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University of Maribor
English Name: University of Maribor
Region: Southern Europe
Country: Slovenia
Found Year: 1975
Address: Slomškov trg 15

The University of  Maribor is the second biggest and the second oldest university in  Slovenia. Around 18 000 students study at the University of Maribor. It  has seventeen faculties which offer undergraduate and postgraduate study  programmes. The University of Maribor is a regional developer and our  faculties are located not only in the city of Maribor, but also in other  parts of Slovenia. Executive power is vested in the Rector, assisted by  six vice-rectors, and the secretary general. The highest academic and  professional body is the University Senate, comprising deans,  deputy-deans, academic officials, researchers, and student  representatives, who meet at periodic sessions in order to decide on the  policy and structure of the University. The decision-making body in the  field of management is the Management board. The Students’ Council at  the University of Maribor, led by Vice-rector student, has an important  role and meets in periodic sessions to discuss student related issues.   Internationalization  plays an important role; the University encourages student and staff  mobility and active participation in international associations,  networks and projects, and at the same time it promotes and protects  Slovenian language, national identity, heritage and culture. The  University aims to promote partnerships with businesses, governmental  and non-governmental and other institutions in society to enrich  university teaching, research and creative activity; prepare educated,  engaged citizens; strengthen democratic and ethical values, and civic  responsibility; address critical societal issues; respect ecological and  environmental issues; promote sustainability in development; and  contribute to the public good.  

The mission of the University of Maribor is based on honesty, curiosity, creativity, freedom of spirit, cooperation and knowledge transfer in the field of science, art and education. Concerned with mankind and sustainable development, the University of Maribor expands knowledge, raises awareness, and promotes humanistic values as well as the culture of dialogue, quality of life and global justice.

The University of Maribor shall become a globally recognized innovation ecosystem, inspiring the creativity of both employees and students.

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