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Universität Rovira i Virgili
Name: Universität Rovira i Virgili
English Name: University Rovira i Virgili
Region: Southern Europe
Country: Spain
Found Year: 1991
Address: Escorxador, s/n

The Rovira i Virgili University (URV) was created in 1991 by the Catalan Parliament. Located in southern Catalonia, it has developed a multi-centre structure with 6 campus sites and is one of the leading universities in both Catalonia and Spain.

During the 2013-14 academic year, there were 14,411 students attending classes here and 2,890 graduates. Southern Catalonia’s distinctive natural habitat enables the URV to attract a growing number of students from the rest of Catalonia and other parts of Spain. The current strength of the URV is also illustrated by the following facts: 1,437 students are registered for master’s courses and 1.206 for doctorates, while during the 2013-14 academic year 187 theses were completed and nearly 3,000 students followed ongoing training courses; 34% of the URV’s PhD students are international and in total, 29% of the students studying masters’ and doctoral degrees are international students. The URV employs nearly a thousand full-time equivalent academic staff (4% international, 38% adjunct lecturers) and 640 administrative and service staff. The URV has a total budget of €102 million and occupies a total area of nearly 143,400 square metres. The URV’s scientific production is reflected in its 998 Web of Science publications (2013) and its presence in 6 ESI areas of excellence (Chemistry, Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Clinical Medicine and Environmental/Ecology Sciences). The number of publications per permanent member of teaching staff is the fourth highest in Spain.

The special emphasis that the URV has been placed on research allows it to play a leading role in regional development, especially in the areas which are closely linked to the economic strengths of the region: Chemistry and Energy, Nutrition and Health, Tourism, Heritage and Culture, and Oenology.

The wide-ranging and well defined relationship between the university, business and society is one of the main reasons why the URV and its surroundings have been recognized as a Campus of International Excellence by the Spanish Ministry of Education. As such, the URV provides the region with a knowledge structure that is internationally visible and that achieves international recognition.

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