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Universidad Murdoch
Name: Universidad Murdoch
English Name: Murdoch University
Region: Oceania
Country: Australia
Found Year: 1975
Address: 90 South Street
Website: http://www.murdoch.edu.au

Murdoch University is a research-led university with a reputation for world-class research in select areas of knowledge. Our researchers engage with significant social and scientific challenges of our time that include: climate change, food security and production, infectious diseases, mental health, politics and governance. Additionally, we have a reputation for excellence in teaching fuelled by our enthusiasm for research and the dissemination of new knowledge for the benefit of our communities both locally and abroad.

Named after prominent Australian academic and essayist Sir Walter Murdoch, we began operations as the state's second university in 1973, and accepted our first students in 1975.

Murdoch University aims to create leaders, innovative thinkers and problem solvers who will make a difference, wherever they may work in whatever role they occupy. Currently we have more than 19,000 students and 1,400 staff working together to build the foundations for a better, more sustainable world where there is equity and social justice, sufficient food for all and where the processes that contribute to health and ill health are understood and controlled.

At Murdoch we place research at the centre of everything we do. It is as much a part of the student experience as it is at the heart of our hiring policies. Research is embedded in our teaching and forms the spine of our degree programs. Through this approach we 'future proof' the qualifications of our students and ensure that they have the skill base to adapt to an ever-changing world of opportunity. We are recognised as one of Australia's leading research institutions with 85% of our research effort being recognized as at world standard or better by independent assessors in the recent Australian Research Council Excellence in Research Assessment (ERA). Particular strengths exist in Medical & Health Sciences, Agriculture & Biotechnology, Physical Chemistry, Veterinary & Fisheries Science, Bioinformatics and Asian Politics & Governance.

The broad narrative for our research is that it is translational in nature and that it has impact in the communities and industries that we serve.

Located just 14 minutes by train from the centre of the Western Australian state capital of Perth, and eight kilometres east of the port city of Fremantle, the flagship Murdoch University South Street campus is the largest university campus in Australia and the peaceful bush land setting makes it oneof the most beautiful. Western Australia is famous for its long days of sunshine, beautiful blue skies and brilliant beaches, and Murdoch University Is perfectly placed to take advantage of these natural features.

Murdoch University also has two satellite Western Australian campuses in the Cities of Rockingham and Mandurah, in addition to International Study Centres in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai.

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