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Universität Porto
Name: Universität Porto
English Name: University of Porto
Region: Southern Europe
Country: Portugal
Found Year: 1911
Address: Praça Gomes Teixeira

With origins dating back to the eighteenth century, the University of Porto is currently one the most prestigious Higher Education Institutions of Europe.

Close to 31,000 students, 2,300 (1,772.4 FTE) teachers and researchers along with 1,536 administrative staff attend its 15 schools and 51 scientific research units, spread across 3 university campuses located in the city of Porto.

With 14 faculties and a business school, the University of Porto provides an exceptional variety of courses, covering the whole range of study areas and all levels of higher education. In fact, offering over 600 training programmes per year (from degrees to continuous professional training), the University of Porto has teaching solutions for everyone.

The quality of its teaching staff (85% of which PhDs) ensures a high quality of training that makes the University of Porto the most sought-after University in Portugal and the chosen university for candidates with highest grades.

Around 3,700 international students, from 111 different countries, attend the University of Porto each year. Half of them arrive through international cooperation agreements and the other half are students that choose attending a full-time programme at the University of Porto.

The University of Porto is a major producer of Science in Portugal, responsible for 23% of the Portuguese articles indexed each year in the ISI Web of Science.

In fact, the University of Porto has some of the most productive and internationally renowned Portuguese R&D centers. Over half of its research units were classified as “Excellent” or “Very Good” by the latest international evaluations.

In the latest years, the University has been focusing in providing greater economic value to its scientific production and recent partnerships with the Portuguese industry leaders have already resulted in several innovations with proven success in the national and international markets.

The innovation produced at the University of Porto has also led to the development of several new technologies and businesses. The University has 154 active patents and the University’s Science and Technology Park (UPTEC) serves as incubator for more than one hundred startup companies, responsible for creating more than 900 new jobs in the region.

These are some of the reasons for the University of Porto being the Portuguese institution with the best scores in all the major international rankings for higher education and scientific research, which ranked the University of Porto as one of the 350 best universities in the world.

Total Enrollment:30054
           International Students:1195(4%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:16541
           International Students:321(2%)
Graduate Enrollment:13603
           International Students:874(6%)


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