A Benchmarking Study of Selected ASET Oriented Universities in Africa and China

International Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering


2iE is an International Institute for Education and Research whose expertise areas are Water and Sanitation, Energy and Electricity, Civil Engineering and Mining, Environment and Sustainable Development, Management and Entrepreneurship. Based in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso, West Africa), is committed to support the Africa growing through the training of highly-qualified and innovative entrepreneurial engineers that the continent needs.

Indeed, with an average growth rate of almost 5% per year during the last decade, the African continent stands against clichés and has become a major stakeholder in the global economic competition. The responsibility of a higher education and research institution such as 2iE is to enhance those mutations and develop, at its scale, efficient solutions to the economic, environmental and demographic challenges that African States are facing.

By training, in Africa, entrepreneurial engineers equipped with a solid knowledge of local issues and the desire to be entrepreneurs, we enhance the emergence of the continent. Because building the Africa of tomorrow, means mobilizing today each one of its resources and particularly the most important, its formidable human potential.

To serve this ambition, 2iE, the only African school whose engineering degrees are internationally recognized, is committed to identify, analyze and anticipate what will be the future needs in qualified human resources. Bolstered by its step ahead and its long-term vision, 2iE participates to the construction of an Africa aware of its challenges and ready to face them. To win this bet over the future, 2iE associates an innovative philosophy and a solid governance model, genuine public/private partnership that gathers around common values, Founding States, private companies, institutional, academic and scientific partners.

2iE’s story is the story of a commitment to the youth.

Originally, a collective political commitment, from fourteen Western and Central African States, determined to equip their new government structures, arising from the Independences, with executives trained on their own continent.

In 37 years, from 1968 to 2006, the two founding schools, EIER – Rural Equipment Engineering School and ETSHER- Rural Equipment and Hydraulic Technicians School, trained more than 3,000 engineers and senior technicians in the areas of civil and hydraulic engineering.

In 2001, converted into the EIER-ETSHER group, the establishment embodies the emerging of a new Africa, « an Africa that rejects pessimism and believes in her assets at all levels, an Africa aware of its challenges and determined to face them».

These challenges are those of demography, whose figures are skyrocketing, a rapid urbanization and an unprecedented economic growth.

To meet them, EIER-ETSHER makes reforms and turns into the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering, 2iE: the first stone was laid in 2006.

2iE’s founding commitment is focused on the employability of its young graduates to meet the latest needs of African economies.

This necessary evolution is a response to the change of paradigm that can be observed. Long associated with employment guaranty, the public sector is no longer capable of offering a sufficient number of job opportunities and its absorption capacities are decreasing whereas the number of young graduates is in constant rise.

As a result, higher education graduates experience serious difficulties finding a job that corresponds to their skills, whereas companies struggle finding the professional skills they need.

Facing this fact, 2iE has made a bold and intelligent move, creating partnerships with other structures: companies, universities and other prestigious institutions. By proving its adaptation capacities to the rapid changes of the African socio-economic context, 2iE has turned into a major stakeholder regarding higher education and research in Africa. Today, 2iE gathers students, teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs from four continents within a network of competence involved in the construction of a brighter future for Africa.

2iE is thus looking ahead, by building up students’ innovation capacity and entrepreneurship spirit and by undertaking research activities that integrate the present socio-economic realities. 2iE trains tomorrow’s decision-makers and contribute to the sustainable development of the continent.

2iE remains definitely a reference engineering school throughout the continent in terms of training and research, and a center of excellence recognized on an international scale (Center of Excellence of WAEMU, NEPAD, ECOWAS and the World Bank).

Our students easily integrate the workplace because our training programs are developed in partnership with recruiting businesses.

This approach of improvement resulted in 2iE accreditation in April 2009 by the French Commission of Engineering Titles (CTI) which has awarded 2iE the EUR-ACE label. Our institute is the very first one to get this accreditation in Africa.

2iE is a model of success and integration in the region with more than 25 nationalities onsite.