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ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 - Metallurgical Engineering
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World Rank Institution* Country/Region Total Score Score on
1University of Science and Technology Beijing273.1100.0
2Central South University232.495.1
3Northeastern University (Shenyang)225.180.6
4Tohoku University220.364.1
5Northwestern Polytechnical University215.573.0
6University of Tennessee - Knoxville213.733.3
7Pohang University of Science and Technology213.348.4
8Shanghai Jiao Tong University211.259.4
9Monash University209.135.1
10The University of Manchester205.634.2
11The Ohio State University - Columbus199.236.3
12Northwestern University192.927.3
12Tsinghua University192.958.4
14Harbin Institute of Technology192.667.6
15University of Leoben192.436.1
16University of Cambridge190.334.7
17University of Oxford190.227.3
18Chongqing University189.158.2
19The University of Queensland188.133.3
20University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign188.025.6
21RWTH Aachen University187.336.0
22Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)186.623.4
23Université Grenoble Alpes185.837.8
24University of Chicago182.927.2
25Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)180.131.6
26University of Bochum179.023.5
27Xi'an Jiaotong University178.947.1
28Indian Institute of Science178.634.2
29City University of Hong Kong178.328.0
30University of Michigan-Ann Arbor178.226.3
31Imperial College London178.128.2
32Texas A&M University177.824.9
33Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne176.724.1
34Beihang University176.248.7
34Carnegie Mellon University176.223.7
34Deakin University176.228.4
37Huazhong University of Science and Technology175.543.2
38Pennsylvania State University - University Park175.428.1
39Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble175.330.7
40Shanghai University174.445.0
41Kyushu University172.241.0
42McGill University172.132.3
43University of Lorraine172.033.2
44Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU171.130.9
45KTH Royal Institute of Technology171.037.8
46University of Sydney170.421.1
47Osaka University170.345.6
48McMaster University169.027.0
49Georgia Institute of Technology168.423.0
49The University of New South Wales168.433.8
51-75Dalian University of Technology43.6
51-75Delft University of Technology30.1
51-75Hanyang University33.4
51-75Indian Institute of Technology Madras31.4
51-75KU Leuven22.5
51-75Kyoto University34.4
51-75Nanjing University of Science and Technology29.2
51-75Nanyang Technological University24.5
51-75North Carolina State University - Raleigh23.8
51-75Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich21.8
51-75Technical University Darmstadt22.0
51-75The University of Sheffield20.4
51-75TU Dresden27.7
51-75University of Birmingham27.2
51-75University of California, Berkeley22.2
51-75University of California, Davis21.1
51-75University of Erlangen-Nuremberg22.7
51-75University of North Texas22.4
51-75University of Southampton23.6
51-75University of Southern California19.8
51-75University of Tehran37.6
51-75University of Wisconsin - Madison20.9
51-75University of Wollongong32.8
51-75Yanshan University43.8
51-75Zhejiang University40.5
76-100AGH University of Science and Technology51.9
76-100Belgorod State University20.1
76-100Chalmers University of Technology23.6
76-100Colorado School of Mines22.9
76-100Ghent University20.5
76-100Indian Institute of Technology Bombay26.3
76-100Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur31.2
76-100INSA Lyon22.5
76-100Iowa State University23.7
76-100Islamic Azad University42.0
76-100King Abdulaziz University23.3
76-100Kunming University of Science and Technology43.4
76-100MINES ParisTech20.1
76-100National Tsing Hua University20.5
76-100Purdue University - West Lafayette22.7
76-100South China University of Technology40.7
76-100Technical University of Denmark24.7
76-100The National University of Science and Technology MISiS48.5
76-100The University of Tokyo35.8
76-100Tianjin University42.1
76-100University of Science and Technology of China31.6
76-100University of Virginia18.7
76-100University of Waterloo25.0
76-100Vienna University of Technology26.1
76-100Yonsei University29.7
101-150Banaras Hindu University19.5
101-150Beijing Institute of Technology34.0
101-150Beijing University of Technology35.3
101-150Brunel University20.9
101-150Charles University in Prague24.0
101-150Chonbuk National University29.6
101-150Federal University of Sao Carlos22.8
101-150Ferdowsi University of Mashhad19.9
101-150Hokkaido University30.5
101-150Hunan University34.2
101-150Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi19.8
101-150Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur25.2
101-150Iran University of Science & Technology29.4
101-150Isfahan University of Technology31.9
101-150Jiangsu University31.7
101-150Jilin University39.4
101-150Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology20.3
101-150Korea University25.2
101-150NanJing Tech University27.7
101-150National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse19.7
101-150National Taiwan University23.9
101-150National University of Singapore19.3
101-150Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse 3)19.9
101-150Peking University27.0
101-150Polytechnic University of Catalonia22.0
101-150Seoul National University26.4
101-150Shandong University37.7
101-150Sharif University of Technology28.4
101-150Sichuan University38.5
101-150Southeast University30.4
101-150Taiyuan University of Technology40.0
101-150Technical University Freiberg29.0
101-150The Hong Kong Polytechnic University23.2
101-150The University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa19.5
101-150The University of Lille18.8
101-150Tokyo Institute of Technology31.3
101-150Tomsk State University19.4
101-150University of Alberta22.5
101-150University of British Columbia24.2
101-150University of Kentucky20.9
101-150University of Malaya18.9
101-150University of Oulu19.6
101-150University of Texas at El Paso22.5
101-150University of the Basque Country19.0
101-150University of Toronto20.9
101-150University of Tsukuba20.0
101-150University of Utah20.3
101-150University of Vienna20.6
101-150Wuhan University of Science and Technology34.9
101-150Wuhan University of Technology30.3
151-200Aalto University23.5
151-200Amirkabir University of Technology28.0
151-200Anhui University of Technology27.4
151-200Beijing Jiaotong University21.4
151-200Changwon National University18.9
151-200Changzhou University22.6
151-200China University of Mining and Technology - Xuzhou27.0
151-200Chongqing University of Technology19.2
151-200Chonnam National University23.7
151-200Chungnam National University20.2
151-200Curtin University19.2
151-200Guangdong University of Technology19.9
151-200Harbin Engineering University29.7
151-200Hefei University of Technology24.9
151-200Hohai University23.9
151-200Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee24.3
151-200Jiangsu University of Science & Technology23.9
151-200King Saud University22.9
151-200Kumamoto University18.9
151-200Nanjing University22.4
151-200Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics33.3
151-200National Autonomous University of Mexico19.1
151-200National Cheng Kung University24.3
151-200National Polytechnic Institute20.4
151-200Pukyong National University19.7
151-200Pusan National University25.1
151-200Sahand University of Technology21.4
151-200Shaanxi University of Science & Technology20.7
151-200Shiraz University19.9
151-200Soochow University (China)19.7
151-200Southwest Jiaotong University26.2
151-200Southwest University19.1
151-200Sungkyunkwan University24.5
151-200Tarbiat Modares University19.1
151-200Tongji University28.8
151-200Universiti Teknologi Malaysia19.4
151-200University of Belgrade34.5
151-200University of Campinas18.7
151-200University of Electronic Science and Technology of China25.9
151-200University of Jinan21.5
151-200University of Sao Paulo24.6
151-200University of Sfax22.4
151-200University of Stuttgart18.9
151-200Warsaw University of Technology25.1
151-200Wuhan University22.0
151-200Xiamen University25.1
151-200Xi'an University of Technology28.1
151-200Xiangtan University25.0
151-200Yeungnam University19.4
151-200Zhengzhou University19.7

* Institutions within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

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