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Университет восточной Финляндии
Name: Университет восточной Финляндии
English Name: University of Eastern Finland
Region: Northern Europe
Country: Finland
Found Year: 2010
Address: Yliopistonranta 1
Website: http://www.uef.fi

With approximately 15,000 degree students and 2,700 members of staff, the University of Eastern Finland is one of the largest universities in Finland. The university's campuses are located in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna.

The University of Eastern Finland is a multidisciplinary university, which offers teaching in 13 fields of study. The university comprises four faculties: the Philosophical Faculty, the Faculty of Science and Forestry, the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies.


The activities of the university underscore multidisciplinarity. The university's key interdisciplinary research areas are built around four global challenges: Ageing, lifestyles and health; Learning in a digitised society; Cultural encounters, mobilities and borders; and Environmental change and sufficiency of natural resources.


The well-being of students is among the primary concerns of the university and, in addition to the high standard of teaching, the university offers its students a modern study environment, which is under constant development.


The university has extensive international relations and it is involved in several international networks. The university's teaching and research staff and students are active in participating in various mobility programmes. The university has concluded bilateral agreements on cooperation with approximately 100 universities globally. Moreover, the university is involved in several international networks and discipline-specific projects.


With its extensive networks, this multidisciplinary and international university constitutes a significant competence cluster, which promotes the well-being and positive development of eastern Finland. The University of Eastern Finland seeks to be among the leading 200 research universities in the world and, in our strong research areas, among the world's leading 50 research universities.

The University of Eastern Finland was established in 2010 as the result of the merger of the University of Joensuu and the University of Kuopio.

Total Enrollment:9771
           International Students:528(5%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:6713
           International Students:72(1%)
Graduate Enrollment:3058
           International Students:456(15%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Applied Physics (Kuopio)
           Biology (Joensuu)
           Biomedicine (Kuopio)
           Biosciences (Kuopio)
           Biotechnology And Molecular Medicine (Kuopio)
           Botanical Garden, Botania (Joensuu)
           Business And Management
           Chemistry (Joensuu)
           Clinical Medicine (Kuopio)
           Computing (Joensuu And Kuopio)
           Criminal Policy And Criminology
           Dentistry (Kuopio)
           Economics And Business Administration
           Education, Adult Education And Career Counselling (Joensuu)
           Environmental Policy And Environmental Law
           Environmental Science (Kuopio)
           European Law And Administration Of Integration
           Finnish Language And Cultural Research (Joensuu)
           Foreign Languages And Translation Studies (Joensuu)
           Forest Sciences (Joensuu)
           Geography And Human Geography
           Health And Human Services Informatics
           Health Management Science
           Legislative Studies
           Medicine (Kuopio)
           Molecular Sciences (Kuopio)
           Neurobiology (Kuopio)
           Nursing Science (Kuopio)
           Orthodox Theology (Joensuu)
           Pharmacy (Kuopio)
           Philosophy And Philosophy Of Law
           Physics And Mathematics (Joensuu)
           Psychology (Joensuu)
           Public Health And Clinical Nutrition (Kuopio)
           Social Economics
           Social Management Science
           Social Pedagogy
           Social Policy
           Social Psychology
           Social Work
           Special Education (Joensuu)
           Statistics (Joensuu And Kuopio)
           Western Theology (Joensuu)
Master's Degree Programs
           Environment, Natural Resources And Climate Change: Mdp In Environmental Policy And Law
           International Master'S Degree In Border Crossings: Global And Local Societies In Transition
           Ma In English Language And Culture
           Master'S Degree Programme (Cbu) In Forestry And Environmental Engineering
           Master'S Degree Programme (Cbu) In Information And Communications Technology
           Master'S Degree Programme (Cbu) In Public Health
           Master'S Degree Programme For Research Chemists
           Master'S Degree Programme In Atmosphere-Biosphere Studies (Abs)
           Master'S Degree Programme In Computational Biomedical Engineering (Cbm)
           Master'S Degree Programme In Environmental Biology (Envbio)
           Master'S Degree Programme In General Toxicology And Environmental Health Risk Assessment
           Master'S Degree Programme In Health Promotion In Nursing Science (Mns)
           Master'S Degree Programme In Information Technology (Impit)
           Master'S Degree Programme In Photonics
           Master'S Degree Programme In Public Health (Mph)
           Master'S Degree Programme In Public Health Nutrition (Mphn)
           Master'S Programme In Educational Sciences
Doctoral Programs
           Ageing, Wellbeing And Technology Graduate School
           Ageing, Wellbeing And Technology Graduate School
           Applied Bioscience - Bioengineering, Food & Nutrition, Environment
           Biological Interactions - Graduate School
           Clinical Drug Research Graduate School
           Doctoral Programme For Multidisciplinary Research On Learning Environments
           Drug Discovery Graduate School
           Electrochemical Science And Technology Of Polymers And Membranes Including Biomembranes Graduate School In Psychiatry
           Finnish Doctoral Program In Business Studies, Kataja
           Finnish Doctoral Programme In Economics
           Finnish Doctoral Programme In Social Sciences , Sovako
           Finnish Doctoral School Of History
           Finnish Graduate School For Russian And East European Studies
           Finnish Graduate School For Russian And East European Studies
           Finnish Graduate School In Education And Learning (Figsel)
           Finnish Graduate School In Education And Learning (Figsel)
           Finnish Graduate School In Plant Biology, Fgspb
           Finnish Graduate School In Social Policy
           Finnish Graduate School Of Mathematics, Physics, And Chemistry Education
           Finnish Graduate School Of Neuroscience
           Finnish Graduate School Of Theology
           Finnish Post-Graduate School In Nursing Sciences
           Geography Graduate School
           Glycoscience Graduate School
           Graduate School In Mathematical Analysis And Its Applications
           Graduate School Law In A Changing World
           Graduate School Of Animal Wellbeing
           Graduate School Of Atmospheric Composition And Climate Change: From Molecular Processes To Global Observations And Models
           Graduate School Of Cultural Interpretations
           Graduate School Of Language Technology In Finland
           Graduate School Of Philosophy
           Graduate School On Labour And Welfare Studies
           International Doctoral Programme In Pulp And Paper Science Tecnology, Papsat
           International Graduate School In Biomedical Engineering And Medical Physics
           National Doctoral Programme In Nanoscience (Ngs-Nano)
           National Graduate School In Environmental Social Science
           National Graduate School Of Clinical Investigation
           National Graduate School Of Informational And Structural Biology
           National Graduate School Of Musculoskeletal Disorders And Biomaterials
           National Graduate School Of Musculoskeletal Disorders And Biomaterials
           National Graduate School Of Occupational Health Physcians
           National Graduate School Of Organic Chemistry And Chemical Biology
           National Graduate School Of Organic Chemistry And Chemical Biology
           National Programme For Doctoral Studies In Social Work And Social Services

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