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Universidade de Cardiff
Name: Universidade de Cardiff
English Name: Cardiff University
Region: Northern Europe
Country: UK
Found Year: 1883
Address: Cardiff University

Cardiff University is recognised in independent government assessments as one of Britain’s leading teaching and research universities and is a member of the Russell Group of the UK’s most research intensive universities.  Among its academic staff are two Nobel Laureates, including the winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize for Medicine, University Chancellor Professor Sir Martin Evans. 


Founded by Royal Charter in 1883, today the University combines impressive modern facilities and a dynamic approach to teaching and research. The University’s breadth of expertise encompasses: the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences; and the College of Physical Sciences, along with a longstanding commitment to lifelong learning. Cardiff's three flagship Research Institutes are offering radical new approaches to neurosciences and mental health, cancer stem cells and sustainable places.


From its outstanding central location amidst the parks, Portland-stone buildings and tree-lined avenues that form the city's elegant civic centre, the University's students and staff are drawn from throughout the world, attracted by its international reputation and commitment to innovation and excellence in all areas of activity. Having gained national and international standing, Cardiff University's vision is to be recognised as a world-class university and to achieve the associated benefits for its students, staff and all other stakeholders. The student population is drawn from a variety of backgrounds, with students attracted from throughout Wales, the rest of the UK and world-wide. International students comprise some 18.8 per cent of the total student population. The International Lounge in the Students’ Union provides a state-of-the-art space for international students to study and socialise. Amongst its features are secluded zones providing a relaxed, personal space for students to Skype home. A giant map of the world full of images from students’ homelands is a focal point for the lounge and comes complete with LED lighting which is programmed to sync with the movement of the sun, giving a visual indication of the time in different global regions.


Government performance indicators show that our students are more likely to succeed in their studies, with first-year completion rates considerably higher than national averages and also higher than some similar universities. Many of the University’s degree schemes provide partial or complete exemption from relevant professional examinations and more than forty schemes of study benefit from accreditation and input from professional bodies. More than twenty two per cent of Cardiff University students pursue postgraduate study.


The University is located in and around the Portland stone buildings, parks and tree-lined avenues that form Cardiff’s magnificent civic centre. In recent years, substantial investment has been made in the University estate, including the expansion of life sciences facilities, the development of a new brain research centre and a new building for Optometry and Vision Sciences. Our Cochrane Building is a flagship health education centre offering students the latest teaching, library and state-of-the-art simulation facilities. It provides facilities for all healthcare schools based on the Heath Park Campus. The University has also invested in a new Maindy Park research campus which will give academics the space and facilities to tackle some of the world’s most important research issues. At the heart of the campus is the Hadyn Ellis Building, a striking £30M landmark development that houses highly advanced facilities for some of the University’s world-leading interdisciplinary scientific teams, including the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute, and the MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics.


Unusually for a civic university, most of the University’s student residential accommodation is within easy walking distance of lecture theatres, libraries and the students' union, saving our students time and money. A place in one of the University’s 5,360 student rooms is guaranteed to all first-year undergraduates entering through the normal admissions cycle. The vast majority of student residences are single en-suite study bedrooms in self catered flats and students enjoy some of the lowest rents in the UK, according to a survey by the National Union of Students. Networked computers offering a wealth of software applications are available to every student, and there is a dedicated Graduate Centre providing support and facilities for postgraduates additional to those available within their Schools.


Importance is attached to ensuring that Cardiff University graduates have the personal and intellectual skills demanded by employers, and this results in very high levels of graduate employment. Figures show that 94 percent of Cardiff graduates are employed, in further education or taking time out six months after graduation. The University is the largest provider of adult education in Wales, with the Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning providing several hundred courses in venues across South East Wales. The University’s lifelong learning activities also encompass the professional development work carried out by schools for employers, and many of these courses are custom-made to suit an individual company’s needs. The Centre for Lifelong Learning also offers business language training at all levels.

Total Enrollment:22572
           International Students:4071(18%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:18319
           International Students:2120(12%)
Graduate Enrollment:4253
           International Students:1951(46%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accounting and Economics 
           Accounting and Finance
           Accounting and Management 
           Accounting with A European Language
           Adult Nursing
           Ancient and Medieval History
           Ancient History
           Ancient History and French
           Ancient History and German
           Ancient History and History
           Ancient History and Italian
           Ancient History and Philosophy
           Ancient History and Religious Studies
           Ancient History and Spanish
           Ancient History and Welsh
           Archaeology and Ancient History
           Archaeology and French
           Archaeology and German
           Archaeology and History
           Archaeology and Italian
           Archaeology and Medieval History
           Archaeology and Philosophy
           Archaeology and Religious Studies
           Archaeology and Welsh
           Architectural Engineering
           Architectural Studies 
           Banking and Finance
           Banking and Finance with A European Language
           Biomedical Science (Anatomy)
           Biomedical Science (Neuroscience)
           Biomedical Science (Physiology)
           Biomedical Science (Standard Route)
           Business Economics with A European Language
           Business Economics 
           Business Information Systems
           Business Management
           Business Management with A European Language
           Business Studies and Japanese
           Children'S Nursing 
           City and Regional Planning
           Civil and Environmental Engineering
           Civil Engineering 
           Clinical Practice
           Community Practice
           Computer Science
           Computer Science with High Performance Computing
           Computer Science with Security and Forensics
           Computer Science with Visual Computing
           Computer Systems Engineering 
           Computing and Mathematics
           Conservation of  Objects In Museums and Archaeology
           Criminology and Education 
           Criminology and Social Policy
           Criminology and Sociology 
           Dental Therapy and Hygiene
           Earth Science 
           Economics and Finance
           Economics and History
           Economics and Management Studies
           Economics and Philosophy
           Economics and Politics
           Economics with A European Language
           Education and Social Policy
           Education and Sociology
           Education and Welsh
           Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
           Electronic and Communication Engineering 
           English Language
           English Language and Communication
           English Language and English Literature
           English Language and French
           English Language and German
           English Language and Italian
           English Language and Philosophy
           English Language and Spanish
           English Language and Welsh
           English Literature
           English Literature and Ancient History
           English Literature and Archaeology
           English Literature and German
           English Literature and History
           English Literature and Music
           English Literature and Philosophy
           English Literature and Religious Studies
           English Literature and Welsh
           Environmental Geoscience
           Exploration and Resource Geology
           French and Economics
           French and English Literature
           French and German
           French and History
           French and Italian
           French and Japanese
           French and Mathematics
           French and Music
           French and Philosophy
           French and Politics
           French and Spanish
           French and Welsh
           Geography (Human)
           Geography (Human) and Planning
           German and Economics
           German and History
           German and Italian
           German and Japanese
           German and Mathematics
           German and Music
           German and Politics
           German and Religious Studies
           German and Spanish
           German and Welsh
           History and Italian
           History and Music
           History and Philosophy
           History and Religious Studies
           History and Sociology 
           History and Spanish
           History and Welsh
           History with Welsh History
           Human Resources
           Integrated Engineering
           International Management
           Italian and Economics
           Italian and English Literature
           Italian and Japanese
           Italian and Music
           Italian and Philosophy
           Italian and Politics
           Italian and Spanish
           Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies
           Journalism, Media and English Literature
           Law and Criminology 
           Law and French 
           Law and German 
           Law and Politics 
           Law and Sociology 
           Law and Welsh
           Logistics and Operations
           Marine Geography
           Marine Geoscience 
           Mathematics and Its Applications
           Mathematics and Religious Studies
           Mathematics and Welsh
           Mathematics, Operational Research and Statistics
           Mechanical Engineering 
           Medical Engineering
           Medical Pharmacology
           Mental Health Nursing
           Modern History and Politics 
           Molecular Biology
           Music and Mathematics
           Music and Philosophy
           Music and Religious Studies
           Music and Welsh
           Occupational Therapy
           Philosophy and Mathematics
           Philosophy and Politics
           Philosophy and Religious Studies
           Philosophy and Sociology
           Philosophy and Welsh
           Physics and Mathematics
           Physics and Music
           Physics with Astronomy
           Physics with Medical Physics
           Politics and Religious Studies
           Politics and Sociology 
           Politics and Spanish
           Politics and Welsh
           Politics, Diploma In Etudes Politiques 
           Radiography: Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging
           Radiotherapy and Oncology
           Religious and Theological Studies
           Religious Studies and Italian
           Religious Studies and Spanish
           Social Policy and Sociology 
           Social Science
           Sociology and Journalism
           Sociology and Religious Studies
           Sociology and Welsh
           Software Engineering
           Spanish and Economics
           Spanish and English Literature
           Spanish and Japanese
           Spanish and Philosophy
           Theoretical and Computational Physics
           Welsh and Italian
           Welsh and Religious Studies
           Welsh and Spanish
Graduate Programs
           Accounting and Finance
           Advanced Mechanical Engineering
           Advanced Practice
           Advanced Surgical Practice
           Ageing, Health and Disease
           Analytic & Modern European Philosophy
           Ancient and Medieval Warfare
           Ancient History
           Applied Behaviour Analysis and Challenging Behaviour 
           Applied Environmental Geology
           Applied Linguistics 
           Architectural Studies
           Architecture: Professional Studies 
           Asian Religions
           Bar Professional Training Course
           Bioinformatics / Genetic Epidemiology and Bioinformatics
           Building Energy and Environmental Performance Modelling
           Business Administration (MBA)
           Canon Law 
           Care Of  Collections
           Chemical Biology
           Christian Doctrine 
           Christian Ethics 
           Church History 
           Civil Engineering
           Clinical Dermatology 
           Clinical Engineering
           Clinical Optometry 
           Clinical Pharmacy 
           Clinical Research 
           Community Health Studies
           Computer Science
           Computing with Placement
           Computing & It Management
           Conscious Sedation In Dentistry 
           Conservation Practice
           Continuing Education and Continuing Professional Development In Optometry and Vision Sciences 
           Creative Writing
           Criminology and Criminal Justice
           Critical and Cultural Theory
           Critical Care
           Early Celtic Studies
           Early Medieval Society and Culture
           Education For Health Professionals 
           Electrical Energy Systems
           English Literature
           Environmental Design Of Buildings
           Environmental Hydrogeology
           Equality and Diversity
           Ethics and Social Philosophy
           European Governance and Public Policy 
           European Legal Studies 
           European Neolithic
           European Studies
           Financial Economics
           Forensic Linguistics 
           Foundation In Primary Care Pain Management 
           Genetic Counselling
           Geoenvironmental Engineering
           Geography, Policy and Practice
           Governance and Devolution
           Health Care Sciences 
           History and Archaeology of The Greek & Roman World
           Human Resource Management
           Human Rights Law 
           Hydro-Environment Engineering
           Image Appreciation
           Information Security and Privacy
           International Commercial Law 
           International Economics and Public Policy
           International Economics, Banking and Finance
           International Journalism
           International Pharmacoeconomics and Health Economics
           International Planning and Development
           International Public Relations and Global Communications Management
           International Relations 
           International Transport
           Islam In Contemporary Britain 
           Journalism, Media and Communications
           Language and Communication Research
           Late Antique and Byzantine Studies
           Law and Governance of The European Union 
           Lean Operations
           Legal and Political Aspects of International Affairs
           Legal Aspects Of Medical Practice 
           Legal Practice Course 
           Lifelong Learning
           Logistics and Operations Management
           Managing Care In Perioperative Practice 
           Marine Policy
           Master Of Clinical Dentistry
           Medical Education 
           Medical Education 
           Medical Illustration 
           Medical Toxicology
           Medical Ultrasound
           Medieval British Studies 
           Molecular Modelling
           Multimedia Systems Communications Engineering
           Music, Culture and Politics
           Neuroimaging Methods & Applications
           Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy 
           Non-Medical Prescribing 
           Obstetric and / Or Gynaecological Ultrasound
           Occupational Health (Policy and Practice) 
           Occupational Therapy 
           Operational Research and Applied Statistics
           Operational Research, Applied Statistics and Risk
           Orthopaedic Engineering
           Pain Management
           Palliative Medicine/Palliative Care 
           Performance Studies
           Pharmacy Clinical Practice (Community and Primary Care) 
           Physical Organic Chemistry
           Planning Practice and Research
           Planning Practice 
           Political Communications
           Political Theory
           Politics and International Relations + Laureamagistrale 
           Politics and Public Policy 
           Positive Approaches To Challenging Behaviour 
           Post Qualifying Social Work
           Practical Dermatology 
           Practical Theology 
           Professional Conservation
           Professional Engineering
           Public Administration 
           Public Health 
           Radiographic Reporting 
           Regeneration Studies
           Religion In Late Antiquity
           Safeguarding Children 
           Science, Media and Communication
           Social Care Law
           Social Science Research Methods 
           Social Work
           Specialist Community Public Health Nursing 
           Sports Physiotherapy 
           Strategic Information Systems
           Strategic Marketing
           Structural Engineering
           Surgical Care Practice 
           Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy
           Sustainable Chemistry
           Theology: Chaplaincy Studies 
           Theory and Practice of Sustainable Design
           Tissue Engineering 
           Translation Studies
           Transport and Planning
           Urban Design
           Welsh and Celtic Studies
           Welsh Government and Politics
           Welsh History
           Wireless and Microwave Communication Engineering
           Wound Healing and Tissue Repair 

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