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Universidad de Turku
Name: Universidad de Turku
English Name: University of Turku
Region: Northern Europe
Country: Finland
Found Year: 1920
Address: Yliopistonmäki
Website: http://www.utu.fi

The University of Turku is an ambitious, research-led university with a broad spectrum of internationally acknowledged expertise. The University is recognised for the quality of research, teaching, and excellent student support services. The mission of the University is to promote free research and scientific civilization and to provide highest research-based education. As one of the leading universities in Finland, the University of Turku offers study and research opportunities in its seven faculties: Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medicine, Law, Social Science, Education and Turku School of Economics. The University is a member of the Coimbra Group, a network of prestigious universities in Europe. The University of Turku is internationally known and recognised for its research and the University has broad spectrum and extensive international contacts in science. The University acknowledges six areas of strength in research. The definition of these areas is based on the University's strategic goals, cooperation possibilities, future outlook, and the needs of society. The status of the current areas of strength has been established through the traditions of the faculties and groundbreaking research projects. The University has two Research Collegia which promote the research careers of young scholars and offer platforms for cutting-edge multidisciplinary research. There are ca 20 doctoral programmes several of which are focused on the areas of strength in research designated by the University. The University of Turku is a highly international university, where education and research are intertwined. Students are offered a variety of possibilities for international exchange in the collaborating Universities in different parts of the world. A close connection between scientific research and education is the starting point of both the postgraduate and undergraduate education at the University. High-standard, multi- and interdisciplinary research forms the basis of the University's activities, and education and societal impact of the University are built on this basis.

Total Enrollment:16876
           International Students:561(3%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:11022
           International Students:63(0.6%)
Graduate Enrollment:5854
           International Students:498(9%)


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