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Université de York
Name: Université de York
English Name: University of York
Region: Northern Europe
Country: UK
Found Year: 1963
Address: Heslington

The University of York is one of the success stories in UK higher education.  Since 1963, York has consistently ranked highly in the UK, is in the World Top 100 and is a member of the Russell Group. Our reputation is built on an ethos of equal opportunity for all and academic excellence, evidenced by our rise from18th to 8th in the 2008 UK official Research Assessment Exercise and consistently high scores for Teaching Quality  in the National Student Survey. York is acclaimed as one of the most socially inclusive of the UK’s leading universities with around 75 per cent of the undergraduate intake from the state school and college sector. The University is situated on the south eastern edge of one of Europe’s most historic and beautiful cities.  York has Roman, Viking and medieval buildings and a rich cultural lifestyle, attracting visitors from all over the world.  The combination of an ancient city and a vibrant modern university brings great benefits to the region – the University’s research power and research income per capita is one of the highest in the UK. 


York is a research-intensive university and one in which the leading researchers bring their knowledge and expertise to bear in teaching students. York believes in small group teaching, a strong link between research and teaching, interdisciplinary activity and working in partnership with universities and colleagues around the world. York is a collegiate university and has eight residential colleges with student and staff members.  These are the focus of social, sport, leisure and welfare activity for students.  The college buildings are alongside academic facilities in a beautiful landscaped campus on two adjacent sites centred on the attractive village of Heslington.  Each half of the campus features lakes, wetlands and rural walks.


The University is a community of scholars who apply research efforts to problems of global significance. Specialist teams include the Centre for Immunology and Infection, which works on Leishmaniasis, diabetes and HIV/AIDS, the largest cluster of environmental researchers in the UK, world-leading health economists and the unique Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit.  New research facilities include  the UK’s first dedicated laboratory building for atmospheric chemistry research,  a new Plasma Physics facility  and the recent £11m Berrick Saul building housing the Humanities Research Centre  and representing the centrepiece of the biggest investment in the arts and humanities of any English university.

The University is investing £750m in expanding its campus. This substantial strategic development provides increased physical capacity to manage the rising demand for student places, increased research income generation (No 3 in the UK per capita), new academic disciplines and superb facilities for knowledge exchange and commercial activity. Already completed are:

 • Two residential Colleges (with a third under construction)

• New teaching and research buildings for the fast expanding academic disciplines of Law, Management and Computer Science

• The best film, post-production, theatre and TV studio facilities in  UK Higher Education in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television, providing a ‘production village’ of theatres, broadcast studios, and Green Screen and Black Box film stages

• The flagship Ron Cooke Hub comprising research, business incubation and knowledge transfer facilities

• The Catalyst, a major investment managed by York Science Park for creative and technological industries wishing to co-locate to an academic centre of excellence

• York Sport Village including competition standard swimming pool and a velodrome


The extension of the campus to Heslington East is the physical expression of our University Plan’s thematic aspirations of Excellence, Internationalisation, Inclusivity and Sustainability. High quality research and teaching are central to everything York does.  We are committed to fair access, opportunity for all, encouraging students as global citizens, and managing all our activities in a sustainable way. York’s internationalisation strategy encompasses research collaborations, strategic alliances, knowledge exchange activity, cultural exchange, expanding global opportunities for staff and students, the creation of an international campus, and attracting the best faculty and students from around the world.  Over 20 per cent of our students and academic staff come from outside the UK, and we have active alumni groups in cities around the world. The University of York has been a catalyst in developing and accelerating the city of York’s international profile.  The University works in partnership with the local community, the City of York Council and inward investment agencies.  The embedding of business facilities on campus is accelerating the promotion of York’s strengths as a knowledge economy, and investment in world-class facilities acts as a magnet for inward investment to the city and region. 

The University of York makes an enormous impact on the lives of millions of people around the world through its emphasis on justice, scientific discovery and societal and cultural innovation. Sustained and sustainable investment in facilities enables us to build for the future and consolidate the strength of the University.

Total Enrollment:12054
           International Students:2566(21%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:9497
           International Students:1202(13%)
Graduate Enrollment:2557
           International Students:1364(53%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accounting, Business Finance and Management
           Applied Social Science
           Applied Social Science (Children and Young People)
           Applied Social Science (Crime and Criminal Justice)
           Applied Social Science and Social Policy (Extended Degree)
           Biochemistry (With A Year in Europe)
           Biochemistry (With A Year in Industry)
           Biology (With A Year in Europe)
           Biology (With A Year in Industry)
           Biotechnology and Microbiology
           Biotechnology and Microbiology (With A Year in Europe)
           Biotechnology and Microbiology (With A Year in Industry)
           Chemistry (With A Year Abroad)
           Chemistry, Biological & Medicinal Chemistry
           Chemistry, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
           Chemistry, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry (With A Year Abroad)
           Chemistry, Management and Industry
           Chemistry, Management and Industry (With A Year Abroad)
           Chemistry, Resources and the  Environment
           Chemistry, Resources and the  Environment (With A Year Abroad)
           Computer Science
           Computer Science (With A Year in Industry)
           Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence
           Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (With Year in Industry)
           Computer Science with Business Enterprise Systems
           Computer Science with Business Enterprise Systems (With A Year in Industry)
           Computer Science with Embedded Systems Engineering
           Computer Science with Embedded Systems Engineering (With A Year in Industry)
           Computer Science/Mathematics (Equal)
           Computer Science/Mathematics (Equal) (With A Year in Industry)
           Computer Science/Philosophy (Equal)
           Computer Science/Philosophy (With A Year in Industry) (Equal)
           Computer Systems and Software Engineering
           Computer Systems and Software Engineering (With A Year in Industry)
           Digital Media Systems
           Ecology (With A Year in Europe)
           Ecology (With A Year in Industry)
           Economics and Finance
           Economics, Econometrics and Finance
           Economics/Econometrics (Equal)
           Economics/Economic History (Equal)
           Economics/Mathematics (Equal)
           Economics/Philosophy (Equal
           Economics/Politics (Equal)
           Economics/Sociology (Equal)
           Educational Studies
           Electronic and Communication Engineering
           Electronic and Computer Engineering
           Electronic Engineering
           Electronic Engineering (With A Foundation Year)
           Electronic Engineering with Business Management
           Electronic Engineering with Digital Media Systems
           Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems
           Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology
           English in Education
           English Language and Linguistics
           English/History (Equal)
           English/History of  Art (Equal)
           English/Linguistics (Equal)
           English/Philosophy (Equal)
           English/Politics (Equal)
           Environment, Economics and Ecology
           Environment, Economics and Ecology (Extended Degree)
           Environmental Economics and Environmental Management
           Environmental Economics and Environmental Management (Extended Degree)
           Environmental Geography
           Environmental Geography (Extended Degree)
           Environmental Science
           Environmental Science (Extended Degree)
           Film and Television Production
           French and German Language
           French and History
           French and Linguistics
           French and Spanish Language
           Genetics (With A Year in Europe)
           Genetics (With A Year in Industry)
           German and Linguistics
           German and Spanish Language
           Heritage Studies
           Historical Archaeology
           History of  Art
           History/Economics (Equal)
           History/History of  Art (Equal)
           History/Philosophy (Equal)
           History/Politics (Equal)
           Linguistics with French
           Linguistics with German
           Linguistics with Spanish
           Management (With A Year in Industry)
           Mathematics (With A Year in Europe)
           Mathematics and Finance (Equal)
           Mathematics and Statistics (Equal)
           Mathematics/Computer Science (Equal)
           Mathematics/Computer Science (Equal) (With A Year in Industry)
           Mathematics/Philosophy (Equal)
           Mathematics/Physics (Equal)
           Mathematics/Physics (Equal) (With A Year in Europe)
           Midwifery Practice
           Molecular Cell Biology
           Molecular Cell Biology (With A Year in Europe)
           Molecular Cell Biology (With A Year in Industry)
           Music Technology Systems
           Nursing (Extended Degree)
           Philosophy, Politics and Economics
           Philosophy/Linguistics (Equal)
           Philosophy/Politics (Equal)
           Philosophy/Sociology (Equal)
           Physics (With A Foundation Year)
           Physics with Astrophysics
           Physics with Business Management
           Physics with Philosophy
           Politics with International Relations
           Social and Political Sciences
           Social Policy
           Social Work
           Sociology with Criminology
           Sociology with Social Psychology
           Sociology/Education (Equal)
           Spanish and Linguistics
           Theoretical Physics
           Writing, Directing and Performance
Graduate Programs
           Accounting & Financial Management
           Applied Forensic Psychology
           Applied Human Rights
           Applied Linguistics For English Language Teaching
           Applied Linguistics For Language Teaching
           Archaeological Information Systems
           Archaeological Studies (By Research)
           Archaeology of  Buildings
           Biology (By Research)
           Bioscience Technology
           Chemistry (By Research)
           Coastal and Marine Archaeology
           Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Advanced Clinical Practice
           Cognitive Neuroscience
           Combating Infectious Disease: Computational Approaches in Translational Science
           Communication Studies
           Communication Studies
           Communications Engineering
           Community Music
           Comparative and International Social Policy
           Computational Biology
           Computer Science
           Computer Science (By Research)
           Conflict, Governance and Development
           Conservation Studies
           Conservation Studies (By Research)
           Conservation Studies (Historic Buildings)
           Contemporary Cinema and Television
           Cultural Heritage Management
           Culture and Thought After 1945
           Cultures of  Empire, Resistance and Postcoloniality
           Developmental Disorders of  Learning & Cognition
           Digital Film and Television Production
           Digital Heritage
           Digital Signal Processing
           Digital Systems Engineering
           Early Modern History
           Early Prehistory
           Ecology and Environmental Management
           Economic & Social History
           Economic and Social Policy Analysis
           Economics and Finance
           Economics and Related Studies
           Education (Biology)
           Education (By Research)
           Education (Chemistry)
           Education (English)
           Education (French with German)
           Education (French with Spanish)
           Education (French)
           Education (German with French)
           Education (German with Spanish)
           Education (German)
           Education (History with Citzenship)
           Education (History)
           Education (Mathematics)
           Education (Physics)
           Educational Studies
           Eighteenth Century Studies: Representations and Contexts 1750-1850
           Eighteenth Century Studies: the  Global Eighteenth Century
           Electronic Engineering
           Electronic Engineering (By Research)
           Engineering Management
           English (By Research)
           English and Related Literature
           English Literary Studies
           Environment and Politics
           Environmental Economics
           Environmental Economics and Environmental Management
           Environmental Science
           Environmental Science & Management
           European Gender & Equality Studies
           Field Archaeology
           Film and Literature
           Finance and Econometrics
           Financial Engineering
           Financial Engineering
           Forensic Psychology Studies
           Forensic Speech Science
           Fusion Energy
           Gas Turbine Control
           Global and International Citizenship Education
           Green Chemistry & Sustainable Industrial Technology
           Health Economics
           Health Sciences
           Health Sciences
           Health Sciences (Cancer Epidemiology)
           Health Services Research
           High-Intensity Psychological Interventions (Improving Access To Psychological Therapies)
           Historic Landscape Studies
           Historical Archaeology
           History (By Research)
           History of  Art (Architectural History and Theory)
           History of  Art (British Art)
           History of  Art (By Research)
           History of  Art (Medieval Art and Medievalisms)
           History of  Art (Sculpture Studies)
           Human Evolution
           Human Resource Management
           Human Sciences
           Human Sciences (By Thesis)
           Human-Centred Interactive Technologies
           Information Technology
           International Corporate & Commercial Law
           International Human Rights Law and Practice
           International Political Economy - Critical Theories, Issues and Conflicts
           International Relations
           Internet and Wireless Computing
           Landscape Archaeology
           Language and Linguistic Science
           Large-Scale Complex It Systems
           Linguistics (By Research)
           Low-Intensity Therapies (Improving Access To Psychological Therapies)
           Management with Business Finance
           Marine Environmental Management
           Masters of  Public Administration
           Masters of  Public Administration - International Development
           Mathematical Finance
           Mathematical Finance (Online)
           Mathematics (By Research)
           Mathematics with Modern Applications
           Medical Education
           Medical Sciences
           Medical Sciences (By Thesis)
           Medieval Archaeology
           Medieval History
           Medieval Literatures
           Medieval Studies
           Medieval Studies
           Mesolithic Studies
           Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture
           Modern History
           Music (By Research)
           Music Technology
           Music Technology (By Research)
           Music Technology (By Research)
           Natural Computation
           Nineteenth-Century Literature & Culture
           Phd Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
           Philosophy (By Research)
           Philosophy, Politics & Economics
           Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Economics & Development
           Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Economics & Philosophy
           Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Economics & Politics
           Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Philosophy & Public Affairs
           Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Political Economy
           Philosophy, Politics & Economics:Politics & Development
           Philosophy, Politics and Economics
           Philosophy, Theology and Ethics
           Phonetics and Phonology
           Phonological Development in Childhood
           Physics (By Research)
           Political Philosophy
           Political Philosophy (The Idea of  Toleration)
           Political Research
           Politics, Economics and Philosophy
           Post-Genomic Biology
           Post-War Recovery Studies
           Postproduction with Sound Design
           Postproduction with Visual Effects
           Postwar Recovery Studies
           Postwar Recovery Studies
           Practical Ethics: Bioethics, the  Environment & the  Foundations of  Law
           Project Analysis, Finance and Investment
           Public Administration
           Public Administration - International Development (Online)
           Public Administration and Public Policy
           Public Economics
           Public Health
           Public Health (International Health)
           Public History
           Public Policy and Management
           Railway Studies (By Independent Study and Dissertation)
           Railway Studies (By Research)
           Railway Studies and Transport History
           Railway Studies and Transport History (By Independent Study and Dissertation)
           Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
           Renaissance Literature
           Romantic and Sentimental Literature
           Safety Critical Systems Engineering
           Science Education
           Social Media and Interactive Technologies
           Social Media and Management
           Social Policy
           Social Policy and Social Work
           Social Policy and Social Work
           Social Research
           Social Work
           Sociology (By Research)
           Software Engineering
           Stained Glass Conservation & Heritage Management
           Syntax and Semantics
           System Safety Engineering
           Teaching English To Speakers of  Other Languages
           Teaching English To Young Learners (By Distance Learning)
           Teaching English To Young Learners (On-Line)
           Theatre Film & Television
           Theatre Film & Television By Creative Practice
           Theatre: Writing, Directing & Performance
           Transport History
           Women's Studies
           Women's Studies (By Research)
           Women's Studies (Humanities)
           Women's Studies (Social Research)
           Women's Studies (Social Research)
           Women, Violence, and Conflict

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