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Universität Hongkong
Name: Universität Hongkong
English Name: The University of Hong Kong
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: China-hk
Found Year: 1911
Address: Pokfulam Road
The University of Hong Kong, with its 100 year old history, has grown with and helped shape the city from which it takes its name. Today, HKU has a proud reputation as a world-class comprehensive research university, having been consistently ranked over the last decade as the top English-medium university in Asia. The University recruits excellent academic staff from around the world, 50% being from outside Hong Kong. Just as Hong Kong is a confluence of East and West, so HKU also offers researchers unique opportunities to bridge cultures and continents, and to explore more on China-related studies. In what the Times Higher Education termed an “extreme makeover”, HKU recently “rebuilt its curriculum from the ground up to embrace ‘experiential learning’ and internationalism so as to produce ‘global citizens’”. A recent report by an international panel of experts commended HKU for its "integration of local and international students", recognizing its "friendly and internationalized campus" and the "high student satisfaction with the HKU learning experience". Competition for admission is intense, with, for example, over 10,000 specific applications to HKU for undergraduate programmes each year from Mainland China alone, of whom less than 300 are admitted.

Total Enrollment:15863
           International Students:4758(30%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:9244
           International Students:2202(24%)
Graduate Enrollment:6619
           International Students:2556(38%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Bachelor of  Arts
           Bachelor of  Arts (Literary Studies) and Bachelor of  Laws
           Bachelor of  Arts and Bachelor of  Education in Language Education – Chinese Business and Economics
           Bachelor of  Arts and Bachelor of  Education in Language Education – English
           Bachelor of  Arts in Architectural Studies
           Bachelor of  Arts in Conservation Studies
           Bachelor of  Arts in Landscape Studies
           Bachelor of  Arts in Urban Studies
           Bachelor of  Biomedical Sciences
           Bachelor of  Business Administration (Information Systems)
           Bachelor of  Business Administration (International Business and Global Management)
           Bachelor of  Business Administration (Law)
           Bachelor of  Business Administration/ Bachelor of  Business Administration in Accounting and
           Bachelor of  Chinese Medicine
           Bachelor of  Dental Surgery
           Bachelor of  Education (Liberal Studies)
           Bachelor of  Education and Bachelor of  Science
           Bachelor of  Education and Bachelor of  Social Sciences
           Bachelor of  Education in Language Education - Primary and Junior Secondary Chinese
           Bachelor of  Education in Language Education - Primary English
           Bachelor of  Engineering
           Bachelor of  Engineering in Engineering Science
           Bachelor of  Journalism
           Bachelor of  Laws
           Bachelor of  Medicine and Bachelor of  Surgery
           Bachelor of  Nursing
           Bachelor of  Pharmacy
           Bachelor of  Science
           Bachelor of  Science (Quantitative Finance)
           Bachelor of  Science in Actuarial Science
           Bachelor of  Science in Exercise and Health
           Bachelor of  Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences
           Bachelor of  Science in Surveying
           Bachelor of  Social Sciences
           Bachelor of  Social Sciences (Government and Laws)
           Bachelor of  Social Work
Graduate Programs
           Advanced Diploma in Endodontics
           Advanced Diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
           Advanced Diploma in Orthodontics
           Advanced Diploma in Paediatric Dentistry
           Advanced Diploma in Periodontology
           Advanced Diploma in Prosthodontics
           Building Services Engineering
           Certificate in Chinese Language
           Doctor of  Nursing
           Doctor of  Psychology in Clinical Psychology
           Doctor of  Psychology in Educational Psychology
           Doctor of  Public Administration Doctor of  Social Welfare
           Environmental Engineering
           Executive Stream of  the  Master of  Business Administration
           Geotechnical Engineering
           Infrastructure Project Management
           Master of  Architecture
           Master of  Arts
           Master of  Arts in Applied Linguistics
           Master of  Arts in China Development Studies
           Master of  Arts in Chinese Historical Studies
           Master of  Arts in Chinese Language and Literature
           Master of  Arts in Comparative Asian Studies
           Master of  Arts in English Studies
           Master of  Arts in Linguistics
           Master of  Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies
           Master of  Arts in Transport Policy and Planning
           Master of  Buddhist Studies
           Master of  Business Administration
           Master of  Business Administration (International)
           Master of  Chinese Medicine in Acupuncture and Moxibustion
           Master of  Chinese Medicine in the  Stream of  Internal Medicine
           Master of  Common Law
           Master of  Dental Surgery in Endodontics
           Master of  Dental Surgery in Implant Dentistry
           Master of  Dental Surgery in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
           Master of  Dental Surgery in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics
           Master of  Dental Surgery in Paediatric Dentistry
           Master of  Dental Surgery in Periodontolog
           Master of  Dental Surgery in Prosthodontics
           Master of  Economics
           Master of  Education
           Master of  Finance
           Master of  Fine Arts in Creative Writing in English
           Master of  Geographic Information Systems
           Master of  Housing Management
           Master of  International and Public Affairs
           Master of  Journalism
           Master of  Landscape Architecture
           Master of  Laws
           Master of  Laws in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
           Master of  Laws in Chinese Law
           Master of  Laws in Corporate and Financial Law
           Master of  Laws in Human Rights
           Master of  Laws in Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law
           Master of  Medical Sciences
           Master of  Nursing
           Master of  Public Administration
           Master of  Public Health
           Master of  Research in Medicine
           Master of  Science in Applied Geosciences
           Master of  Science in Audiology
           Master of  Science in Chinese Medicines
           Master of  Science in Community Dentistry
           Master of  Science in Computer Science
           Master of  Science in Conservation
           Master of  Science in Construction Project Management
           Master of  Science in Dental Materials Science
           Master of  Science in Electronic Commerce and Internet Computing
           Master of  Science in Engineering
           Master of  Science in Engineering
           Master of  Science in Engineering
           Master of  Science in Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
           Master of  Science in Engineering in Energy Engineering
           Master of  Science in Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management
           Master of  Science in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
           Master of  Science in Environmental Management
           Master of  Science in Food Industry: Management and Marketing
           Master of  Science in Food Safety and Toxicology
           Master of  Science in General Dentistry
           Master of  Science in Implant Dentistry
           Master of  Science in Information Technology in Education
           Master of  Science in Interdisciplinary Design and Management
           Master of  Science in Library and Information Management
           Master of  Science in Materials Science
           Master of  Science in Real Estate
           Master of  Social Sciences in Behavioral Health
           Master of  Social Sciences in Clinical Psychology
           Master of  Social Sciences in Corporate Environmental Governance
           Master of  Social Sciences in Counselling
           Master of  Social Sciences in Criminology
           Master of  Social Sciences in Educational Psychology
           Master of  Social Sciences in Gerontology
           Master of  Social Sciences in Marriage and Family Therapy
           Master of  Social Sciences in Mental Health
           Master of  Social Sciences in Social Service Management
           Master of  Social Sciences in Social Work
           Master of  Social Work
           Master of  Statistics
           Master of  Urban Design
           Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Educational Studies
           Postgraduate Certificate in Laws
           Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology
           Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Adolescent Health
           Postgraduate Diploma in Community Geriatrics
           Postgraduate Diploma in Community Psychological Medicine
           Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation
           Postgraduate Diploma in Diagnosis and Therapeutics in Internal Medicine
           Postgraduate Diploma in Earth Sciences
           Postgraduate Diploma in Education
           Postgraduate Diploma in English Studies
           Postgraduate Diploma in Geographic Information Systems
           Postgraduate Diploma in Infectious Diseases
           Postgraduate Diploma in International Affairs
           Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism
           Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate in Molecular and Diagnostic Pathology
           Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health
           Structural Engineering
           Transportation Engineering

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