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University of Bremen
English Name: University of Bremen
Region: Western Europe
Country: Germany
Found Year: 1971
Address: Bibliothekstraße 1

Roughly 23,000 people are currently active as students, teachers, researchers, or employees of the University of Bremen. It has become one of Germany`s eleven top universities of excellence. It is the science center of Northern Germany, renowned for its strengths in the sciences and engineering disciplines, as well as the humanities and the social sciences. The work carried out by its researchers, many of whom of international repute, provide important stimuli for the development of innovative ideas and the resolution of problems facing society in general. Visiting guests from all over the world enrich campus life at the University of Bremen, which is well-known in the student community as a cosmopolitan venue for studying and research. The exceptional quality of research in Bremen is due, among other things, to the university’s close collaboration with numerous top-notch non-university research institutes, both on campus and around the region. Their competence and vitality have attracted more than four hundred research and business ventures to the technology park around campus, creating a nationally recognized hub of high technology. For many years now, the University of Bremen has been among the top league of German universities in the area of research. Since June 2012, the University of Bremen is entitled ‘University of Excellence’ within the Excellence Initiative by the German federal and state governments.

Total Enrollment:17039
           International Students:2114(12%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:8316
           International Students:758(9%)
Graduate Enrollment:8723
           International Students:1356(16%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Applied Mathematics, Diploma (Advanced Students Only)
           Art Science / Art Education, Bachelor'S Degree (Advanced Students Only)
           Art-Media-Aesthetic Education, Bachelor
           Biology, Bachelor
           Business Administration, Bachelor
           Chemistry, Bachelor
           Comparative And European Law, Ba (Co-Op University Ol)
           Computer Science, Bachelor
           Cultural Studies, Bachelor
           Digital Media, Ba (In Cooperation With The Arts Bremen)
           Dutch Studies, Bachelor (University Koop Ol) (Advanced Students Only)
           Earth Science, Bachelor
           Economics, Bachelor
           Economics, Bachelor'S Degree (Advanced Students Only)
           Electrical Engineering / Information Technology, Bachelor
           Elementary Mathematics, Bachelor
           English-Speaking Cultures / Englisch , Bachelor
           French Romance Languages ​​/ French, Ba
           Gender Studies, Bachelor (Advanced Students Only)
           General Studies - Interdisciplinary See Tangible Educational / Social Studies,
           Geography, Bachelor
           German Law On Foreigners, Legum Magister
           German Studies / German, Ba
           Hispanic / Spanish, Ba
           History, Bachelor
           In Combination With The Magisterium Of Grund-/Sekundarschulen, Master Of Education
           Inclusive Education - Special Education Teacher
           Industrial Engineering, Bachelor
           Industrial Mathematics, Bachelor
           Integrated European Studies, Bachelor
           Interdisciplinary Subject Education / General Studies, Bachelor
           Italian Studies, Bachelor (Advanced Students Only)
           Law, Ba
           Linguistics / Language Sciences, Bachelor
           Manufacturing Engineering - Mechanical & Process Engineering, Bachelor
           Material Culture: Textiles, Ba (Co-Op University Ol) (Advanced Students Only)
           Mathematics, Bachelor
           Music Education, Bachelor
           Musicology, Ba
           New For Winter Term! Communication And Media Studies, Bachelor
           New For Winter Term! Education And Educational Sciences, Bachelor
           New For Winter Term! Inclusive Education, Bachelor
           Nursing Science, Bachelor
           Philosophy, Bachelor
           Physics, Bachelor
           Political Science, Bachelor
           Professional Technical Studies (Gtw), Bachelor (Fb 1 + 4) (Advanced Students Only)
           Psychology, Bachelor
           Public Health / Health Sciences, Bachelor
           Religious Studies / Religious Education, Bachelor
           Russian / Slavic Studies, Bachelor (University Koop Ol) (Advanced Students Only)
           Sociology, Bachelor
           Specialised Education (Elementary, Primary And Secondary Education), Ba (Advanced Students Only)
           Sport Science / Sport And Exercise Culture, Bachelor'S Degree (Advanced Students Only)
           Sport Science, Bachelor
           Systems Engineering, Bachelor
Graduate Programs
           Arts And Cultural Education, Master
           Biochemistry And Molecular Biology, Master
           Business Administration, Master
           Clinical Psychology, Master
           Communication And Information Technology, Master
           Comparative And European Law, Legum Magister (Koop University Ol)
           Complex Decisions (Professional Public Decision Making), Master
           Computational Materials Science, Master
           Computer Science, Master
           Digital Media, Masters (In Cooperation With The Arts Bremen)
           Early Childhood Education, Master (This Course Starts But Not For Winter Term 2011/12, Please Find Out About The Range Of Courses 2012/13 To Date In The Next Year)
           Earth Sciences, Master
           Ecology, Master
           Economic Psychology, Master
           Education, Master
           Environmental Physics, Master
           European And International Law, Legum Magister
           German Law On Foreigners, Legum Magister
           Germanic, Mastercard
           History, Master
           In Combination With The Magisterium Of Grund-/Sekundarschulen, Master Of Education
           Inclusive Education - Special Education Teacher
           Industrial Engineering, Master
           Information And Automation Engineering, Master
           International Relations:Global Governance And Social Theory, Master   (Koop Jacobs University)
           International Studies In Aquatic Tropical Ecology, Master
           Italian Studies, Bachelor (Advanced Students Only)
           Language Sciences, Master
           Leadership And Organisational Development, Master
           Manufacturing Engineering, Master
           Marine Biology, Master
           Marine Geosciences, Master
           Marine Microbiology, Master
           Media Culture, Mastercard
           Medical Biometry / Biostatistics, Master
           Modern Global History, Master (Koop Jacobs University)
           Neurosciences, Master
           New For Winter Term! Applied Mathematics, Master
           New For Winter Term! Chemistry, Master
           New For Winter Term! Education And Educational Sciences, Bachelor
           New For Winter Term! Mathematics, Master
           Physics, Bachelor
           Physics, Master
           Political Science, Bachelor
           Political Science, Master
           Public Health / Nursing Science, Master
           Scientific Material Mineralogy, Chemistry And Physics, Mastercard
           Slavic Studies, Master (University Koop Ol)
           Social Policy, Master
           Sociology And Social Research, Master
           Special Education Inclusive Education - Teacher Special Education, Master
           Systems Engineering, Master
           Teachers At Vocational Schools - Gtw, Master Of Education
           Teaching At Primary And Secondary Schools (Comprehensive Schools) Focus Primary Schools, Master Of Education
           Teaching At Primary And Secondary Schools (Comprehensive Schools), Secondary Emphasis, Master Of Education
           Teaching At Secondary Schools / Community Colleges, Master Of Education
           Transcultural Studies, Master
           Transnational Literary Studies: Literature - Theatre - Film Master
           Urban And Regional Development, Master
           Vocational Education Nursing Science, Master

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