Fuzhou University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: China
Found Year: 1958
Address: 2 Xue Yuan Road,University Town, Fujian Province, China

Co-sponsored by the Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education, Fuzhou University is one of the national key universities that are selected into the “211 Project”, a Chinese government programme for the 21st century to support 100 selected universities for their further rapid development. Founded in 1958, it has now developed into a key comprehensive university in Fujian Province, giving priority to engineering courses and also enjoying a reputation for excellence in other fields including sciences, economics, management, liberal arts, law, arts and design, etc. Now Fuzhou University covers more than 346 hectares, including several campuses such as Yishan campus, Qishan campus, Tongpan campus and the College of Industrial Art in Xiamen. The main running campus is Qishan campus, located in the University Town of Fuzhou Region. The present floor space of the whole university buildings for public use has reached over 1.1 million square meters and the sports field covers over 200,000 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is more than ,3.4 billion Yuan, among which 819 million are instruments and equipments for teaching and research. Its central library holds a collection of approximately 2.49 million volumes of books, 75,000 (GB) digital resources, and 13,500 (GB) e-books. Fuzhou University Network and Information Center is used as the main connection to Chinese Education and Scientific Research Network in Fuzhou. There are 19 colleges in Fuzhou University, mainly for full-time undergraduate education and postgraduate education and two independently operated colleges -- Zhicheng College and Yangguang College. The University boasts 1 national key subject, 1 national key supporting subject, 7 national key developing subjects for “211 Project,” 4 provincial Superior Discipline Innovation platforms,6 provincial characteristic subjects and 26 provincial key subjects. There are 8 post-doctoral research stations, 9 doctoral degree programmes for the first-rank disciplines, 58 doctoral degree programmes for the second-rank disciplines, 35 master’s degree programmes for the first-rank disciplines and 141 master’s degree programmes for the second-rank disciplines and 11 professional degree authorization stations. Fuzhou University has a staff of 3108, including 1,876 full-time teachers. Among them there are 6 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (4 of them are double-employed), 1 academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Science, 1 academician of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1 chief scientist of the national “973” project, 4 professors selected into the National One-Thousand Talents Schemes (1000-Plan), 3 professors honored as Changjiang Scholar, 5 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 4 candidates selected into the national project of “Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talent Project”, 11 candidates selected into “Excellent Talents Supporting Project for New Century” sponsored by the Ministry of Education, 2 candidates selected into “Leading Talents in the West-Strait habitat of Industrial Talents,” 15 scholars selected into the provincial “High-level Innovative Entrepreneurship Talent Project,” 28 professors honored as Minjiang River Scholars and 8 lecture professors, 55 candidates for the provincial project of “Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talent Project”, 76 candidates for the “Program for New Century Excellent Talents in Universities of Fujian Province”, 2 professors with the title of Excellent Talents of Fujian Province, 10 scholars with the title of Provincial Outstanding Talents for Scientific Research, 2 winners of Provincial Award for Excellent Teachers, 15 winners of the Provincial Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 29 candidates for the Provincial Program to Fostering Distinguished Young Scholars of Scientific Research in Universities of Fujian Province”, 114 specialists and scholars who enjoy special government allowances, and 224 doctoral supervisors. The University also has 2 scientific innovation teams selected into “Changjiang Scholar and Innovation Team Developing Project”, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, 1 team selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology in to its “Innovation Teams in Key Fields”, and 12 scientific innovation teams selected into “Fujian Province University Scientific Innovation Team Supporting Project.” Fuzhou University has been approved by the Ministry of Education to offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to students from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan regions and also abroad. At present, there are about 53,000 full-time students in Fuzhou University, including about 24,000 undergraduate students and 9,300 graduate students, among which over 570 are Ph.D. students. There are more than 11,900 bachelor’s degree seekers in Zhicheng College, while the number is over 8,000 in Yangguang College. Since its establishment, over 200,000 students graduated from Fuzhou University, including full-time doctoral and master’s degree students as well as those with the bachelor’s degrees and associate degrees. Fuzhou University also has 2 national personnel training bases, 5 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 national innovation experimental zone for talents cultivating mode, 3 national key courses, 1 national bilingual teaching demonstration course, 3 national quality resources sharing courses, 1 national quality video course, 7 national special majors, 3 national comprehensive subject reform pilot project, and 1 national teaching team, 6 national education centers for engineering practice, cooperated with enterprises, 9 series of teaching materials of the national “11th five-year plan” and “12th five-year plan,” and 10 provincial bases for innovations in graduate education. Fuzhou University is one of the pilot universities for the “National Education and Training Plan of Outstanding Engineers” and the implementing university in the “National University Students Innovation and Enterprising Training Plan”, both sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Since 2006, the University has been awarded 1 national teaching achievement prize (second prize), 8 provincial teaching achievement prizes. Its undergraduate students have received 83 international awards and 1127 national awards in various competitions in various disciplines. In the year of 2010, Fuzhou University was selected as one of the pilot institutions for the national comprehensive reform of graduate education with professional degrees, and became one of the 50 universities renowned for their innovations in the graduate education with Master of Engineering degrees. At present Fuzhou University has developed 65 scientific innovation platforms at provincial level or above, including 1 National Key Laboratory of Energy and Environmental Photocatalysis sponsored by Fujian Province and the Ministry of Technology, 1 National Engineering Research Center of Chemical Fertilizer Catalyst, 1 National Engineering Technology Research Center of Environmental Photocatalysis, 3 National & Local United Engineering Research Center/Laboratory, 1 state key laboratory breeding base sponsored by Fujian Province and the Ministry of Education, 3 ministerial key laboratories sponsored by Fujian Province and the Ministry of Education, 1 ministerial engineering research center of the Ministry of Education and 54 provincial engineering (technology) research (design) centers, engineering experimental laboratories and development research bases. Since the implementation of “the Eleventh 5-year Development Plan” in 2006, Fuzhou University has obtained over 6,405 scientific and technological projects with supporting funds of over 1,287 billion Yuan. The University has received 103 awards at provincial level or above for its achievements in the fields of natural sciences and technologies, including 4 National Awards for Science and Technology,and the amount of granted patents has increased to 840 pieces. More than 6,073 academic papers in the fields of science and technology have been indexed by the top three international search systems. Its scientific supporting services are under rapid development, and its cooperation with the local government and enterprises is on the boom, Over 1,943 technology contracts have been signed with outside units and the available fund now has reached 394 million Yuan. Fuzhou University is the first university in Fujian Province approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology to establish a national technology transfer demonstration organization. The University has received for many times the Golden Bridge Award of the Technology Market Association of China, the Innovation and Promotion Award of China Industry-University-Research Institute Cooperation and the Award for Excellence in the transformation of project achievements. The National University Science and Technology Park is now under construction on full scale to integrate multiple functions like scientific research, enterprise breeding, entrepreneurship talent cultivation, cooperation and exchange betweenTaiwanand Fujian Province, and public service. Fuzhou University has been taking great efforts to develop the cooperation and exchange with the outside world. The University has established good collaborative relationship with scores of domestic universities and scientific institutes and has been endeavoring to improve cooperation with enterprises, local government and the army services so as to make more contribution to the regional social and economic development. Large academic conferences, both international and national, have been conducted successfully in Fuzhou University and have further enhanced the social and academic influence of the University. Academic exchanges on science, education and culture withTaiwan, Hong Kong and Macau regions have also been actively carried out and so far over 20 universities inTaiwan, Hong Kong and Macau regions have signed cooperation agreements with Fuzhou University. The University is also engaged in promoting the exchanges between Chinese civilization and Western civilization. It has established the “Library of the Western Belvedere”, the first western works center inChina, and the Institute of International Sinology. Moreover, the University has built a friendly and collaborative relationship with more than 20 universities in different countries, including theUnited States, theUnited Kingdom,Germany,France,Italy,Japan,South Koreaand so on. Fuzhou University has become an important window for scientific, academic, educational and cultural exchanges between Fujian Province and the outside world. Fuzhou University has established its fast development strategy, that is, an entrepreneurial university with regional characteristics, under the guidance of which the University is now striving to become a university with superiority in its key subjects, a university renowned for its teaching and research, a university open-minded in its administration and plan of development, and a university that will become one of the most prestigious universities in the southeast region of China and make more contributions to the economic zone on the west bank of the Taiwan Straits and the whole nation.

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