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University of Alicante
English Name: University of Alicante
Region: Southern Europe
Country/Region: Spain
Found Year: 1979
Address: Apdo. 99


The University of Alicante is a welcoming dynamic public institution with a longstanding commitment to social development and innovation, two of its identifying features. The University is located in a strategic territorial enclave with regard to services, including a large range of inherent business sectors in the province (from textiles, toys, turron or ice-cream to marble or shoes), the University of Alicante currently offers more than a hundred undergraduate and postgraduate degrees completely adapted to the needs of the constantly evolving working market. Designed under the premises of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), we offer current degrees that support the necessary balance between theory and practice in order to complete training for future professionals.

The University of Alicante has the latest in technology available for its students and, also, has 2,000 teachers that dedicate their effort towards the university and use the most advanced teaching methods in order to guide, motivate and encourage in continuous evaluation processes.

In a clear position to support multiculturalism and mulitlinguism, this University offers a wide range of languages, a complete programme for work experience and a recognised service for job searching. Education has a leading role during everyone’s whole life, both from the point of view of professional retraining and educational programmes for the elderly. There are some interesting doctorate programmes for those who decide to choose an academic or research career, as well as professional Master’s and specialised courses in all fields of knowledge. Student and research mobility is considered essential in the learning-teaching process.

With one of the most attractive campuses in Spain for its environmental quality and modern architecture, the University of Alicante supports a complete education complemented by art, music, culture and sport. We have our own museum, top-class sports facilities, a university campus with over one million square metres, and a network of university venues dotted around the province of Alicante according to the idiosyncrasy of each region, all of which makes the University of Alicante a city of knowledge and well-being open to the whole world. 

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