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Université d'Harvard
Name: Université d'Harvard
English Name: Harvard University
Region: Northern America
Country: USA
Found Year: 1636
Address: Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138-3800, United States of America

  Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. Harvard faculty are engaged with teaching and research to push the boundaries of human knowledge. For students who are excited to investigate the biggest issues of the 21st century, Harvard offers an unparalleled student experience and a generous financial aid program, with over $160 million awarded to more than 60% of our undergraduate students. The University has twelve degree-granting Schools in addition to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, offering a truly global education.

Established in 1636, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. The University, which is based in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts, has an enrollment of over 20,000 degree candidates, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Harvard has more than 360,000 alumni around the world.

Total Enrollment:21260
           International Students:4526(21%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:6973
           International Students:722(10%)
Graduate Enrollment:14287
           International Students:3804(27%)

Undergraduate Programs
           African and African American Studies
           Applied Mathematics
           Applied Mathematics (including secondary field)
           Biomedical Engineering
           Chemical and Physical Biology
           Chemistry and Physics
           Computer Science
           Computer Science (including secondary field)
           Earth and Planetary Sciences
           East Asian Studies
           Engineering Sciences
           Engineering Sciences (5 tracks, including ABET-accredited S.B.)
           Environmental Science and Public Policy
           Folklore and Mythology
           Germanic Languages and Literatures
           History and Literature
           History and Science
           History of Art and Architecture
           Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
           Human Evolutionary Biology
           Molecular and Cellular Biology
           Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
           Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
           Religion, Comparative Study of
           Romance Languages and Literatures
           Sanskrit and Indian Studies
           Slavic Languages and Literatures
           Social Studies
           Special Concentrations
           Visual and Environmental Studies
           Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Studies of
Master's Degree Programs
           Advanced Graduate Education
           African and African American Studies
           Applied Math
           Applied Mathematics
           Applied Physics
           Applied Physics
           Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning
           Biological and Biomedical Sciences
           Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine
           Biological Sciences in Public Health
           Biology, Immunology
           Biology, Molecular and Cellular
           Biology, Neuroscience
           Biology, Organismic and Evolutionary
           Biology, Virology
           Business Economics
           Celtic Languages and Literatures
           Chemical Biology
           Chemical Physics
           Chemistry and Chemical Biology
           Collaborative degrees through Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology
           Comparative Literature
           Computer Science
           Computer Science
           Earth and Planetary Sciences
           East Asian Programs
           Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of
           Engineering Sciences
           Engineering Sciences, Bioengineering
           Engineering Sciences, Electrical Engineering
           Engineering Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering
           Engineering Sciences, Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering
           Environmental Health
           Executive Education
           Film and Visual Studies
           Genetics & Complex Diseases
           Germanic Languages and Literatures
           Global Health and Population
           Harvard Integrated Life Sciences
           Health Policy
           Health Policy and Management
           History of American Civilization
           History of Art and Architecture
           History of Science
           Human Evolutionary Biology
           Immunology and Infectious Diseases
           Inner Asian and Altaic Studies
           Joint & Concurrent Degrees
           Juris Doctor
           Master in Architecture
           Master in Architecture
           Master in Design Studies
           Master in Landscape Architecture
           Master in Landscape Architecture
           Master in Public Administration
           Master in Public Administration/International Development
           Master in Public Policy
           Master in Urban Planning
           Master of Architecture in Urban Design
           Master of Divinity
           Master of Education- Arts in Education
           Master of Education- Education Policy and Management
           Master of Education- Higher Education
           Master of Education- Human Development and Psychology
           Master of Education- International Education Policy
           Master of Education- Language and Literacy
           Master of Education- Learning and Teaching
           Master of Education- Mind, Brain, and Education
           Master of Education- Prevention Science and Practice/CAS in Counseling
           Master of Education- School Leadership
           Master of Education- Special Studies
           Master of Education- Teacher Education Program
           Master of Education- Technology, Innovation, and Education
           Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design
           Master of Laws
           Master of Theological Studies
           Master of Theology
           MBA Program
           Medical Sciences
           Mid-Career Master in Public Administration
           Middle Eastern Studies
           Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
           Organizational Behavior
           Political Economy and Government
           Public Policy
           Regional Studies-Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia
           Romance Languages and Literatures
           Sanskrit and Indian or Tibetan and Himalayan Studies
           School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
           Science, Technology and Management
           Slavic Languages and Literatures
           Social Policy
           Society, Human Development and Health
           Special Programs: Byzantine Studies, Medieval Studies
           Systems Biology
           The Classics
           The New Pathway M.D. Program
Doctoral Programs
           Doctor of Design
           Doctor of Education
           Doctor of Education Leadership
           Doctor of Juridical Science
           Doctor of Philosophy
           Doctor of Theology
           Doctoral Programs
           PhD in Health Policy
           PhD in Political Economy & Government
           PhD in Public Policy
           PhD in Social Policy

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