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Universität Lüttich
Name: Universität Lüttich
English Name: University of Liege
Region: Western Europe
Country: Belgium
Found Year: 1817
Address: Place du 20 Août, 7

Created in 1817, the University of Liege is open to the world, a crossroads of teaching, research and innovation at the junction of international roads and European cultures.

Welcoming more than 20000 students (nearly a quarter are of international origin), plus 3000 teachers and researchers, it offers one of the most diversified educational choices in French speaking Belgium as well as active teaching methods. ULg has links with over more than 700 institutions world-wide and is integrated in vast international academic and scientific networks, which makes it a fully engaged actor in the European higher education and research area.

Attentive to the needs of society, the University of Liege plays an important role as a creator of activities with high added value and in providing dynamism to technological centres, uniting business companies and public operators (biotechnologies, space industry, environment, etc.).It isthe French speaking university which creates the largest number of spin-off companies springing from its laboratories.

38 bachelors degrees, more than 200 masters degrees, 65 advanced masters courses, PhDs, numerous in-house training courses: ULg offers the possibility of putting together a personalised education programme, finely adjusted to everyone's plans and to the needs of the employment market. 30% of the master’s degrees on offer here are unique in French-speaking Belgium.

 With 9 Faculties (Philosophy and Letters, Law and Political Science, Science, Medicine, Applied Science, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology and Education, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Architecture), HEC-ULg School of Management and the Institute for Human and Social Sciences, ULg is becoming one of the most complete of the universities in Belgium.

 The ULg is actively taking part in projects in the five competitiveness clusters (Skywin, Wagralim, Mecatech, Biowin and Logistics in Wallonia), and it sees to interuniversity coordination for two oh them ( skywin and logistics in Wallonia).ULg knows that it hold a share in the future of regional economic growth and the ‘Marshall Plan’ counts on one asset.

Total Enrollment:17342
           International Students:3104(18%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:9017
           International Students:1085(12%)
Graduate Enrollment:8325
           International Students:2019(24%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Ancient Languages and Literatures, Classical Orientation
           Ancient Languages and Literatures, Eastern Orientation
           Biological Sciences
           Biomedical Sciences
           Chemical Sciences
           Computer Sciences
           Dental Sciences
           Economical and Management Sciences
           Engineering Sciences, Civil Engineer in Architecture Orientation
           Engineering Sciences, Civil Engineer Orientation
           Geographical Sciences, General Orientation
           Geological Sciences
           History of  Art and Archeology, General Orientation
           History of  Art and Archeology, Musicology Orientation
           Human and Social Sciences
           Information and Communication
           Landscape Design
           Management Engineering
           Mathematical Sciences
           Modern Languages and Literatures, General Orientation
           Modern Languages and Literatures, Germanic Orientation
           Motricity Sciences
           Pharmaceutical Sciences
           Physical Sciences
           Physiotherapy and Readaptation
           Political Sciences
           Psychology and Education
           Psychology and Education: Speech and Language Therapy
           Romance Languages and Literatures
           Sociology and Anthropology
           Translation and Interpreting
           Veterinary Medicine
Graduate Programs
           Aerospace Engineering
           Agricultural Bioengineering
           Agriculture and Bio-industries
           Ancient Languages and Literatures: Classics
           Ancient Languages and Literatures: Oriental Studies
           Bio-informatics and Modelling
           Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology
           Biological Sciences
           Biology of Organisms and Ecology
           Biomedical Engineering
           Business engineering
           Chemical and Materials Engineering
           Chemistry and Bio-industries
           Civil Engineering
           Computer Engineering
           Computer sciences
           Computer sciences
           Electrical Engineering
           Electro-mechanical Engineering
           Engineering Physics
           Engineering: Architecture
           Environmental Bioengineering
           Environmental Management
           Environmental Management
           Forests and Natural Areas Engineering
           French and Romance Languages and Literatures: French as a Second Language
           French and Romance Languages and Literatures: General
           French and Romance Languages and Literatures: General
           FS in Documentary films
           FS in Performing arts and digitalised images
           Geography: Climatology
           Geography: General
           Geography: General
           Geography: Geomatics and Surveying
           Geological Sciences
           Geological Sciences
           Geology and Mining Engineering
           History of  Art and Archaeology: Archaemetry
           History of  Art and Archaeology: General
           History of  Art and Archaeology: General
           History of  Art and Archaeology: Musicology
           History of  Art and Archaeology: Musicology
           Information and Communication
           Information and Communication
           International Cooperation and Development
           International Master in Film and Audiovisual Studies
           Labour Sciences
           Labour Sciences - Evening and Night Classes
           Landscape Design5 (120)
           Management - Evening and Night Classes
           Management - Evening and Night Classes
           Management of Human Resources
           Mechanical Engineering
           Modern Languages and literatures: General
           Modern Languages and literatures: General
           Modern Languages and Literatures: German, Dutch and English
           Modern Languages and Literatures: German, Dutch and English
           Motor skills: General
           Motor skills: Physical Education
           Motor skills: Physical Education
           Performing Arts
           PF en Financial Engineering (full english)
           PF in Adult education
           PF in Anthropologie des dynamiques sociales et du développement (cursus européen)
           PF in Banking and Asset Management (full english)
           PF in Business law
           PF in Clinical psychology
           PF in Cognitive and behavioural neurosciences
           PF in Computer
           PF in Contemporary China
           PF in Cosmetology
           PF in Creation and development of medicines  - bio-analysis
           PF in Criminal law
           PF in Cultural mediation and book-related professions
           PF in Deafness
           PF in Développement de solutions créatives
           PF in Développement de solutions créatives
           PF in Développement de solutions créatives
           PF in Economic Analysis and Public Governance (full english)
           PF in Economics and Finance (full english)
           PF in Energies renouvelables
           PF in Entrepreneurship (full english)
           PF in Epidemiology
           PF in European Policies
           PF in European Policies "relations euro-méditerranéennes"
           PF in Financial Analysis and Audit (full english)
           PF in French as a second language
           PF in General Management
           PF in Geomorphology
           PF in Hospital and perfusion technology
           PF in Human management and organization (full english)
           PF in Human sexuality
           PF in Industrial Biochemistry
           PF in Intensive care and emergency room care
           PF in Interfaces society-environment2
           PF in International Relations
           PF in Interuniversity mobility
           PF in Intrapreneuriat (full english)
           PF in Journalism
           PF in Labour law
           PF in Law and Management
           PF in Law and Management
           PF in Law7
           PF in Management
           PF in Management
           PF in Management
           PF in Management
           PF in Management
           PF in Management
           PF in Management
           PF in Management
           PF in Management
           PF in Management
           PF in Management
           PF in Management
           PF in Management of healthcare institutions
           PF in Management6
           PF in MBA
           PF in Medical radiological physics
           PF in Monitoring of the environment
           PF in Museology
           PF in Neuropsychology of language and verbal learning disorders
           PF in North-South Cooperation
           PF in Orthodontia-voice
           PF in Performance Management System (full english)
           PF in Pharmacy practices, advice and follow-up
           PF in Physical activity, health and well being
           PF in Private law
           PF in Promoting public health and the environment
           PF in Public Administration
           PF in Public and administrative law
           PF in Quality assurance
           PF in Science, technology and society (codiplomation with the University of Maastricht)
           PF in Social enterprise management (full english)
           PF in Social, work and organizational psychology
           PF in Spoken language and speech handicaps
           PF in Sports physiotherapy
           PF in Sports training and preparation for high-level competition
           PF in Strategic intelligence and marketing (full english)
           PF in Supply Chain Management (full english)
           PF in Sustainable Automotive Technologies (full english)
           PF in Sustainable Automotive Technologies (full english)
           PF in Sustainable Automotive Technologies (full english)
           PF in Teaching
           PF in technical Intervention
           PF in Territorial development and geomatics
           PF in Translation
           PF in Translation
           Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
           Political Sciences: General
           Political Sciences: General
           Public Health
           Sociology (
           Sociology and Anthropology
           Space Sciences
           Speech and Language Therapy
           Statistics : Biostatistics
           Veterinary Medicine
Master's Degree Programs
           Anesthesia - Intensive Care
           Biotechnology and Applied Biology
           Child Psychiatry
           Clinical Biology
           Clinical Biology
           Conservation and Restoration of  Immovable Cultural Patrimony
           Dermatology - Venereology
           Development, Environment and Communities
           Emergency Medicine
           Environmental Management in Developing Countries
           European Law (Intellectual Property and Competition Law)
           Financial Risk Management
           Food Science and Technology
           Forensic Medicine
           General Dentistry
           General Medicine
           Gynaecology and Obstetrics
           Health Care Data Management
           Hospital Pharmacy
           Industrial Pharmacy
           Intensive Medicine
           Internal Medicine
           Medical Oncology
           Natural Hazards Management
           Naval Construction
           Nuclear Engineering
           Nuclear Medicine
           Occupational Medicine
           Orthopaedic Surgery
           Pedagogy in Higher Education
           Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
           Plant and Animal Resource Management in Tropical Environment
           Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery
           Public Health: Health and Development
           Public Notary Law
           Risk Management and Well-Being in the  Workplace
           Rural Economics and Sociology
           Specialized Veterinary Medicine
           Sustainable Energy Management
           Tax Law
           Transfusion Medicine
           Transportation Management
           Tropical and Subtropical Culture Protection
           Urban and Regional Planning
           Water Resources
           X-Ray Diagnostic

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