Academic Ranking of World Universities

ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 - Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
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World Rank Institution* Country/Region Total Score Score on
1Harvard University300.3100.0
2University of California, San Francisco225.862.3
3University of California, San Diego222.965.1
4Karolinska Institute222.769.3
5University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill219.180.7
6University of Copenhagen217.081.2
7Monash University216.267.4
8University of Toronto214.177.9
9University of Oxford211.356.6
10University College London207.664.9
11University of California, Los Angeles207.154.7
12Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)203.438.4
13University of Washington199.965.1
14Imperial College London199.660.4
15Stanford University199.553.1
16Duke University198.964.3
17University of Cambridge198.753.3
18Uppsala University197.158.0
19Yale University195.855.8
20University of Pennsylvania194.159.0
21Vanderbilt University191.457.5
22University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Campus190.966.2
23Johns Hopkins University189.973.3
24King's College London189.861.0
25Utrecht University189.671.5
26Sorbonne University189.257.9
27The University of Queensland189.065.0
28KU Leuven188.971.4
29Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai188.548.7
30University of Michigan-Ann Arbor184.269.2
31Free University Berlin183.562.4
32The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas183.337.9
33King Abdulaziz University182.960.7
34Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick182.663.0
35Ghent University182.458.4
36Shanghai Jiao Tong University181.681.5
37University of Basel178.059.1
38University of Minnesota, Twin Cities177.567.2
39University of Sydney177.063.8
40The University of Melbourne176.153.0
41University of Paris Descartes (Paris 5)175.853.4
42Leiden University175.754.1
43China Pharmaceutical University175.593.6
44Mayo Medical School175.448.5
45The University of Edinburgh174.637.1
45University of Milan174.665.2
47University of Helsinki174.550.5
48McGill University174.354.8
49Humboldt University of Berlin174.253.9
49University of Groningen174.253.7
51-75Baylor College of Medicine46.9
51-75Charite - Universitats Medizin Berlin51.4
51-75Columbia University54.5
51-75Heidelberg University56.9
51-75King Saud University81.7
51-75National University of Singapore56.9
51-75Radboud University Nijmegen51.5
51-75Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne25.4
51-75Technical University of Denmark38.2
51-75The Ohio State University - Columbus58.7
51-75The University of Calgary36.5
51-75The University of Dundee34.3
51-75The University of Manchester51.7
51-75The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center46.3
51-75University of Alberta51.5
51-75University of California, Berkeley37.8
51-75University of Florence66.0
51-75University of Frankfurt47.0
51-75University of Illinois at Chicago57.3
51-75University of Liverpool47.2
51-75University of Sao Paulo93.2
51-75University of Southern California46.5
51-75University of Tuebingen49.2
51-75Virginia Commonwealth University53.8
51-75VU University Amsterdam53.6
76-100Cornell University45.8
76-100Fudan University78.2
76-100Northeastern University (Boston)42.6
76-100Peking Union Medical College85.4
76-100Peking University77.9
76-100Purdue University - West Lafayette52.6
76-100Seoul National University81.4
76-100Soochow University (China)58.4
76-100Sun Yat-sen University73.9
76-100Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich40.3
76-100The Chinese University of Hong Kong49.7
76-100Université Grenoble Alpes35.8
76-100University of Amsterdam46.2
76-100University of Barcelona67.4
76-100University of Colorado Health Science Center50.3
76-100University of Freiburg35.1
76-100University of Hamburg38.0
76-100University of Lausanne45.4
76-100University of Lisbon51.5
76-100University of Mainz46.8
76-100University of Marburg32.8
76-100University of Montreal52.5
76-100University of Nottingham44.3
76-100University of Turin46.9
76-100Zhejiang University77.9
101-150Boston University40.9
101-150Cairo University65.5
101-150Cardiff University37.1
101-150China Medical University (Taichung)65.9
101-150Emory University56.0
101-150Erasmus University Rotterdam54.6
101-150Griffith University38.2
101-150Kyoto University55.5
101-150Marche Polytechnic University28.0
101-150McMaster University42.7
101-150Medical University of Vienna41.9
101-150Nanjing Medical University64.6
101-150Nanyang Technological University30.7
101-150National Autonomous University of Mexico58.7
101-150New York University42.8
101-150Oregon Health and Science University37.5
101-150Queen Mary University of London29.2
101-150Queensland University of Technology21.9
101-150RWTH Aachen University31.2
101-150Sapienza University of Rome74.8
101-150Shandong University76.4
101-150Shenyang Pharmaceutical University77.6
101-150Sichuan University69.2
101-150Sungkyunkwan University63.5
101-150Tehran University of Medical Sciences79.7
101-150The University of Hong Kong42.1
101-150The University of New Mexico - Albuquerque35.4
101-150The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston31.3
101-150The University of Tokyo59.8
101-150The University of Western Australia35.7
101-150Trinity College Dublin38.6
101-150University of Bari43.2
101-150University of Bologna55.1
101-150University of Bristol32.8
101-150University of British Columbia53.2
101-150University of California, Irvine38.9
101-150University of Cincinnati45.8
101-150University of Duisburg-Essen29.9
101-150University of Florida63.1
101-150University of Goettingen31.0
101-150University of Miami33.2
101-150University of Naples Federico II62.4
101-150University of Palermo41.3
101-150University of Pavia39.2
101-150University of Porto66.1
101-150University of Roma - Tor Vergata40.8
101-150University of Strasbourg37.9
101-150University of Strathclyde35.7
101-150University of Tartu27.7
101-150University of York24.5
151-200Aarhus University48.3
151-200Aix Marseille University51.1
151-200Ataturk University41.3
151-200Autonomous University of Barcelona50.3
151-200Capital Medical University59.6
151-200Catholic University of Louvain40.1
151-200Complutense University of Madrid51.3
151-200Hannover Medical School33.4
151-200Huazhong University of Science and Technology59.4
151-200Indiana University Bloomington25.1
151-200Jagiellonian University58.4
151-200Jilin University62.2
151-200Kyung Hee University64.7
151-200Maastricht University46.3
151-200Mashhad University Medical Science54.4
151-200Nanjing University57.4
151-200Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine58.1
151-200Nantong University34.0
151-200National and Kapodistrian University of Athens55.9
151-200National Taiwan University58.0
151-200Pompeu Fabra University31.7
151-200Saint Louis University24.6
151-200The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston43.2
151-200University of Bonn51.0
151-200University of California, Davis53.3
151-200University of Chicago43.2
151-200University of Chile28.9
151-200University of Duesseldorf45.3
151-200University of Geneva46.6
151-200University of Graz27.0
151-200University of Kansas53.4
151-200University of Maryland, Baltimore56.5
151-200University of Mississippi54.9
151-200University of Montpellier45.0
151-200University of Munich52.2
151-200University of Oslo48.4
151-200University of Padua50.3
151-200University of Paris-Sud (Paris 11)49.5
151-200University of Parma41.6
151-200University of Pisa50.9
151-200University of Southampton30.7
151-200University of Szeged39.3
151-200University of Utah51.7
151-200University of Wisconsin - Madison52.7
151-200University of Zurich45.9
151-200Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University28.0
151-200Wake Forest University35.3
151-200Washington University in St. Louis43.8
151-200Wenzhou Medical University59.9
151-200Western University33.3
201-300Ain Shams University43.0
201-300Al-Azhar University46.0
201-300Case Western Reserve University41.6
201-300Central South University57.0
201-300Charles University in Prague53.2
201-300China Medical University (Shenyang)49.8
201-300Dalian Medical University46.5
201-300Federal University of Minas Gerais51.3
201-300Federal University of Rio de Janeiro51.8
201-300Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul52.9
201-300Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis46.0
201-300Jinan University56.9
201-300Konkuk University47.5
201-300Korea University55.5
201-300Linkoping University26.8
201-300Liverpool John Moores University30.9
201-300London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine28.9
201-300Lund University39.1
201-300Mahidol University48.1
201-300Mansoura University45.5
201-300Medical University of South Carolina42.6
201-300Michigan State University40.6
201-300Military Medical University of the Air Force48.1
201-300National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse24.4
201-300Naval Medical University58.6
201-300Newcastle University37.8
201-300North Carolina State University - Raleigh39.9
201-300Northwestern University43.4
201-300Oregon State University32.6
201-300Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse 3)39.7
201-300Pennsylvania State University - University Park37.8
201-300Queen's University Belfast36.2
201-300Rockefeller University23.4
201-300Saarland University40.6
201-300Second University of Naples36.9
201-300Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine50.7
201-300Southern Medical University52.2
201-300Stony Brook University28.9
201-300Taipei Medical University49.5
201-300Technical University of Dortmund31.2
201-300Technion-Israel Institute of Technology26.2
201-300Tel Aviv University43.9
201-300The University of Auckland42.3
201-300The University of Glasgow33.0
201-300The University of New South Wales43.0
201-300The University of Sheffield29.1
201-300The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio41.7
201-300Tsinghua University36.1
201-300Tufts University39.7
201-300University at Buffalo, the State University of New York48.6
201-300University College Dublin31.6
201-300University of Alabama at Birmingham40.7
201-300University of Antwerp41.5
201-300University of Arizona48.1
201-300University of Aveiro38.3
201-300University of Belgrade56.2
201-300University of Bern40.3
201-300University of Birmingham38.5
201-300University of Bordeaux24.4
201-300University of Cagliari40.2
201-300University of Cape Town36.6
201-300University of Catania42.6
201-300University of Chieti-Pescara37.8
201-300University of Coimbra45.8
201-300University of Connecticut43.9
201-300University of Crete26.1
201-300University of East Anglia28.5
201-300University of Eastern Finland40.6
201-300University of Gothenburg38.3
201-300University of Granada39.4
201-300University of Innsbruck34.5
201-300University of Iowa46.3
201-300University of Jena35.9
201-300University of Kentucky51.2
201-300University of Konstanz22.3
201-300University of Ljubljana46.0
201-300University of Macau38.9
201-300University of Malaya47.3
201-300University of Manitoba39.3
201-300University of Messina42.5
201-300University of Muenster42.7
201-300University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna22.8
201-300University of Navarra31.6
201-300University of Ottawa39.7
201-300University of Salerno38.1
201-300University of Santiago Compostela43.0
201-300University of Saskatchewan37.4
201-300University of Siena40.5
201-300University of South Florida41.8
201-300University of Southern Denmark40.8
201-300University of Tennessee Health Science Center43.8
201-300University of the Basque Country35.3
201-300University of Valencia45.5
201-300University of Vienna41.8
201-300University of Wageningen39.9
201-300University of Wuerzburg41.5
201-300University Paris Diderot - Paris 747.0
201-300Wayne State University45.2
201-300Wuhan University49.4
201-300Xi'an Jiaotong University55.2
201-300Zhengzhou University58.0
301-400Alexandria University42.7
301-400Anhui Medical University44.8
301-400Aristotle University of Thessaloniki39.7
301-400Army Medical University40.3
301-400Beijing University of Chinese Medicine43.7
301-400Beni-Suef University34.6
301-400Brown University40.4
301-400Catholic University of the Sacred Heart41.3
301-400Chang Gung University45.2
301-400China Agricultural University39.5
301-400Chonbuk National University40.4
301-400Chungnam National University49.4
301-400City University of Hong Kong22.1
301-400Claude Bernard University Lyon 140.8
301-400Colorado State University29.3
301-400Dalhousie University29.9
301-400Deakin University25.2
301-400East China Normal University28.3
301-400Federal University of Santa Catarina45.6
301-400Federal University of Sao Paulo45.3
301-400Gachon University44.5
301-400Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine42.4
301-400Hanyang University44.7
301-400Harbin Medical University46.2
301-400Hong Kong Baptist University31.8
301-400Huazhong Agricultural University33.9
301-400Islamic Azad University63.8
301-400Jamia Hamdard University45.8
301-400Kangwon National University43.4
301-400Kaohsiung Medical University52.0
301-400Kitasato University43.3
301-400Kyungpook National University48.2
301-400Laval University37.9
301-400Medical University of Graz27.1
301-400Medical University of Innsbruck29.8
301-400Nankai University40.8
301-400New University of Lisbon34.4
301-400Northwest A&F University38.4
301-400Ocean University of China39.1
301-400Queen's University28.7
301-400Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences57.8
301-400Southeast University41.9
301-400Southwest University35.6
301-400Stockholm University30.7
301-400Swansea University22.9
301-400Technical University Munich37.0
301-400Temple University40.5
301-400Texas A&M University33.8
301-400The University of Adelaide33.8
301-400The University of Georgia40.6
301-400The University of Lille42.0
301-400The University of Texas at Austin41.1
301-400Tianjin Medical University42.3
301-400Tohoku University47.1
301-400Tongji University47.0
301-400TU Dresden33.8
301-400Umea University30.5
301-400Universidade Do Algarve20.8
301-400Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)35.6
301-400University College Cork29.7
301-400University of Aberdeen29.1
301-400University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences38.0
301-400University of Campinas49.3
301-400University of Cologne35.1
301-400University of Erlangen-Nuremberg37.5
301-400University of Exeter21.8
301-400University of Ferrara42.3
301-400University of Genoa40.5
301-400University of Halle-Wittenberg35.7
301-400University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign34.6
301-400University of Insubria22.7
301-400University of Karachi56.2
301-400University of KwaZulu-Natal37.9
301-400University of Leeds33.7
301-400University of Leipzig35.9
301-400University of Liege36.4
301-400University of Lorraine34.4
301-400University of Louisville33.9
301-400University of Milan - Bicocca29.9
301-400University of Missouri - Columbia31.4
301-400University of Modena and Reggio Emilia35.3
301-400University of Nebraska Medical Center39.9
301-400University of Otago36.8
301-400University of Perugia36.1
301-400University of Rochester36.6
301-400University of Science, Malaysia44.2
301-400University of Seville39.1
301-400University of South Australia38.6
301-400University of Trieste29.7
301-400University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover22.1
301-400University of Zaragoza26.4
301-400University Rovira i Virgili24.0
301-400Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)33.1
301-400Washington State University31.6
301-400West Virginia University34.6
301-400Yeshiva University35.9
301-400Yeungnam University43.9
301-400Yonsei University52.6
401-500Albert Einstein College of Medicine33.5
401-500Aligarh Muslim University25.3
401-500Assiut University37.9
401-500Augusta University27.1
401-500Autonomous University of Madrid32.9
401-500Baylor University23.6
401-500Ben-Gurion University of the Negev30.0
401-500Brescia University26.8
401-500Budapest University of Technology and Economics20.8
401-500Catholic University of Korea46.0
401-500Chiba University41.4
401-500Chongqing Medical University42.6
401-500Chonnam National University42.3
401-500Chulalongkorn University39.5
401-500Chung Shan Medical University34.2
401-500Chung-Ang University46.2
401-500Chungbuk National University42.0
401-500COMSATS University Islamabad42.7
401-500Dartmouth College25.4
401-500Dongguk University43.7
401-500East China University of Science and Technology39.0
401-500Ewha Womans University41.3
401-500Federal University of Ceara39.8
401-500Federal University of Santa Maria43.1
401-500Georgetown University33.3
401-500Georgia Institute of Technology23.4
401-500Georgia State University28.9
401-500Guangzhou Medical University37.4
401-500Hebei Medical University39.9
401-500Hokkaido University43.4
401-500Jiangsu University36.3
401-500Lanzhou University45.7
401-500Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge33.4
401-500Macquarie University21.2
401-500Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro29.8
401-500Medical University Lodz36.5
401-500Miguel Hernandez University of Elche27.3
401-500Minia University31.1
401-500Moscow State University28.6
401-500Nanchang University38.6
401-500National Cheng Kung University37.5
401-500National Yang Ming University40.8
401-500Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU28.5
401-500Osaka University46.6
401-500Palacký University32.9
401-500Panjab University38.8
401-500Pusan National University44.5
401-500Qingdao University39.1
401-500Quaid-i-Azam University37.6
401-500RMIT University23.6
401-500Semmelweis University38.8
401-500Simon Fraser University24.7
401-500Suez Canal University31.7
401-500Tabriz University of Medical Science42.6
401-500Taibah University31.4
401-500Texas A&M Health Science Center27.2
401-500Texas Tech University35.2
401-500The Australian National University23.0
401-500The Hebrew University of Jerusalem37.3
401-500The Hong Kong Polytechnic University28.8
401-500The University of Newcastle, Australia31.9
401-500Thomas Jefferson University29.9
401-500United Arab Emirates University25.0
401-500Universidade Da Coruna24.9
401-500Universidade Estadual De Londrina31.1
401-500University of Bergen28.8
401-500University of Bochum30.9
401-500University of Buenos Aires46.8
401-500University of Calabria30.4
401-500University of Camerino31.0
401-500University of Cordoba22.3
401-500University of Delhi33.9
401-500University of Eastern Piedmont28.6
401-500University of Giessen29.0
401-500University of Houston35.4
401-500University of Leicester25.4
401-500University of Maryland, College Park28.4
401-500University of Massachusetts Amherst24.7
401-500University of Massachusetts Medical School - Worcester26.2
401-500University of Missouri-Kansas City30.2
401-500University of Nice Sophia Antipolis22.5
401-500University of Oklahoma - Oklahoma City30.9
401-500University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center31.7
401-500University of Patras28.3
401-500University of Regensburg31.5
401-500University of Rennes 129.4
401-500University of South Carolina - Columbia29.5
401-500University of Tampere22.8
401-500University of Technology Sydney27.8
401-500University of Thessaly23.1
401-500University of Tras-os-Montes & Alto Douro22.3
401-500University of Tromso29.9
401-500University of Virginia33.1
401-500University of Warwick21.6
401-500University of Wollongong25.1
401-500University of Zagreb37.1
401-500University Putra Malaysia38.4
401-500Xiamen University39.2
401-500Zagazig University36.2
401-500Zhejiang University of Technology30.1

* Institutions within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

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