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University of Patras
English Name: University of Patras
Region: Southern Europe
Country: Greece
Found Year: 1964
Address: University Campus


In 2014 the University of Patras celebrated 50 years of academic operation, marked by continuous development and constantly emerging new achievements. It presently stands well ahead of its original goal, which was to set “a firm model of academic institution providing Greece with highly qualified alumnae contributing to the society’s development and growth”. Today, the University of Patras enjoys recognition as an academic institution with world impact, attracting thousands of students and a large number of academic and research personnel actively involved in cutting-of-edge science, innovation and excellence. This is reflected in the University’s high assigned index of scientific impact assessment, the hosting of recognized “centers of scientific excellence”, and numerous international scientific awards. A number of Nobel laureates have accepted the title of honorary doctor by the UP, a fact also certifying the good ranking of the UP in the global academic community.

In the last decades the University of Patras has gradually broadened its spectrum of scientific faculty. Focusing originally on natural sciences and engineering, the UP’s scientific scope has largely opened up to currently encompass a substantial coverage of modern fields and specialties in health, humanities, economics and business sciences. Furthermore, the university perceives as its major role to combine education with a high quality of research. To this end, attention is paid to a balanced sharing of the University’s resources between basic and applied research. In particular, ongoing investment is sustained aiming to develop the University’s competitive research infrastructure. This has led to the creation of a number of ‘University research institutes’ hosted within the University campus. All 24 academic departments have been evaluated by external evaluation committees during the period 2011-2014 following a certified procedure indicated by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency, while in 2015 the University of Patras underwent an external evaluation on the institutional level as well. All the relevant evaluation reports are uploaded on the website: Moreover, the University via the internal Quality Assurance Unit ensures the evaluation of all available courses at under- and post-graduate levels. The UP considers the osmosis between research and education as a major factor creating added value for society. This now lies at the core of the University’s perceived mission.

One more goal is to strengthen the bonds between the University of Patras and leading academic and research institutions worldwide. This is realized through the development of strategic partnerships in both education and research, the active participation in exchange programs, such as Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundus, as well as by the UP involvement in joint PhD degrees, research projects, scientific boards, European and international academic networks, panels and research groups funded either by national or international grants. A UP’s priority is to attract a considerable number of academics, students and/or scholars from abroad. But also many alumni of the UP currently work in prestigious educational and research institutions in Greece and abroad.

The UP ranks third in size among all Greek universities. This measures the number of academic departments, awarded degrees, students, teaching and administrative staff. However, the UP ranks first in terms of the `competitive research’ index. At present, the total number of students amounts to about 26000. There are 161 laboratories and 17 fully-equipped clinics. The university is conducting 40 post-graduate programs leading to the acquisition of a master’s degree. Post-graduate courses are organized in three forms, called departmental, interdepartmental, or inter-regional. 

Nearly all installations of the UP are presently located in the 2,6 km2 campus of Rion (the so-called ‘Panepistimiopolis’, i.e. ‘University city’). This is a magnificent campus at about 7 km east of the city ofPatras, Since summer 2013, another campus located in the town of Agrinio hosting three academic departments, has been incorporated in the University of Patras.

In addition to 115 lecture halls in total, the most important in-campus facilities are: a) the Library and Information Center, (about 90,000 volumes and a subscription to more than 12,000 scientific journals), b) the Students Residence Hall, and c) the Conference and Cultural Center, including the main Concert Hall of 930-person capacity, 10 multimedia fully-equipped seminar rooms and a 250-person capacity Auditorium. The university has itself played a very active role in organizing local cultural events, and in supporting professional and/or amateur cultural groups in which students or staff members are encouraged to participate. This has also served its aim to support and create culture and to become a regional cultural focal point. Moreover, the UP includes the Science and Technology Museum, the Museum of Education, the Botanic and Zoological Museums, all offering educational programmes to pupils and students from the region and abroad.

The General University Hospital of Patras, located in the eastern part of the campus, is the most important medical centre responding to the needs of the entire region of Western Greece. UP is connected with the local economy by providing high-qualified work force, continuing educational programmes, open seminars and lectures and joint projects with regional and local government. The Innovation and Technology Transfer Office and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit became the main gate for the local businesses to network with the University, train their staff in new technologies and collaborate with researchers for product development. Finally, the UP’s robust international community of students and researchers are the best ambassadors of the university and the region in their home countries.

Following more than 50 years of constant development, the University of Patras represents today a large family which has warmly embraced hundreds of thousands of alumni, thousands of active students, and a hard-working academic and administrative community. This achievement stands as a heritage solidifying our determination to fulfill the university’s mission, to once again support the country’s rise and to promote the vision for a bright future.  

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