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Université Lancaster
Name: Université Lancaster
English Name: Lancaster University
Region: Northern Europe
Country: UK
Found Year: 1964
Address: Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4YW, United Kingdom

Lancaster University was set up under the Royal Charter of Government of UK in the year 1964 and is an internationally highly ranked leader in the provision of excellent teaching and research within a beautiful campus setting.  It is a collegiate university with eight undergraduate colleges on campus (and a ninth for graduates).

The University places great emphasis on a strong student experience that gives students access to academics who are experts in their field and provides an integrative environment that is conducive to learning for a culturally and ethnically diverse student population.  It offers innovative, flexible and attractive programmes in Arts, Business, Medicine, Science, Technology and Social Sciences.  In the most recent UK Research Assessment Exercise 92% of its research was recognised as world leading or internationally significant and some key areas of research are ranked top in the UK.

Total Enrollment:10339
           International Students:2422(23%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:8218
           International Students:1398(17%)
Graduate Enrollment:2121
           International Students:1024(48%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accounting and Finance
           Accounting and Finance
           Accounting and Management Studies
           Accounting, Auditing and Finance
           Accounting, Finance and Computer Science
           Accounting, Finance and Mathematics
           Advertising and Marketing
           Biochemistry (Study Abroad)
           Biochemistry with Biomedicine
           Biochemistry with Genetics
           Biological Sciences
           Biological Sciences (Study Abroad)
           Biological Sciences with Biomedicine
           Biology and Geography
           Biology with Psychology
           Biomedical Science
           Business Computing and Information Systems
           Business Economics
           Business Economics (Study Abroad)
           Business Studies
           Business Studies (Study Abroad)
           Cell Biology
           Cell Biology (Study Abroad)
           Cell Biology with Biomedicine
           Communication Systems and Electronics
           Communication Systems and Electronics (With Industrial Experience)
           Computer Science
           Computer Science (Study Abroad)
           Computer Science and Mathematics
           Computer Science and Music
           Computer Science Innovation
           Computer Science with Industrial Experience
           Computer Systems Engineering
           Computer Systems Engineering
           Computing and European Languages
           Conservation Biology
           Conservation Biology (Study Abroad)
           Creative Arts
           Criminology and Sociology
           Earth and Environmental Science
           Earth and Environmental Science (Study Abroad)
           Earth Science with Geography
           Earth Science with Geography (Study Abroad)
           Ecology (Study Abroad)
           Economics and Geography
           Economics and International Relations
           Economics and Mathematics
           Economics and Politics
           Electronic and Electrical Engineering
           Electronic and Electrical Engineering
           Engineering (Study Abroad)
           Engineering (Study Abroad)
           English Language
           English Language (Study Abroad)
           English Language and Creative Writing
           English Language and French Studies
           English Language and German Studies
           English Language and Linguistics
           English Language and Literature
           English Language and Sociolinguistics
           English Language and Spanish Studies
           English Language in the  Media
           English Language in the  Media (Study Abroad)
           English Literature
           English Literature and History
           English Literature and Linguistics
           English Literature and Music
           English Literature and Philosophy
           English Literature and Religious Studies
           English Literature with Creative Writing
           English Literature, Creative Writing and Practice
           Entrepreneurship (With Management)
           Environmental Biology
           Environmental Biology (Study Abroad)
           Environmental Change and Sustainable Development
           Environmental Chemistry
           Environmental Chemistry
           Environmental Chemistry (Study Abroad)
           Environmental Chemistry (Study Abroad)
           Environmental Mathematics
           Environmental Science
           Environmental Science (Study Abroad)
           Ethics, Philosophy and Religion
           European Languages and Film Studies
           European Languages and Management Studies
           European Legal Studies
           European Management (French)
           European Management (German)
           European Management (Italian)
           European Management (Spanish)
           European-American Management
           Film Studies
           Film Studies and English Literature
           Film Studies and Philosophy
           Film Studies and Sociology
           Finance and Economics
           Finance and Management Studies
           Financial Mathematics
           Fine Art
           French Studies
           French Studies and Computing
           French Studies and English Literature
           French Studies and Geography
           French Studies and German Studies
           French Studies and History
           French Studies and Linguistics
           French Studies and Mathematics
           French Studies and Music
           French Studies and Philosophy
           French Studies and Politics
           French Studies and Psychology
           French Studies and Spanish Studies
           French Studies and Theatre Studies
           Geography with Earth Science
           Geography/North America
           Geography/North America
           German Studies
           German Studies and Computing
           German Studies and English Literature
           German Studies and Geography
           German Studies and History
           German Studies and Linguistics
           German Studies and Mathematics
           German Studies and Music
           German Studies and Philosophy
           German Studies and Politics
           German Studies and Psychology
           German Studies and Spanish Studies
           History and International Relations
           History and Music
           History and Philosophy
           History and Politics
           History and Religious Studies
           History, Philosophy and Politics
           Human Geography
           It For Creative Industries
           It For Creative Industries (With Industrial Experience)
           Law (International)
           Law and Criminology
           Linguistics (Study Abroad)
           Linguistics and Philosophy
           Linguistics and Psychology
           Management (Study Abroad)
           Management and Entrepreneurship
           Management and Information Technology
           Management and Organisation
           Management and Organisation (Human Resource Management)
           Management and Organisation (Study Abroad)
           Management Mathematics
           Management Science
           Management Science (Study Abroad)
           Marketing (Study Abroad)
           Marketing and Design
           Marketing Management
           Marketing Management (Study Abroad)
           Marketing with Psychology
           Mathematics (Study Abroad)
           Mathematics and Philosophy
           Mathematics with Statistics
           Mathematics with Statistics (Study Abroad)
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mechanical Engineering
           Media and Cultural Studies
           Medicine and Surgery - Liverpool University
           Medieval and Renaissance Studies
           Modern European History
           Modern Languages
           Natural Sciences
           Natural Sciences
           Natural Sciences/North America
           Natural Sciences/North America
           Nuclear Engineering
           Operations Management
           Operations Management (Study Abroad)
           Organisation Studies and Psychology
           Organisation Studies and Sociology
           Peace Studies and International Relations
           Philosophy and Politics
           Philosophy and Religious Studies
           Philosophy, Politics and Economics
           Physical Geography
           Physical Geography / Australasia
           Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology
           Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology
           Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
           Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
           Physics, Astrophysics and Space Science
           Physics, Astrophysics and Space Science
           Physics/North America
           Physics/North America
           Politics (Study Abroad)
           Politics and Religious Studies
           Politics and Sociology
           Politics with International Relations
           Pre-Medical Studies: Certificate of  Higher Education
           Project Management (Industry)
           Psychology and Statistics
           Psychology in Education
           Religious Studies
           Religious Studies and Sociology
           Social History
           Social Work
           Sociolinguistics (Study Abroad)
           Software Engineering
           Software Engineering (With Industrial Experience)
           Spanish Studies
           Spanish Studies and Computing
           Spanish Studies and English Literature
           Spanish Studies and Geography
           Spanish Studies and History
           Spanish Studies and Linguistics
           Spanish Studies and Mathematics
           Spanish Studies and Music
           Spanish Studies and Philosophy
           Spanish Studies and Politics
           Spanish Studies and Psychology
           Spanish Studies and Theatre Studies
           Statistics (Study Abroad)
           Sustainable Engineering
           Sustainable Engineering
           Theatre Studies
           Theatre Studies and English Literature
           Theoretical Physics
           Theoretical Physics
           Theoretical Physics with Mathematics
           Theoretical Physics with Mathematics
           Working with Children (Early Years)
           Working with Young People and Young People's Services
Graduate Programs
           Accounting and Financial Management
           Accounting and Financial Management
           Accounting and Financial Management
           Advanced Computer Science
           Advanced Marketing Management
           Advanced Marketing Management
           Applied Linguistics (By Thesis and Coursework)
           Applied Social Science
           Applied Social Science
           Applied Social Statistics
           Applied Social Statistics
           Art Phd
           Bioethics and Medical Law
           Bioethics and Medical Law
           Biological Science
           Biological Science
           Biological Sciences.
           Biomedical and Life Sciences
           Biomedical and Life Sciences
           Biomedical Science
           Biomedical Science (By Research)
           Business Administration (Executive) MBA
           Business Administration (Global) - Jordan MBA
           Business Administration (Global) - Singapore MBA
           Business Administration (Global) - Zambia MBA
           Business Administration MBA
           Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Primary Care
           Communication and Information Systems (By Research)
           Communication Systems
           Communication Systems
           Communication Systems Visiting/Exchange Research
           Computer Science
           Computer Science
           Computer Science with Industrial Experience
           Computing (By Research)
           Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies
           Conflict, Development and Security
           Conservation Science
           Contaminated Land and Remediation
           Contemporary Arts
           Contemporary Arts Research
           Contract Law
           Creative Arts Consultancy
           Creative Arts Consultancy
           Creative Writing
           Creative Writing
           Creative Writing
           Creative Writing (Distance Learning)
           Critical Software Engineering
           Cultural Research
           Cultural Research
           Cyber Security
           Cyber Security
           Cyber Security
           Decommissioning and Environmental Clean-Up
           Design Management
           Developmental Disorders
           Developmental Psychology
           Digital Language and Literacies
           Digital Signal Processing and Intelligent Systems
           Digital Signal Processing and Intelligent Systems
           Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
           Diplomacy and International Law
           Diplomacy and International Law
           Diplomacy and Religion
           Discourse Studies
           Distributed Systems Engineering
           Doctoral Programme in Educational Research
           E-Business and Innovation
           E-Business and Innovation
           E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning (By Course Work and Thesis)
           Ecology (By Research)
           Ecology and the  Environment
           Educational Research
           Energy and the  Environment
           Engineering (By Research)
           Engineering Visiting/Exchange Research
           English Language
           English Language and Literary Studies
           English Literary Research
           English Literary Studies
           Environment and Development
           Environment and Development (Overseas Placement)
           Environmental and Biochemical Toxicology
           Environmental Informatics
           Environmental Management and Consultancy
           Environmental Pollution and Protection
           Environmental Science
           Environmental Science (By Research)
           Environmental Science and Technology
           Environmental Science Visiting/Exchange Research
           Europe in A Global Context
           European and Global Studies (Siegen)
           European Languages and Cultures
           European Languages and Cultures
           European Union Institutions and Policy-Making
           Financial Analysis
           Gender and Women's Studies
           Gender and Women's Studies and English
           Gender and Women's Studies and Sociology
           Health Research
           Health Research (Intellectual Disability)
           Health Research By Published Work
           Human Computer Interaction
           Human Resource and Knowledge Management
           Human Resources and Consulting
           Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change
           Innovation in School Practice
           International Business
           International Business and Corporate Law
           International Human Rights and Terrorism Law
           International Law
           International Law and International Relations
           International Master's Environmental Science and Technology Msc
           International Master's Programme in Practicing Management
           International Master's Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
           International Relations
           Investigative Expertise
           Lake District Landscape
           Lake District Landscape and Environment
           Lake District Studies
           Language Studies
           Language Testing (Distance)
           Language, Speech and Hearing
           Languages and Cultures
           Leadership For Sustainability
           Logistics and Supply Chain Management
           Management Learning and Leadership
           Management Learning and Leadership Mphil
           Management Science and Marketing Analytics
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mechatronic Systems Engineering
           Media and Cultural Studies
           Medical Biotechnology and Leadership
           Microelectronics and System-On-Chip Engineering
           Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
           Mobile Broadband Communications
           Mobile Systems (Kbtu)
           Money, Banking & Finance
           Money, Banking and Finance
           Money, Banking and Finance
           Multimedia Networking
           Multimedia Production and Distribution
           Networking and Internet Systems
           Nuclear Engineering
           Operational Research and Management Science
           Organisation, Work and Technology
           Organisational Change (Health Care) Postgraduate Certificate
           Organisational Change Postgraduate Certificate
           Organisational Health and Well Being
           Palliative Care
           Philosophy and Religion
           Philosophy Visiting/Exchange Research
           Physics Visiting/Exchange Research
           Plant Sciences (By Research)
           Politics and Philosophy
           Politics, Philosophy and Religion
           Professional Contemporary Arts Practice
           Project Management
           Psychological Research Methods
           Psychology of  Advertising
           Public Health
           Quantitative Finance
           Quantitative Methods For Science, Social Science and Medicine
           Religion and Conflict
           Religious Studies
           Resource and Environmental Management
           Ruskin Studies
           Safety Engineering (Industry-Based)
           Science of  the  Environment
           Science Studies
           Social Network Technologies
           Social Psychology
           Social Work
           Society, Technology and Nature
           Sociological Research
           Sources and Approaches in Regional and Local History Certificate
           Statistics and Epidemiology
           Statistics and Operational Research (Stor-I)
           Sustainability, Innovation and Design
           Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
           Sustainable Water Management
           Teaching English As A Foreign Language
           Teaching English To Speakers of  Other Languages
           Theatre Studies
           Volcanology and Geological Hazards
           Women's Studies

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