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Université nationale Tsing Hua
Name: Université nationale Tsing Hua
English Name: National Tsing Hua University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: China-tw
Found Year: 1911
Address: No. 101, Section 2, Kuang-Fu Road

National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) has established itself as one of the top research universities in Taiwan. Currently NTHU has seven colleges, i.e., Colleges of Science, Engineering, Nuclear Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as well as Technology Management. In addition, there is a Commission of General Education to coordinate the basic education curricula for the entire university. NTHU has a student population of 11,942, 765 full-time faculty members and 1,410researchers and staff members. Among the student body, 6,233 are undergraduates, 3,916 in master programs and 1,793 pursuing doctoral degrees. The University administration provides a stimulating and nurturing environment within which our faculty can offer quality teaching and conduct innovative researches. With the special funding obtained from the Ministry of Education, NTHU is upgrading her teaching and research with the goal of ascending onto the rank of world leading universities.

Total Enrollment:11983
           International Students:226(2%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:5926
           International Students:50(0.8%)
Graduate Enrollment:6057
           International Students:176(3%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Advanced Light Source Technology
           Bachelor of School of Technology and Management
           Bachelor Program of The College of Engineering
           Bachelor Program of The College of Humanities and Social Sciences
           Bachelor Program of The College of Science
           Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Sciences
           Chemical Engineering
           Chinese Literature
           Computer Science and Information Engineering
           Electrical Engineering
           Engineering and System Science
           Foreign Languages ​​And Literature
           Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
           Life Sciences
           Life Sciences
           Materials Science and Engineering
           Medical Science
           Motor Information
           Nuclear Science
           Power Mechanical Engineering
           Quantitative Finance
Graduate Programs
           Advanced Light Source Technology
           Bioinformatics and Structural Biology
           Biomedical Engineering
           Communications Engineering
           Electronic Engineering
           Industrial R & D Master Program
           Information Systems and Applications
           International Professional MBA Program (Imba)
           Law For Science and Technology
           Microelectromechanical Systems
           Molecular and Cellular Biology
           Molecular Medicine
           Nuclear Engineering and Science
           Optical Engineering
           Optoelectronics Technology Industry R & D Master Program
           Service Science
           Systems Neuroscience
           Taiwanese Literature
           Technology Management

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