Northeast Agricultural University (China)
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: China
Found Year: 1948
Address: MuCai Street No.59, XiangFang District, Heilongjiang Province, China

Northeast Agricultural University, founded in Harbin in 1948 and originally named Northeast Agricultural College, is a key university directly under Heilongjiang province and one of universities of Project “211”. It is located in No.59 Mucai Street, XiangFang District, Harbin. NEAU comprises 18 colleges and 1 Education Department, covering the disciplines of Agronomy, Engineering, Science, Economics and Management. There are 3 key disciplines of national level, 3 key (under cultivation) disciplines of national level, 2 key disciplines under the Agricultural Ministry, 2 key disciplines of provincial level, 6 first-class provincial key disciplines and 29 second–class ones. NEAU is entitled to verify the proficiency of the professors, associate professors and PhD tutors. It has a balanced teaching structure and relatively high overall teaching level with 1097 full-time teachers, among which there are 195 professors and 256 associate professors, and 418 have Master’s Degree and 326 own Doctoral Degree. Among the teachers, one is Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and one of them was awarded “HeLiangHeLi Fund” prize for progress in Science and Technology. There are 1 national outstanding teacher, 8 “Longjiang Scholars” engaged professors, 3 guest professors, 13 teachers awarded HuoYingDong Teacher Fund and Youth Teacher Prize, 3 nominated teachers as experts making outstanding contributions and 161 PhD tutors. Undergraduate education is considered by NEAU as the base of the university and postgraduate education as the road to the stronger university. It is among those first authorized to establish centers for the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees. NEAU has the comprehensive education system with 72 undergraduate majors, 8 doctorial degree-conferring bodies of first level, 31 Doctoral Degree Programs, 61 Master's Degree Programs,7 post-doctoral research stations. Russian training center was founded in agricultural center and one science basic research and talent teaching basement under the Ministry of Education. The student enrollment of NEAU is 19071, among which there are 3061 postgraduates, 15873 undergraduates, 137 international students. So far, over 80,000 students have been produced. The university is excellent in scientific research conditions and strengths with 2 research centers of national level, 9 research centers of provincial level, 17 key laboratories of provincial level. Up till now, over 300 research projects have been awarded by various provincial departments and national departments, among which there are 26 awards of National Prize for Natural Sciences, National Invention Prize and National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. The university has extensive academic exchanges with foreign countries. It has drawn up cooperative exchange programs with 52 universities and colleges in Russia, Japan, Korea, America, Canada, Australia and Ireland. It is one of the first universities which established academic relations with colleges in Russia. The campus covers an area of 3.689 million square meters, with a total floor space of over 826.4 thousand square meters. Teaching and research equipment value RMB 236 million . The library has a collection of over 1.6929 million volumes, among which there are 659.9 thousand electronic books. Long-distance education started in 2000 with the permission of the Education Ministry. It is the only one local university of the first 31 pilots all over the nation. It publishes many journals such as NEAU Journal (Natural Science version) (Social Science version) (English edition), China Potatoes, Fodder Readings, Dairy Industry of China, Dairy and Human, Research on Fishing Economics and Soybean Technology. NEAU is striving to be an international famous and first-level university of the same kind in China and a multi-disciplinary, researching and teaching and open university with the characteristics of modern agriculture of the North China.

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