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L'Université agricole de Chine
Name: L'Université agricole de Chine
English Name: China Agricultural University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: China
Found Year: 1905
Address: No.17 Qinghua Donglu, Haidian District

China Agricultural University (CAU), directly subordinated to the Ministry of Education, is one of the top ranked key national universities in China. CAU President is appointed by the Central Government.

As the oldest agricultural higher education institution in China, CAU’s history can be dated back to October 1905, when the College of Agriculture was founded by the Qing Dynasty in the Jing Shi Da Xue Tang (the former Imperial University of Peking and the present Peking University).

When the People’s Republic was established in 1949, Beijing Agricultural University (BAU) was founded by merging of three colleges of agriculture, namely College of Agriculture of Peking University, College of Agriculture of Tsinghua University and College of Agriculture of North China University. Beijing Agricultural Mechanization College (BAMC) was established in 1952 by joining together BAU’s Department of Agricultural Machinery, North China Agricultural Machinery College and the Ministry of Agriculture’s Tractor School. BAMC was renamed Beijing Agricultural Engineering University (BAEU) in 1985. Finally in 1995, China Agricultural University was formed by merging BAU and BAEU.

Total Enrollment:20917
           International Students:98(0.5%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:14807
           International Students:32(0.2%)
Graduate Enrollment:6110
           International Students:66(1%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Agricultural Building Environment and Energy Engineering
           Agricultural Economy and Management
           Agricultural Engineering
           Agricultural Mechanization and Automation
           Animal Medicine
           Animal Science
           Applied Meteorology
           Biological Engineering
           Biological Sciences
           Business Administration
           Civil Engineering
           Computer Science and Technology
           Control Technology and Instrument
           Economics Class (Sino-Foreign Cooperation In Running Schools)
           Electrical Engineering and Automation
           Electronic and Information Engineering
           Energy and Power Engineering
           Engineering Mechanics
           Environmental Engineering
           Environmental Science
           Facilities Agricultural Science and Engineering
           Food Quality and Safety
           Food Science and Engineering
           Geographic Information Systems
           Grape and Wine Engineering
           Industrial Design
           International Economy and Trade
           Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
           Land Resource Management
           Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
           Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation
           Plant Protection
           Public Administration
           Resources and Environmental Science
           Rural Regional Development
           Science Lab Class (Information Science)
           Science Lab Class (Life Sciences)
           Seed Science and Engineering
           Vehicle Engineering
           Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Graduate Programs
           Agricultural Biological Environmental and Energy Engineering
           Agricultural Biological Environmental and Energy Engineering
           Agricultural Economic History
           Agricultural Economics and Management
           Agricultural Electrification and Automation
           Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control
           Agricultural Equipment Engineering
           Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
           Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
           Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
           Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering
           Analytical Chemistry
           Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction
           Animal Husbandry and Biological Engineering
           Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
           Applied Computer Technology
           Applied Mathematics
           Aquatic Products Processing and Storage
           Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment
           Basic Mathematics
           Basic Theory of Marxism
           Basic Veterinary Science
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
           Biomass Engineering
           Carrier Engineering
           Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
           Cell Biology
           Clinical Veterinary Medicine
           Computational Mathematics
           Computer Software and Theory
           Computer System Architecture
           Crop Cultivation and Farming
           Crop Genetics and Breeding
           Crop Physiology
           Detection Technology and Automation Devices
           Economic Law
           Educational Economy and Management
           Electrical Machinery and Apparatus
           Electrical Theory and New Technology
           Engineering Mechanics
           English Language and Literature
           Enterprise Management
           Environment and Natural Resources Protection Law
           Environmental Engineering
           Environmental Science
           Finance (Including Insurance)
           Fluid Machinery and Engineering
           Fluid Mechanics
           Folklore (Including: Chinese Folk Literature)
           Food / Grease and Vegetable Protein Engineering
           Food Biotechnology
           Food Science
           Forestry Economics and Management
           General and Fundamental Mechanics
           Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
           High Voltage and Insulation Technology
           History of Science and Technology
           Hydraulic Structure Engineering
           Hydraulics and River Dynamics
           Hydrology and Water Resources
           Ideological and Political Education
           Industrial Economics
           Information Technology In Agriculture
           Inorganic Chemistry
           International Trade
           Land Resource Management
           Land Use and It
           Management Science and Engineering
           Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
           Mechanical Design and Theory
           Mechanical Design and Theory
           Mechanical Design Automation
           Nutrition and Food Hygiene
           Nutrition and Food Safety
           Operational Research and Cybernetics
           Operations Research and Management Science
           Organic Chemistry
           Ornamental Horticulture
           Ornamental Plants and Gardening
           Pesticide Science
           Philosophy of Science and Technology
           Physical Chemistry (Including: Chemical Physics)
           Plant Nutrition
           Plant Pathology
           Plant Quarantine and Ecological Health
           Polymer Chemistry and Physics
           Power Electronics and Power Drives
           Power System and Automation
           Preventive Veterinary Medicine
           Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
           Quantitative Economics
           Regional Economics
           Resources and Environment Biotechnology
           Rural Development and Management
           Safety of Agricultural Products
           Seed Science
           Signal and Information Processing
           Social Security Studies
           Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control
           Solid Mechanics
           Structural Engineering
           Urban Management and Regional Planning
           Urban Management and Regional Planning
           Urban Planning and Design (Including: Landscape Planning and Design)
           Utilization of Climate Resources and Agricultural Disaster Reduction
           Vehicle Engineering
           Veterinary Biomedical
           Veterinary Public Health
           Water Dynamics with Hydraulic Machinery
           Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering

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