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
Master’S Degree In Languages and Technology
Master’S Degree In Maintenance Engineering
Master’S Degree In Management and Safety (Inner-Unniversity)
Master’S Degree In Mathematical Research (Inner-University)
Master’S Degree In Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Master’S Degree In Multimedia and Visual Arts
Master’S Degree In Music
Master’S Degree In Occupational Risk Prevention
Master’S Degree In Planning and Distributed Computing
Master’S Degree In Plant Genetics and Breeding (Inter-University)
Master’S Degree In Plant Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology
Master’S Degree In Prciprocating Internal Combustion Engines
Master’S Degree In Preservation and Architectural Heritage
Master’S Degree In Project Management
Master’S Degree In Sensors For Industrial Applications
Master’S Degree In Sensors For Industrial Applications
Master’S Degree In Software Engineering, Formal Methods and Information Systems
Master’S Degree In Textile Engineering
Master’S Degree In Viticulture, Enology and Wine Company Management (Erasmus Mundus)