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Университет Южной Дании
Name: Университет Южной Дании
English Name: University of Southern Denmark
Region: Northern Europe
Country: Denmark
Found Year: 1966
Address: Campusvej 55
Website: http://www.sdu.dk

The University of Southern Denmark is a comprehensive university with research and teaching in a broad range of fields. The University has about 29,000 students and 4,000 employees and is represented in 6 cities: Odense, Esbjerg, Kolding, Copenhagen, Slagelse, and Sonderborg within in the Region of Southern Denmark - all with main focus on research and education. The research, teaching, communication and the transfer of knowledge at the University of Southern Denmark are grouped into five academic faculties. The Faculty of Social Sciences: As the University’s largest Faculty, Social Sciences offers a wide-ranging expertise and significant internationalization, the Faculty offers students and researchers the education required to deliver mature and contemporary analysis of society. The theory of society is a relatively new science in perpetual symbiosis with the surrounding society. Social science is influenced by society and the other way around it can influence society. The Faculty of Social Sciences offers high standard research and education. An extensive network of public and private institutions benefits directly from research at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Faculty of Humanities: As the University’s second largest Faculty, Humanities offer students and researchers an expansive and dynamic learning environment where new academic areas complement traditional studies. The Faculty’s strong interdisciplinary approach and progressive research have achieved recognition at national and international level. Humanities cover a wide range of programs and research fields which all have basis in human beings and their relationship with the outside world in common. Focus and concern is on human thoughts, arts and communication from different perspectives and in many historical and geographic settings. The Faculty of Science: Learning is hands-on at the Faculty of Science, where modern laboratories and an emphasis on fieldwork provide the opportunity to put theory into practice. The Faculty’s wide-ranging expertise, which includes research areas such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, offer the chance to explore different areas of interest alongside leading international specialists. Science is alive – it moves and speeds up the world. Science is alive because it is developed by engaged researchers in vivid settings and surroundings. The researchers of Science conduct research in first life on earth, synthetic biology, medicinal products of the future and of course proteomics, where University of Southern Denmark is in the top-class of the world. The Faculty of Health Sciences: One of only four in Denmark, the Faculty of Health Sciences enjoys close cooperation with Odense University Hospital, industry and experts across the world. The Faculty’s expertise in public health offers students and researchers a first-class learning environment and the opportunity to play a key role in the treatment and prevention of disease. University of Southern Denmark has a strong image when it comes to health science research, education and communication. We take part in securing quality and development in the entire region of Southern Denmark. Consequently our research must reflect the future challenges of the hospital and health system. Our students are provided with qualifications and competencies in a way that makes it possible for them to meet these new challenges. The Faculty of Engineering: Engineering – education, research and future. Our engineers and researchers are responsible for the technology of the future. The research of the Faculty of Engineering is rooted in interactions between basic research and applied research in a network which consists in part of other research units at the University of Southern Denmark and in part of outside research institutions, and which has a strong tradition of cooperation with the industry – nationally as well as internationally. The faculties are supported by: The University Library of Southern Denmark, which provides relevant information for researchers, teachers and students at SDU. In addition to library services for SDU staff and students, the library also provides services for other interested external users, the business community and other libraries. Joint services, which consists of all the administrative and service units that support the academic environments.

Total Enrollment:16660
           International Students:2740(16%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:10085
           International Students:1342(13%)
Graduate Enrollment:6575
           International Students:1398(21%)

Undergraduate Programs
           American Studies
           Applied Mathematics
           Bachelor in English and It-Based Marketing Communications (Slagelse)
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Bsc)
           Biology (Bachelor)
           Biomedicine (Bsc)
           Business Administration - International Business
           Business Administration - Sports and Event Management
           Business Administration - Strategic Communications
           Business Economics - Business Development in Practice
           Chemistry (Bsc)
           Classical Studies (Bsc)
           Clinical Biomechanics - the  Chiropractic Program (Ba)
           Comparative Literature (Ba)
           Computer Science (Bsc)
           Danish Kolding
           Danish Odense
           Design Culture and Economy (Ba)
           Economics - Business Economics Bar
           Economics - Socio-Economic Line
           Economics, Ha - Business-Oriented It & Finance
           Economics, Ha - Entrepreneurship and Innovation
           Economics, Ha - General Business
           Economics, Ha - [Bsc] in Economics and Business Administration
           Engineer in Product Development and Innovation (Bachelor)
           Engineer in Training and Experience Technology (Bachelor)
           English in Odense (Eng)
           English Studies (Bsc)
           Environment and Resource Management
           European Studies
           Foreign Languages ​​Training - Economics, Language and Culture
           History in Kolding (Eng)
           History in Odense (Eng)
           Information and Communication Science
           Intercultural Pedagogy - Arabic Or Danish As A Second Language
           International Business Communication
           Library Knowledge and Knowledge Communication
           M.Sc. in Chemistry (Bsc)
           M.Sc. in Energy Technology (Bachelor)
           M.Sc. in Mechatronics (Bachelor)
           M.Sc. in Physics and Technology (Bachelor)
           M.Sc. in Welfare Technology (Bachelor)
           Market Research and Management Anthropology
           Master of  Science in Robot Technology (Bachelor)
           Media Studies (Ba)
           Medicine / Medical Science (Bsc)
           Msc in Innovation and Business (Bsc)
           Msc in Software Engineering (Undergraduate)
           Nanobioscience (Bachelor)
           Pharmacist (Bachelor)
           Philosophy (Ba)
           Political Science
           Psychology (Ba)
           Public Health Science (Bsc)
           Religious Studies (Ba)
           Social Studies
           Sociology and Cultural Analysis
           Spanish and Spanish American Studies (Ba)
           Sports and Health (Bsc)
             Physics (Bsc)
Master's Degree Programs
           American Studies (Master)
           Applied Mathematics
           Audiologopedics (Graduate)
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Bsc)
           Biology (Candidate)
           Biomedicine (Candidate)
           Cand.Merc. Accounting and Finance
           Cand.Merc. Brand Management and Marketing Communication
           Cand.Merc. Business Controlling
           Cand.Merc. Business Relationship Management
           Cand.Merc. Change Management
           Cand.Merc. Communicationn Management and Leadership
           Cand.Merc. Corporate Strategy
           Cand.Merc. European Business Management
           Cand.Merc. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
           Cand.Merc. Globalization and Cultural Marketing
           Cand.Merc. I Finansiering (Údbydes Sidste Gang Efterår 2011)
           Cand.Merc. I Strategi Og Organisation
           Cand.Merc. International Business and Law
           Cand.Merc. International Business and Marketing
           Cand.Merc. International Management
           Cand.Merc. International Virksomhedsudvikling
           Cand.Merc. Management Accounting
           Cand.Merc. Management of  Innovation Processes
           Cand.Merc. Management of  People
           Cand.Merc. Marketing and Innovation
           Cand.Merc. Regional Economics and Business Development
           Cand.Merc. Sports and Event Management
           Cand.Merc. Strategic Entrepreneurship
           Cand.Merc. Strategy and Organization
           Cand.Merc. Styring Og Ledelse
           Cand.Oecon. - Accounting and Economics
           Cand.Oecon. - Economic Development
           Cand.Oecon. - Economics and Project Management
           Cand.Oecon. - Finance and Economics
           Cand.Oecon. - Health Care Management and Economics
           Cand.Oecon. - International Economics
           Cand.Oecon. - Microeconomics
           Chemistry (Msc)
           Classical Studies: Greek, Latin and Classical Studies (Graduate)
           Clinical Biomechanics - the  Chiropractic Program (Msc)
           Comparative Literature (Graduate)
           Computer Science (Msc)
           Culture Formidling Above (Candidate)
           Danish Kolding
           Danish Odense
           Design Management
           Elite Master'S Degree in Interdisciplinary Science Studies (Elite Master)
           Engineer in Product Development and Innovation (Msc)
           Engineer in Training and Experience Technology (Graduate)
           English in Odense (Candidate)
           English Studies (Graduate)
           Environment and Resource Management
           European Master in Tourism Management
           European Studies (Master)
           Foreign Languages ​​In Arabic, English, Spanish Or German (Master)
           Foreign Languages ​​In Chinese (Graduate)
           Foreign Languages ​​In International Tourism and Leisure Management (Master)
           Geobiology (Elite Model)
           Health Care Master
           History in Kolding (Candidate)
           History in Odense (Candidate)
           Information Science (Msc)
           International Business Communication (Elite Module)
           International Business Communication: Danish & English
           It Product Design (Master)
           Law (Llm).
           M.Sc. in Chemistry (M.Sc.)
           M.Sc. in Construction Engineering (Master)
           M.Sc. in Energy Technology (Master)
           M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering (Msc)
           M.Sc. in Mechatronics (M.Sc.)
           M.Sc. in Physics and Technology (Master)
           M.Sc. in Robotics (Graduate)
           M.Sc. in Welfare Technology (Master)
           Ma. in Communication Design
           Maritime Archaeology (Master)
           Media Studies (Candidate)
           Medicinal Chemistry (Master)
           Medicine / Medical Science (M.Sc.)
           Middle East Studies (Candidate)
           Molecular Diagnostics (Honours Class)
           Msc in Innovation and Business (Msc)
           Msc in Software Engineering (Master)
           Nanobioscience (Candidate)
           Pedagogy (Master)
           Pharmacist (Graduate)
           Philosophy (Candidate)
           Political Science
           Psychology (Candidate)
           Public Health (Candidate)
           Registered Auditor
           Religion (Master)
           Social Studies
           Spanish and Spanish American Studies (Candidate)
           Sport and Health (Candidate)
           Web Communication (Candidate)

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