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Universidad de Aberdeen
Name: Universidad de Aberdeen
English Name: University of Aberdeen
Region: Northern Europe
Country: UK
Found Year: 1495
Address: King's College, Old Aberdeen
Website: http://www.abdn.ac.uk

The University of Aberdeen boasts one of the most beautiful and historic campuses in the UK. Internationally renowned for the quality of its teaching and research, Aberdeen serves one of the most dynamic regions in northern Europe. 


The University of Aberdeen is Scotland's third oldest university, founded in 1495 as Columbus was opening up the New World and the Renaissance was spreading throughout Europe. William Elphinstone, Bishop of Aberdeen and Chancellor of Scotland, established King's College to train doctors, teachers and clergy for the communities of northern Scotland, and lawyers and administrators to serve the Scottish Crown. This fledgling university boasted, from 1497, the first chair of medicine in the English-speaking world. Picturesque and historic Old Aberdeen - home of Elphinstone's original foundation - is now the main university site. The 15th century remains very much alive in King's College Chapel, which is still in regular use, offering an oasis of peace, beauty and a sense of history in the daily life of a university now focused on the needs of the new millennium.


The University of Aberdeen, with over 500 years of achievement behind it, has survived because it has responded to changing times. The University is renowned for its historical continuity, richness and diversity, while maintaining a modern and dynamic approach to serving the needs of the 21st century. As you would expect of a university dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning, our staff are at the forefront of research in their particular fields. In the 2008 UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), 89% of Aberdeen's research activity was assessed to be of international quality and 55% world-leading or internationally excellent. Innovation and Excellence Four Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work carried out or begun at Aberdeen - Frederick Soddy (Chemistry), Sir George Paget Thomson (Physics) and JJR McLeod (Medicine) - McLeod being jointly credited with the invention of the life-saver insulin. Lord Boyd Orr, first Director of the Rowett Institute and Professor of Agriculture from 1942-45, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his contribution to the worldwide fight against hunger. Aberdeen has a tradition of innovation and distinction in the medical sciences. A key role was played in the invention of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and the discovery of enkephalins, both of great importance. Major advances in surgery, obstetrics and tropical medicine are also associated with the University.


The University is continuing to fulfil its mission to 'maintain and enhance its distinctive contribution to society in a regional, national and international context' through its programmes of education and professional training, by fostering 'the disinterested pursuit and dissemination of scholarship' and by promoting excellent research programmes. Graduates of the University have influenced the politics, culture and education of all corners of the globe. Today, this tradition continues as students coming to study and live in Aberdeen return to their own communities, enlightened and empowered by what they have learned at this highly successful institution.


At Aberdeen you will find ancient buildings side by side with modern, newly refurbished, first-class laboratories, excellent computing facilities and the latest library technology. The student population, which has almost equal numbers of men and women, has a lively sense of community and belonging. Social and sporting facilities are outstanding, and the University is situated close to superb countryside and coast, with hillwalking, mountaineering and canoeing, as well as a cosmopolitan city centre - all in an area rich in historic and natural interest, boasting some of the most dramatic scenery in Scotland.

Total Enrollment:12389
           International Students:3159(26%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:10359
           International Students:1954(19%)
Graduate Enrollment:2030
           International Students:1205(59%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accountancy (Arts)
           Animal Ecology (Science)
           Anthropology (Arts)
           Applied Sports Science with Education (Primary) (Science)
           Archaeology (Arts)
           Archaeology (Science)
           Artificial Intelligence (Science)
           Behavioural Studies (Arts)
           Behavioural Studies (Science)
           Biobusiness Options (Science)
           Biochemistry (Science)
           Biological Sciences (Msci) (Science)
           Biology (Science)
           Biomedical Science (Science)
           Biotechnology (Science)
           Celtic Civilisation (Arts)
           Celtic Studies (Arts)
           Chemical Engineering (Engineering)
           Chemistry (Mchem) (Science)
           Chemistry (Science)
           Civil (And Structural) Engineering (Engineering)
           Computing (Arts)
           Computing Science (Science)
           Conservation Biology (Science)
           Dentistry (Medicine)
           Divinity (Arts)
           Divinity (Divinity)
           Ecology (Science)
           Education (Education)
           Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Engineering)
           Engineering (Engineering)
           English (Arts)
           Environmental Science (Science)
           European Studies (Arts)
           Film and Visual Culture (Arts)
           Finance (Arts)
           Forest Sciences (Science)
           Forestry (Science)
           French (Arts)
           Gaelic Studies (Arts)
           Genetics (Science)
           Geographical Information Systems (Science)
           Geography (Arts)
           Geography (Science)
           Geology/ Geology & Petroleum Geology (Science)
           German (Arts)
           Hispanic Studies (Arts)
           History (Arts)
           History of  Art (Arts)
           Human Embryology and Developmental Biology (Science)
           Immunology (Science)
           Immunology and Pharmacology (Science)
           Industrial Placements - Five Year Msci Degrees (Science)
           Information Systems & Management (Arts)
           Information Systems (Science)
           Language & Linguistics (Arts)
           Languages and Literature of  Scotland (Arts)
           Law (Law)
           Legal Studies (Arts)
           Literature in A World Context (Arts)
           Management Studies (Arts)
           Marine and Coastal Resource Management (Science)
           Marine Biology (Science)
           Mathematics (Arts)
           Mathematics (Science)
           Mechanical Engineering (Engineering)
           Medicine (Medicine)
           Microbiology (Science)
           Molecular Biology (Science)
           Music (Education)
           Music Studies (Arts)
           Natural Philosophy (Physics) (Arts)
           Neuroscience with Psychology (Science)
           Petroleum Engineering (Engineering)
           Pharmacology (Science)
           Philosophy (Arts)
           Physics (Science)
           Physiology (Science)
           Plant & Soil Science (Science)
           Plant Biology (Science)
           Politics & International Relations (Arts)
           Psychology (Arts)
           Psychology (Science)
           Real Estate (Arts)
           Religious Studies (Arts)
           Scandinavian Studies (Arts)
           Scottish Studies (Arts)
           Sociology (Arts)
           Sports & Exercise Science (Science)
           Sports Studies (Exercise and Health) (Science)
           Theology (Divinity)
           Wildlife Management (Science)
           Zoology (Science)
Postgraduate Taught Courses
           Accounting and Finance
           Adult Literacies Development
           Advanced Educational Studies
           Advanced Information Systems
           Advanced Professional Studies
           Analytical Chemistry For Environmental Life Sciences
           Applied Geospatial Information Science
           Applied Marine and Fisheries Ecology: Concepts and Practices For Ecosystem-Based Management
           Archaeology of  the  North
           Art and Business
           Art in Scotland
           Artificial Intelligence
           Autism and Learning
           Biblical Theology
           Bio-Business and Medical Sciences
           Business Administration
           Business Administration (January Entry)
           Business Research
           Cell and Molecular Systems Biology
           Celtic Studies
           Chartered Teacher Program
           Chemical Sciences
           Church History
           Climate Change Law & Sustainable Development
           Clinical Pharmacology
           Cloud Computing
           Coaching (Pgcert)
           Community Learning and Development
           Comparative Literature
           Conservation Science
           Creative Writing
           Criminal Justice
           Criminal Justice & Human Rights
           Cultural History
           Cultural Sociology
           Design Anthropology
           Drug Development
           Drug Development and Drug Safety
           Drug Development with Bio Business (Mres)
           Drug Development with Biobusiness
           Drug Discovery (Mres)
           E-Commerce Technology
           Ecology and Environmental Sustainability
           Effective Teaching in Numeracy
           English Linguistics For Advanced Teachers of  English
           English Literary Studies
           Enhanced Professional Practice
           Environmental Microbiology
           Environmental Science
           Environmental Science (Mres)
           Ethnology & Folklore
           European Law
           European Politics and Society
           Finance & Investment Management
           Finance (Mres)
           Gaelic Medium Education
           General Llm
           Global Health
           Graduate Business School Programmes
           Health Economics
           Health Services & Public Health Research
           History and Philosophy of  Science
           Human Geography(Esrc Accredited)
           Human Nutrition & Metabolism
           Human Resource Management
           Human Rights
           Human Rights and Criminal Justice
           Inclusive Practice
           Informatics: Software Project Management
           Information Technology
           Integrated Petroleum Geoscience
           International & European Law
           International Business, Energy and Petroleum
           International Commercial Law
           International Health and Management
           International Law
           International Law and Globalisation
           International Real Estate Markets
           International Relations
           Irish & Scottish Studies
           Jewish Studies
           Land Economy (Rural Surveying, Rics Accredited)
           Latin American Studies
           Leadership in Professional Contexts
           Leadership in Professional Contexts: Incorporating the  Standard For Headship (Sqh)
           Learning and Teaching For Employability
           Learning and Teaching For Enterprise and Employability
           Management Economics & International Relations
           Management, Enterprise & Innovation
           Materialising the  Past
           MBA International Healthcare Management
           MBA Real Estate
           Medical Biotechnology (With Bio-Business)
           Medical Biotechnology with Biobusiness (Mres)
           Medical Imaging
           Medical Molecular Genetics
           Medical Molecular Microbiology
           Medical Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
           Medical Physics
           Medical Physics Computing
           Medical Research Skills
           Medieval Studies
           Methods and Practices of  Philosophical Research
           Modern Historical Studies
           Modern Thought
           Molecular and Cellular Immunology
           Molecular Biology (Mres)
           Molecular Nutrition
           Nursing - Midwifery - Healthcare - Transitions in Care - Palliative Care
           Oil & Gas Chemistry
           Oil & Gas Structural Engineering
           Oil and Gas Engineering
           Oil and Gas Enterprise Management
           Oil and Gas Law
           Pastoral Care, Guidance and Pupil Support
           Pastoral Studies
           People and the  Environment
           Person Centred Counselling
           Physician Assistant Studies
           Plurilingual Education
           Political Research
           Practical Theology and Christian Ethics
           Primary Education
           Private International Law
           Professional Learning and Development (Primary)
           Professional Legal Practice
           Project Management (Campus Based Or Distance Learning)
           Public Health Nutrition
           Real Estate
           Real Estate Finance
           Religion & Politics
           Religion and Society
           Renaissance & Early Modern Studies
           Renewable Energy
           Rural Planning and Environmental Management
           Safety and Reliability Engineering
           Scandinavian Studies
           Secondary Education
           Sex, Gender, Violence: Contemporary Critical Approaches
           Social and Educational Research (Mres)
           Social Anthropology, Ethnology & Cultural History
           Social Research
           Sociology of  Peace Processes
           Soil Science
           Soil Science (Mres)
           Strategic Studies
           Studies in Mindfulness
           Subsea Engineering
           Sustainable Rural Development
           Systematic Theology
           Teaching Qualification in Further Education
           The Novel
           Theology & Religious Studies
           Transitional Justice and Reconciliation
           Urban Planning and Real Estate
           Visual Culture
Postgraduate Research Programs
           Biological Sciences
           Biomedical Physics & Bioengineering
           Biomedical Sciences
           Cancer Medicine
           Child Health
           Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of  Law, Centre For
           Civil Law Centre
           Computing Science
           Cultural History
           Developmental Biology
           Doctor of  Engineering Programme (Engd)
           Early Modern Studies, Centre For
           Energy Law, Centre For
           English, Film & Visual Culture, & Linguistics (Language & Literature)
           Entrepreneurship, Centre For
           Environmental & Occupational Medicine
           Environmental Science
           European Labour Market Research, Centre For
           Gender Studies, Centre For
           General Practice & Primary Care
           Geography & Environment
           Geology & Petroleum Geology
           Graduate Business School Programmes
           Health and Industrial Psychology
           Health Economics Research Unit
           Health Services Research Unit
           Himalayan Research, Centre For
           Hispanic Studies
           History and Philosophy of  Science, Technology and Medicine, Centre For the
           History of  Art
           Institute of  Applied Health Sciences
           Institute of  Medical Sciences
           Linguistic Research, Centre For
           Management Studies
           Marine Biology
           Mathematical Sciences
           Mental Health
           Modern Thought, Centre For
           Molecular & Cell Biology
           New Europe Centre
           Novel, Centre For the
           Nutrition and Health
           Obstetrics & Gynaecology
           Patient Safety
           Plant Science
           Politics & International Relations
           Property Law, Centre For
           Public Health
           Public Policy, Centre For the  Study of
           Real Estate
           Real Estate Research, Centre For
           Religious Studies
           Research Institute of  Irish & Scottish Studies
           Rowett Institute of  Nutrition and Health (Rinh)
           Russian and East European History, Centre For
           Scandinavian Studies, Centre For
           Spatial Planning & Rural Surveying
           Spirituality, Health and Disability, Centre For
           Surgery & Orthopaedics
           The Walter Scott Research Centre
           Translational Medicine
           Vascular Health

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