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Université de Pize
Name: Université de Pize
English Name: University of Pisa
Region: Southern Europe
Country: Italy
Found Year: 1343
Address: Lungarno Pacinotti, 43

The University of Pisa is committed to generating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge. Fostering excellence in research and teaching - in all the crucial academic fields - and supporting the relationship between teaching and research activities are our primary values.


The University of Pisa was founded in 1343. Its long tradition as a high level research institution gives the better ground to afford the changing world’s great challenges, to promote innovation and transfer of knowledge to the private sector and to the society at large.


An open-minded community, curious and passionate researchers, a wealth of international academic networks are the main strengths of the University of Pisa. This makes our University the right place to study and make research. Preserving and increasing these values is our mission.

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Agricultural Sciences
           Animal Breeding Techniques with Dogs Education
           Animal Production Technology
           Architectural Engineering
           Artificial Intelligence
           Audiological Technology
           Audiometry Technology
           Banks, The Financial Sector and Financial Markets
           Biological Sciences
           Biomedical Engineering
           Biomedical Laboratory Technology
           Chemical Engineering
           Classical Studies and Italian Literature
           Clinical and Health Psychology
           Company Law, Labor and Public Administration Act
           Computer Engineering
           Cultural Heritage
           Drugs Scientific Information
           Earth Sciences
           Economic and Logistical System
           Economics and Business Administration
           Electronic Engineering
           Energy Engineering
           Foreign Language and Literature
           Government and Maritime Management
           Grape and Wine
           Humanities Computing (Information)
           Industrial and Environmental Chemistry
           International Political Science and Public Management Science
           Management and Accounting
           Management Engineering
           Maritime and Naval Science
           Mechanical Engineering
           Motor Research Care
           Natural and Environmental Sciences
           Nuclear Engineering and Safety and Protection Engineering
           Of Cardiovascular Pathophysiology Perfusion Technology
           Oral Hygiene
           Peace Science, International Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (Including Other Professional)
           Peace, International Cooperation and Conflict Resolution Scientific (Other Department Jointly)
           Peace, International Cooperation and Conflict Transformation In Science
           Pediatric Care
           Physics (Some Courses Taught In English)
           Private Environmental and Construction Engineering
           Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technology
           Remote Teaching of The Italian Language and Culture (Only Recruit Foreign Students)
           Science News and Performing Arts
           Social Science and Social Services
           Space Engineering
           Technology In The Prevention and Treatment of The Environment and Workplace
           Telecom Engineering
           Telecommunications Engineering
           The Herbal Sciences (Pharmacy Association)
           Tourism Sciences
           Travel Science
Master's Degree Programs
           Agri-Food Production and Agro-Ecosystem Management
           Ancient History and Language
           Animal Production Technology
           Application and Exploration Geology
           Architecture and Civil Engineering Construction
           Banks, The Stock Market and Insurance
           Bio-Security and Food Quality
           Biomedical Engineering
           Biopharmaceutical Chemistry
           Business Communication and Human Resources Management
           Business Consulting
           Business Information (Taught In English, Jointly Organized By The Information Department)
           Business Management, Computer Engineering
           Chemical Engineering
           Clinical and Health Psychology
           Computer Engineering
           Computer Science and Network (Taught In English - Engineering and Santa Ana University Liaison Office)
           Corporate Finance and Financial Markets
           Diagnostic Techniques of Science and Health Professions
           Economics (Taught In English)
           Electrical Engineering
           Electronic Engineering
           Energy Engineering
           Environmental Science
           European Literature and Language
           Geographical Sciences
           Government and Maritime Management
           History and Civilization
           History of Visual and Performing Art Forms
           Humanities Computing
           Industrial Chemistry
           International Cooperation and Conflict Transformation (Jointly with Other Department)
           International Studies
           Italian Language and Literature
           Literary Prose Translation
           Management Engineering
           Manual Calculation (Anthropology)
           Marine Biology
           Maritime and Naval Science
           Marketing and Market Research
           Mathematics (Some Courses Taught In English)
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mediterranean Tourism Planning and Management
           Modern European and American Language and Literature
           Molecular Cell Biology
           Molecular Industrial Chemistry
           Nuclear Engineering
           Oriental Studies: Egypt, The Near East and The Middle East
           Peace Science, International Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (Including Other Professional)
           Peace, International Cooperation and Conflict Transformation In Science (Co-Organized with Other Regions)
           Philosophy and Forms of Knowledge
           Physical Activity For Prevention and Adaptation of Science and Technology
           Physics (Some Courses In English Exam)
           Planning and Management of Urban Green Space and Landscape
           Plant and Microbial Biotechnology
           Professional Medical Science and Health Care Technology
           Protection and Evolution
           Robotics and Automation Engineering
           Science of Public Administration
           Scientific Health Professional Prevention
           Scientific Health Professional Rehabilitation Services
           Sociology and Social Policy
           Space Engineering (Most of The Courses Taught In English)
           Strategy, Management and Control
           Telecommunications Engineering
           Trading Information Studies (Taught In English - Economics)
           Vehicle Engineering
           Water Conservancy, Transportation, and Territorial Engineering
Doctoral Programs
           Affective Disorder Neurobiology and Clinics
           Animal Production and Health and Food Inspection
           Applied Physics (Taught In English)
           Automation, Robotics and Bioengineering
           Basic and Clinical Virology
           Basic and Developmental Neuroscience
           Biology of Biological Materials
           Chemical and Biological Active Substances
           Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering
           Chemical Science
           Civil Engineering
           Computer Science
           Constitution and Fundamental Rights
           Cultural Memory and The European Tradition
           Design, Development, and Biological Experimental Drugs
           Development of Basic Neuroscience
           Drugs and Biologically Active Substances
           Earth Sciences
           Economic and Applied Mathematics
           Electronic Biomedical Engineering, Electronics, Smart Sensors, Nano-Technology, Applied Electromagnetics
           Endocrinology and Metabolism Learning
           Energy Engineering (Electrical and Thermal)
           European Cities and Regions In Scientific Research
           Experimental and Molecular Oncology
           Experimental Molecular Biology
           Geopolitical Science
           Greek and Latin Linguistics and Literature
           Health Biological Sciences
           Health Biotechnology
           Historical and Modern Sociology
           History of Science
           Information Engineering
           Inspection and Animal Production and Health Services (In Cooperation with The European Union and China)
           Italy: Italy Literature, Linguistics and Linguistics
           Land Vehicles and Transportation Systems
           Linguistics: General, History, Applications, Computing, and Modern Languages ​​(Italian, English, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German)
           Mathematics (Some Courses Taught In English)
           Mechanical Engineering
           Medical Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
           Medicinal Chemistry
           Modern Foreign Literature (English, French, Spanish, German, Slavic)
           Molecular Biology
           Molecular Biology
           Molecular Biotechnology
           Molecules, Exploration of The Metabolism and Function of The Nervous System and Sense Organs
           Molecules, Metabolism and Function of The Nervous System and Sense Organs
           Neurobiology and Clinical Sensory Impairment
           Neuroscience, Endocrine System and Metabolism
           Normal and Diseased Tissue Morphology and Function
           Normal and Pathological Morphology and Function of Cells and Tissues
           Nuclear Engineering and Industrial Safety
           Pathophysiology of The Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems and Clinical
           Pathophysiology, Reproductive and Sexuality
           Physics (Taught In English)
           Political Economy
           Private Law
           Public Economics
           Remote Sensing
           Reproductive Pathology and Sexuality
           Science and Biologically Active Substance Drugs
           Science of Endocrine System and Metabolism
           Science of Surgery, Anesthesia and Emergency
           Space Engineering
           Transplantation Science
           Vegetable Production
           Veterinary Medicine
           Visual and Performance Art History

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