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Université Tohoku
Name: Université Tohoku
English Name: Tohoku University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: Japan
Found Year: 1907
Address: 2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku

Tohoku University is a research-oriented institute located in Sendai-the ‘ City of Trees’ – in the heart of the Tohoku (northeast) region of Japan. The university was established in 1907 as Japan’s third Imperial University, it became the first Japanese university to accept female students. Tohoku University has become one of Japan’s leading universities, with 10 Faculties, 16 Graduate Schools, 3 Professional Graduate Schools, 6 Research Institutes, and affiliated research and education centers. The number of students enrolled at Tohoku University is 17,852 including 1,532 international students, and the number of academic and administration staff is approximately 6,379 including 321 international academic staff (as of May 1, 2014).


Under its ‘Research First’, ‘Open-Door’ and ‘Practice-Oriented Research and Education’ principles, Tohoku University aims to establish ourselves as an internationally recognized university and research center through producing top-class research in the world, while it nurtures highly-specialized human resources who are rich in humanity and capable of leadership that contributes to knowledge and the advancement of society from international perspective.

Total Enrollment:17848
           International Students:950(5%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:10967
           International Students:127(1%)
Graduate Enrollment:6881
           International Students:823(12%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Agricultural And Resource Economics
           Anatomy And Physiology
           Anesthesia And Critical Care Medicine
           Animal Life Sciences
           Animal Resources
           Animal Resources Development
           Annals Of Internal Medicine
           Applied Economics
           Applied Materials Physics
           Applied Physics
           Aquatic Animal Fertility
           Architectural Design
           Based Care
           Basic Checking School
           Basic Engineering Calculations
           Basic Radiation Science And Technology
           Basic Theory
           Biomolecular Chemistry
           Chemical Biology
           Chemical Environment And Natural Resources
           Chemical Molecular Systems
           Chemical Synthesis Of Organic Substances
           Clinical Care
           Clinical Examination
           Communications Systems Engineering
           Community Health Care
           Earth Environmental Science
           Earth System Science And Solar
           Economic History
           Educational Psychology
           Electromagnetic Engineering
           Electronic Materials And Engineering
           Electronic Systems Engineering
           Energy Systems Engineering
           Engineering Process Elements
           Environmental Materials Science
           Food Science
           Geophysics And Planetary Physics
           Geophysics Of The Universe
           High Energy Physics And Engineering
           Human Body Structure Science
           Human Culture
           Infection And Immunology
           Intelligent Design Science
           Intelligent Information Processing Engineering
           Japanese Culture
           Law And Political Science
           Life Of Organic Chemistry
           Materials Science Infrastructure
           Mechanics Of Materials
           Microsystems Technology
           Molecular Biology
           Molecular Biology And Biochemistry
           Nanomaterials Physics
           Of Urinary And Maternal Science
           Oral Basic Biology
           Oral Care
           Oral Health And Medical
           Oral Transplant To Restore Science
           Oriental Culture
           Particle Engineering
           Pharmaceutical Sciences
           Plant Adaptation Science
           Plant Molecular Physiology
           Plant Science
           Power Systems Engineering
           Process Systems Engineering
           Quality Control
           Quantum Inorganic Materials Chemistry
           Radiological Sciences And Medical Technology
           Resource Recycling Process
           Scientific And Environmental Planning
           Sensory Disease Research
           Shortwave Communication Engineering
           Simulation Science
           Social And Cultural
           Social Basis Tectonics
           Social Medicine
           Social Sciences
           Space Material Science
           Space Technology
           Statistics And Mathematical Science
           System Of Natural Science
           Systems And Information Engineering
           Systems Science And Biological Materials
           The Material Scientific Information Equipment
           The Nuclear System Security Engineering
           University Building Components
           Water In Environmental Studies
           Western Culture

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