Beijing Forestry University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: China
Found Year: 1952
Address: No.35 Tsinghua East Road Haidian Distrct, Beijing, China

A key national university under thedirect administration of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and technicallyaffiliated to the State Forestry Administration (SFA), Beijing ForestryUniversity (BFU), which was founded in 1952, is consecutively listed amongChina’s prestigious universities that are entitled to enjoy financial supportsfrom the country’s educational initiatives like the Innovation Platform forPrioritized Academic Disciplines and the Higher Education Reinvigoration Project211. BFU is also among the 56 universities inChinathat have MOE-approvedGraduate Schools. As another major milestone in its development, BFU has since2011 been honored as a member of the League of Hi-tech & Science forUniversities in Beijing. Currently, BFU isarranged into 14 schools and colleges of studies. With three distinguishedacademicians in the leading, a highly competent teaching force provideshigh-quality education to 31,000 students, which breaks down to 13,000undergraduates, 4,400 graduates, 12,000 continuing education students and 1,800part-time graduate students. Partnerships have also been entered between BFU,with over 170 higher education institutes, research institutes or NGOsthroughout 30 countries and regions to carry out cooperative endeavors ineducation, scientific research and technologies. Since the founding theuniversity, around 100,000 high-level forestry professionals and overseasstudents have emerged from BFU as the builders of the country, including 13celebrated academicians Enjoyed by sound discipline structure and distinctivecharacteristics, BFU has 9 First Category doctorate schemes, 18 First Categorymaster’s schemes and 5 post-doctoral research stations. There is 1 FirstCategory national key discipline, 2 second category national key disciplines, 1key (backup) national discipline, and a number of key disciplines atprovincial/ministerial level. With forestry and landscape architecture(FirstCategory disciplines) ranked first in the 2012 China Discipline Ranking,competitive advantages have taken shape that highlight the university’sspecialties in forest resources conservation, landscape architecture and humanhabitation environment, bio-materials and energies, ecology and environment,forest biology, as well as in humanities and social sciences. Remarkableachievements have been made by BFU in both teaching and research. With 8 StateAwards for Excellence in Teaching and over thirty awards fromprovincial/ministerial authorities, BFU stands ahead of its counterparts inChina.Honored by the Award for Excellent Teaching Performance during the nation-wideassessment of higher education initiated by the MOE, the university has beenawarded over a hundred grand prizes in various competitions and contests inwhich its students have participated. In addition, the university has gonethrough a fruitful decade since 2002 in scientific research, winning 3 State Awards forTechnological Invention and 12 State Awards for Science & TechnologyAchievements, and has established 29 state-level orprovincial/ministerial-level science-technology platforms and 6 comprehensivefieldwork bases. Science- and Technology-based industries affiliated to BFUhave also boomed. The Research Institute of the Industrial Technology inEco-environment Protection of BFU has been designated as a prioritized projectunder the Zhongguancun Science City Development Initiative; Beijing ForestryUniversity Science Co. Ltd. (BFUS) has been listed among the Key New &Hi-tech Enterprises that are entitled to supportive policies under the NationalTorch Initiative. Moreover, researchers and scholars of BFU have often beeneither taking leading roles or actively involved, through provision oftechnical consultation, in the compilation ofChina’s State Strategic Plan forForestry Development and in the making of many other policy-decisionsconcerning the country’s eco-security, resource conservation and other criticalissues. Thanks to the unyieldingefforts by all members, the university has developed itself into “Champion inEarth Stewardship and Leader in Forestry Education”. A whole set of norms andvalues have taken shape in BFU to guide and regulate the faculty and studentsin their respective teaching and learning activities. BFU has been listed amongChina’sfirst educational bases for promoting eco-civilization. The faculty andstudents in BFU, guided by a development strategy that stresses on quality,structure, distinction, people, reform and cooperation, are endeavoring tobring into reality the university’s vision: developing it into aninternationally-recognized, competitive, research-oriented university withdistinctive academic features.

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