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Universidade de Durham
Name: Universidade de Durham
English Name: Durham University
Region: Northern Europe
Country: UK
Found Year: 1832
Address: The Palatine Centre, Stockton Road

Durham University is a collegiate university with long traditions and modern values. We are proud to be an international scholarly community which reflects the ambitions of cultures from around the world. The University promotes individual participation, providing a rounded education in which students, staff and alumni gain the academic and the personal skills required to flourish. 

Durham seeks the highest distinction in research and scholarship, and is committed to excellence in all aspects of education and transmission of knowledge. Our research capability ranks among the best in the United Kingdom. In the recent UK-wide assessment of the quality of research in universities, 33% of the university’s research was rated as world-leading and a further 50% rated internationally excellent.

Research and teaching takes place in 25 academic departments and schools across the three faculties: Arts and Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences and Health. Research shapes and inspires the disciplinary structure of our departments and directly informs our teaching of both undergraduates and postgraduates. As well adding to the richness of human knowledge, the pioneering research of our academics provides tangible benefits that enhance human wellbeing, and deepens our understanding of the universe and everything in it.


Durham University is home to over 17,000 students from over 130 countries creating a truly diverse student community. Students are based either in historic Durham City, with the medieval UNESCO World Heritage Site at its heart, or at Queen’s Campus, Stockton, a purpose-built campus set on the River Tees. Both locations offer easy access to University facilities and services including bars, cafés, shops, sports facilities, libraries, and advice and welfare services.


All of our students are members of one of the 16 residential colleges. These are vibrant, supportive and scholarly communities which provide students with opportunities for gaining new experiences and developing skills which will help them to achieve more in the future.


Durham University’s unique blend of heritage and new thinking; of personal development and public benefit; and of an intimate scholarly community with global impact, makes Durham University a special place to work and study.

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