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Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ)
Name: Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ)
English Name: University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Region: Western Europe
Country: France
Found Year: 1991
Address: 55 avenue de Paris


The University of VersaillesSaint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ) is a multidisciplinary University. Its strategic sectors are Biology and Medicine, Chemistry, Physics in materials and renewable energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, Mathematics, Computing and Engineering Sciences, Cultures, Humanities and Social Sciences, Institutions and Organisations, Laws, Economic Sciences.

Its annual budget is 150 million Euro, with more than 19,000 students, 715 doctoral students (a half of which are foreign PhD students coming from all over the world), 35 research laboratories (12 associated with major French research organisations: CNRS, INSERM, CEA), a UniverseSciences Research Institute (OVSQ) and 4 research federations (in environment, matter physics and chemistry, biologie and health) 

Involved in many national and european research, development and infrasctructure projects and initiatives (French government label IdEx Paris-Saclay, LabEx, EquipEx, Epidemiological Cohortes, Climate-Kic, FP7 projects etc.) UVSQ laboratories proved their ability to establish pathways between different research domains. They developed cutting-edge competences in fundamental research as well as  in new sectors, driven by societal challenges and innovation, such as nanotechnologies, materials, public health and handicap, cultural heritage, cryptographie and data security, sustainable development and climate change assessment, innovation management. 

Member of regional and european research and higher education communities, actively involved in public-private partnerships, UVSQ is known internationally, thanks to its numerous collaborations, international staff hosted in laboratories and PhD students in joint supervision. 

Attentive to the acceleration of scientific and technical developments, the dynamics of economic competitiveness and globalized technology, UVSQ also contributes to promoting and developing economic, social and cultural environment. The potential of its innovative research,international strategy for recovery related to technology transfer, its policyof professionalization and internationalization of training, give the university its character of excellence.

UVSQ is involved in many Foundations ; UVSQ Foundation, Foundation for Cultural Heritage Sciences : PATRIMA unites the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences in la Fondation des Sciences du Patrimoine. The purpose of the Foundation is to honour and promote cultural heritage through the development of international research and education programs ; and also in Mov’eoTEC Foundation, a world-class cluster with leading‐edge solutions for the urban vehicle of tomorrow.

UVSQ is also a founding member of the Foundation for Scientific Cooperation (FCS) Paris-Saclay Campus. This is the legal entity of "Operation Campus Paris-Saclay", contributing to the "Grand Paris" of national interest.

The FSC aims to define and implement a strategy of joint scientific cooperation to develop research, education and innovation and contribute to increasing knowledge, expanding solutions to social questions and developing a knowledge-based economy. It now brings together 23 research actors and higher education on a project of international excellence of which Paris Sud University, as well as the French Grandes Ecoles such as Polytechnique, Supélec and HEC.

 UVSQ responds to the expectations and training needs of public differentiating young people in initial training, employees or job seekers who return to study as part of an initial or continuing training, private and public companies. Diversity, complementarity of its teachings, multiplicity of methods and practices and the range of its courses allows UVSQ to train generalists but also technicians, engineers, researchers and senior specialists.

To achieve its objectives, UVSQ has established several structures to interface with the socioeconomic environment and introduced services and activities focused on students life. It has incorporated in its process the new information technologies, communication and education.Thus, UVSQ, new University, open and accessible to all, is truly a University of the third Millennium.


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