Academic Ranking of World Universities


Global Research University Profiles (GRUP) is a comprehensive database and benchmarking tool covering 1800 research universities in the world. Based on the data reported by universities and collected from third parties, GRUP presents comparisons of universities in different rank ranges and/or in different geographic groups in terms of 40 indicators, allowing users to learn about the performance of their local and international peers for various purposes.

In 2019, some 474 universities reported their data on students, academic staff and resources. The participating universities cover 54% of the Top 100 universities and 49% of other Top 500 universities on the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2019; therefore they formed a representative sample set to describe and reflect the characteristics of world leading research universities. The GRUP platform 2019 also includes those data for 1800 universities that were used to calculate the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2019, including alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, Highly Cited Researchers, papers in Nature and Science and SCIE/SSCI papers.


GRUP serves as a benchmarking tool and allows users to view and compare statistics on the 40 indicators (13 indicators about Students, 9 indicators about Faculty, 13 indicators about Resource and 5 ARWU indicators) for universities in different rank ranges and/or in different regions/countries. It not only provides comprehensive and quantitative descriptions of world leading research universities, but also helps universities to identify their advantages and disadvantages as compared to those of their concern.


GRUP serves as an estimating tool and allows universities to analyze and estimate their ranks in Academic Ranking of World Universities based on their actual or expected data on one or a series of indicators. It helps universities to understand their current ranking performance and forecast their future positions in the world according to their planned goals.

Ranking by Indicator

Ranking by Indicator combines data reported by universities with those from national higher education statistics and those from international sources to present rankings of universities based on particular indicators. It helps universities to position themselves at a global level from various angles and perspectives.
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