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Université de Lausanne
Name: Université de Lausanne
English Name: University of Lausanne
Region: Western Europe
Country: Switzerland
Found Year: 1537
Address: Université de Lausanne, Dorigny, CH 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

The University of Lausanne is a research institution composed of seven faculties where approximately 14,000 students and 3,000 researchers work and study. UNIL is focused on Medicine, Life Sciences, Geosciences, Environment, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences. An emphasis is placed on an interdisciplinary approach, with close cooperation between students, teaching staff, ad professors.

The University of Lausanne’s main campus is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. This picturesque landscape of the Alps and Lake provides the ideal setting for study and research. To preserve this natural environment, UNIL's campus is managed according to the principles of sustainable development,

The University of Lausanne is situated at the heart of the French-speaking region of Switzerland, found in the centre of Western Europe - close to France, Germany, Italy, and Austria. It pursues an active policy of collaboration at both local and international levels. 

Total Enrollment:23770
           International Students:2073(9%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:19456
           International Students:844(4%)
Graduate Enrollment:4314
           International Students:1229(28%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Ancient Greek
           Ancient History
           Arts (BA)
           Biology (BSc)
           Business and Economics
           Classical Tradition
           Computer Sciences and Mathematical Methods
           Forensic Science (BSc)
           French As A Foreign Language.
           Geosciences and Environment (BSc)
           History and Aesthetics of  Film
           History of  Arts
           History of  Religions
           Indian Studies
           Law (Blaw)
           Management (BSc)
           Medicine (BMed)
           Medieval French
           Modern French
           Modern Greek
           Music At the  Lausanne Conservatory
           Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSc)
           Political Science
           Political Science (BA)
           Prehistoric Archaeology
           Psychology (BSc)
           Slavic Studies
           Social Sciences
           Social Sciences (BA)
           Sport Sciences and Physical Education (BSc)
           Study of Religions (BA)
           Theological Studies
           Theology (BTh)
           Tibetan Studies
Master's Degree Programs
           Accounting, Control and Finance (MSc)
           Actuarial Science (MSc)
           Arts (MA)
           Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation (MSc)
           Bilingual Master of Law UNIL-UZH (under construction)
           Biogeosciences (MSc)
           Communication and Culture From the  Middle Ages To the  Early Modern Period
           Comparative European Languages and Literatures
           Criminal Justice, subject area Criminology and Security (MLaw)
           Criminal Justice, subject area Magistrature (MLaw)
           Environmental Geosciences (MSc)
           Finance (MSc)
           Forensic Science, subject area Chemical Criminalistics (MSc)
           Forensic Science, subject area Identification (MSc)
           Geography (MSc)
           Geology (MSc)
           History of  Culture: Texts, Images and Society
           History of  Film Theory/Practices
           History of  Regional Art
           History of  the  Book and Critical Edition
           Human Movement and Sports Sciences (MSc)
           Information Systems (MSc)
           Language Teaching for Young Learners (MA)
           Law (MLaw)
           Law and Economic Studies (MLaw)
           Law and Economic Studies (MLaw)
           Law and Economic Studies (MLaw)
           Legal Issues, Crime and Security of Information Technologies (MLaw)
           Legal Issues, Crime and Security of Information Technologies (MLaw)
           Legal Issues, Crime and Security of Information Technologies (MLaw)
           Legal Issues, Crime and Security of Information Technologies (MLaw)
           Literary Translation: German-French / French-German
           Management (MSc)
           Medical Biology (MSc)
           Medicine (MSc)
           Molecular Life Sciences (MSc)
           Nursing Sciences (MSc)
           Philosophy, Science and Society
           Political Science (MA)
           Psychology (MSc)
           Public Discourse and Communication Analysis
           Public Management and Policy (MA)
           Public Management and Policy (MA)
           Research, Use and Exploitation of  Historical Sources
           Sciences and Practices of Education (MA)
           Social Sciences (MA)
           Study of Religions (MA)
           Study of Religions (MA)
           Study of Religions (MA)
           Swiss Literatures
           Theology (MTh)
           Working in the  Field of  Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
Doctoral Programs
           Anthropology and Ethnology
           Doctorate with Honors Actuarial Science
           Earth Surface Processes & Paleobiosphere
           Ecology and Evolution
           German Language and Literature
           Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training in Arts (FDI)
           Life Sciences
           Life Sciences - Cancer and Immunology
           Life Sciences - Cardiovascular and Metabolism
           Life Sciences - Integrated Experimental and Computational Biology
           Microbial Sciences
           Modern History
           Ph.D. in Public Administration
           Ph.D. with Distinction Finance
           Ph.D. with Distinction History of  Economic Thought
           Ph.D. with Distinction Management
           Ph.D. with Distinction Political Economy
           Pharmaceutical Sciences
           Phd Information Systems with Honors
           Philosophy «Language, Mind, Object»
           Political Science
           Sciences of  Education
           Sciences of  Language
           Sciences of  Natural and Transformed Minerals
           Sciences of Antiquity (EDOCSA)
           Staromics (Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics, and Large Scale Data Analysis Techniques)

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