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VU University Amsterdam
Native Name: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
English Name: VU University Amsterdam
Region: Europe
Country: Netherlands
Found Year: 1880
Address: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, Netherlands

VU University Amsterdam ( is a state-funded university with about 25,000 students and 2,150 FTE academic staff. VU University Amsterdam was the first university in the Netherlands established by a private person, with no interference from the church or the state. This heritage is still very much part of who we are: VU stands for Vrije Universiteit, which translates literally as 'Free University.' This name expressly states our independence: we are free of the state, the church or any commercial interests.However, science and academic pursuit can never be free of values, and values are always based on some form of conviction or philosophy. VU University attaches great value to different convictions, distinguishing itself from other universities by its willingness to open them to discussion. Since its foundation in 1880, the university has sought to maintain a link between academic pursuit on the one hand and the Christian conviction on the other. In recent decades we have engaged in open dialogue with other faiths and ethical systems. VU University Amsterdam has a strong sense of social engagement. It is an academic community which attaches importance to openness and which maintains a strong international outlook. It is a university which pursues innovation and progress, and which is able to take full advantage of the diversity of disciplines, nationalities and convictions on its campus. Through its research, VU University wishes to make a significant contribution in solving the major societal issues of our age. Another, equally important, objective is to help young people develop to become astute academics who, based on a strong sense of social engagement, are able to fill important positions in the international and intercultural society of the future. Accordingly, the university places a strong emphasis on the broad academic education of its students, informed by its traditional core values. Education and research are directly interlinked. The university offers education in those areas in which it has a strong reputation for research and in which there is a high demand for qualified professionals.VU University has formulated three core values which have a direct relationship with the institution’s Christian ethos: •Responsible: working in the service of man and society.•Open: diversity as a source of inspiration and innovation.•Personally engaged: an academic community in which every member is fully acknowledged.The ‘Vision for VU 2025’ sets out the situation in which the university wishes to find itself in 2025. In 2025, VU University will be notable:•as a strong research university, performing leading international research which makes a real contribution towards solving major societal issues.•by means of an (inter)nationally competitive range of graduate research and academic programmes.•as a scientific and academic educational institute serving the greater Amsterdam region. VU University provides good and well organized education to those with academic pre-qualifications (the VWO school diploma), helping them develop into critical and socially engaged academics.•by virtue of its unique character. The three core values will inspire and inform all education and research, and will be reflected in the day-to-day interaction between staff and students.To enhance the visibility of the university for students, researchers, granting organizations, public and private sector partners and others, VU University is to structure its education and research within four key themes:1.Human Health and Life Sciences, 2. Science for Sustainability, 3. Connected World, 4. Professional Services 

Total Enrollment:22150
           International Students:1262(6%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:14005
           International Students:336(2%)
Graduate Enrollment:8145
           International Students:926(11%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Ancient Cultures 
           Archaeology and Prehistory 
           Art History
           Biomedical Sciences
           Business Mathematics and Informatics 
           Business Studies
           Cities and Cultures
           Communication and Information Studies 
           Communication Studies
           Computer Science
           Cultural Studies
           Culture, Organization and Management 
           Dutch Language and Culture
           Earth and Economics
           Earth Sciences
           Econometrics and Operations Research
           Economics and Business
           Energy, Climate and Sustainability
           English Language and Culture
           French Language and Culture
           Greek and Latin Languages and Cultures
           Health and Well-Being
           Health and Wellness Management
           Health Sciences
           Human Movement Sciences 
           Information, Communication, Cognition
           Information, Multimedia and Management
           Life, Evolution, Universe
           Lifestyle Informatics
           Literary Studies
           Master In Dutch
           Medical Natural Sciences
           Ministration and Organization
           Notarial Law
           Pharmaceutical Sciences
           Physics and Astronomy
           Policy, Communication and Organization
           Political Science
           Public Administration
           Religious Studies
           Religious Studies: Variant In Islam
           Science, Business and Innovation
           Social Systems
Graduate Programs
           Accounting & Control
           Ancient Cultures 
           Archaeology and Prehistory 
           Artificial Intelligence
           Arts and Culture
           Art History
           Bioinformatics: Specialization In Systems Biology
           Biomedical Sciences
           Biomolecular Sciences
           Business Administration
           Business Administration: Specialization In Entrepreneurship
           Business Administration: Specialization In Financial Management
           Business Administration: Specialization In Human Resource Management
           Business Administration: Specialization In Information & Knowledge Management
           Business Administration: Specialization In Management Consulting
           Business Administration: Specialization In Strategy & Organization
           Business Administration: Specialization In Transport & Supply Chain Management
           Business Mathematics and Informatics
           Cardiovascular Research
           Christian Studies of Science and Society
           Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology
           Cognitive Neuropsychology
           Communication and Information Studies
           Communication and Information Studies
           Communication Science
           Comparative and European Politics
           Comparative Arts and Media Studies 
           Computer Science
           Culture, Organization and Management
           Design Cultures
           Drug Discovery and Safety
           Dutch Language and Culture
           Earth Sciences
           Econometrics and Operations Research
           English Language and Culture
           English Language and Culture: Specialization Literatures In English
           English Language and Culture: Specialization Metaphor In Discourse
           Environment and Resource Management 
           French Language and Culture
           Geographical Information Science
           Geosciences of Basins and Lithosphere
           Global Environmental Governance
           Governance Of Security
           Greek and Latin Languages and Cultures
           Health Sciences
           Heritage Studies
           History After 1400 
           Human Movement Sciences: Research Master'S
           Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health
           Information Sciences
           International Business Law 
           International Crimes and Criminology 
           International Relations and Transnational Governance
           Law and Politics of International Security
           Lifestyle and Chronic Disorders
           Linguistics (Research)
           Literary Studies
           Literary Studies
           Literatures In English 
           Management, Policy-Analysis and Entrepreneurship In Health and Life Sciences
           Medical Natural Sciences
           Metaphor In Discourse
           Museum Curator
           Notarial Law
           Paleoclimatology and Geo-Ecosystems
           Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems
           Philosophy of Management and Organizations
           Philosophy In Action
           Philosophy Of A Particular Discipline
           Policy, Communication and Organization
           Public Administration and Public Policy Studies
           Religion and Theology
           Religious Studies
           Rs: Communication and Media
           Rs: Islamic Spiritual Counsellor
           Rs: Personal Philosophical Development
           Rs: Spiritual Counselling In Organizations
           Science, Business & Innovation: Master’S Track In Chemistry and Physics
           Science Communication (Specialization)
           Social and Cultural Anthropology
           Social Psychology
           Social Research
           Sociology of Globalization and Diversity
           Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics 
           Stochastics and Financial Mathematics
           Teacher Training
           Theology: Ministry
           Theology: Specialization Divinity 
           Theology (Specialization Bible Translation,)
           Theology (Specialization Church Ministry)
           Theology (Specialization Cross-Cultural Theology)
           Theology (Specialization Evangelical and Reformation Theology,)
           Theology (Specialization Living Reformed Theology)
           Theology (Specialization Pentecostal Studies)
           Visual Arts, Media and Architecture 

Performance in Academic Ranking of World Universities
World University Ranking 2003 - 2013
ARWU 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Institutional Ranking 152-200153-201153-202151-200151-202101-151101-151101-150102-150101-150101-150
Performance in Academic Ranking of World Universities by Broad Subject Fields
Broad Subject Fields 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Natural Sciences and Mathematics ( SCI )/////151-200151-200
Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences ( ENG )///////
Life and Agriculture Sciences ( LIFE )///76-10076-10076-10076-100
Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy ( MED )51-7552-7551-7651-7551-7551-7548
Social Sciences ( SOC )/77-10776-10076-10076-10076-10076-100
Performance in Academic Ranking of World Universities by Subject Fields
Subject Fields 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Computer Science///76-100101-150
Ranking by indicator
Percentage of Graduate Students   Ranked No. 189 among 820 institutions.
Percentage of International Students   Ranked No. 424 among 737 institutions.
Percentage of International Undergraduate Students   Ranked No. 543 among 795 institutions.
Percentage of International Graduate Students   Ranked No. 435 among 731 institutions.
Percentage of International Master’s Students   Ranked No. 309 among 521 institutions.
Percentage of International Doctoral Students   Ranked No. 210 among 520 institutions.
Number of Doctoral Degree Awarded   Ranked No. 289 among 805 institutions.
Employment Rate of Bachelor Degree Recipients (0-3 Months)   Data Unavailable
Employment Rate of Master’s Degree Recipients (0-3 Months)   Ranked No. 69 among 92 institutions.
Employment Rate of Doctoral Degree Recipients (0-3 Months)   Data Unavailable
Total Number of Academic Staff   Ranked No. 191 among 621 institutions.
Number of Academic Staff (Teaching Related)   Ranked No. 350 among 869 institutions.
Number of Academic Staff (Research Only)   Ranked No. 141 among 575 institutions.
Percentage of Academic Staff (Teaching Related) with a Doctoral Degree   Ranked No. 17 among 419 institutions.
Percentage of Academic Staff (Research Only) with a Doctoral Degree   Ranked No. 54 among 324 institutions.
Percentage of International Academic Staff (Teaching Related)   Ranked No. 194 among 464 institutions.
Percentage of International Academic Staff (Research Only)   Ranked No. 167 among 330 institutions.
Ratio of Academic Staff (Teaching Related) to Students   Ranked No. 573 among 812 institutions.
Number of Alumni of Nobel Laureates and Fields Medalists  Ranked No. 256+ in the world.
Number of Staff of Nobel Laureates and Fields Medalists  Ranked No. 143+ in the world.
Number of Highly Cited Researchers  Ranked No. 98 in the world.
Number of Nature and Science Papers  Ranked No. 163 in the world.
Number of SCIE and SSCI Papers  Ranked No. 68 in the world.
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