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Tilburg University
English Name: Tilburg University
Region: Western Europe
Country: Netherlands
Found Year: 1927
Address: Warandelaan 2

Tilburg University was founded in 1927 and is a fully accredited specialized research university. The university is specialized in Social Sciences and consists of five faculties:
           - Tilburg School of Economics and Management
           - Tilburg Law School
           - Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
           - Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
           - Tilburg School of Theology

Understanding Society

We strive to contribute constructively to a better understanding of people and society through research and education. In our educational programs, important societal and global issues form the backdrop to learning. Students will become more aware of the issues facing our globalizing world and how future decisions impact society. In addition, the university attaches great importance to the transfer of knowledge to society and to the valorization of scientific knowledge. We realize this through supporting the cultural philosophical social debate, providing education for senior executives in the public and private sectors, support of business start-ups, and forging partnerships with the business community and other (non) governmental organizations.

Research and innovation

Tilburg University is distinguished for its high quality research and has over 20 research centers, from which eleven are multidisciplinary. Professionals from different fields collaborate and work there together. Complex social issues increasingly demand cohesive research from a variety of different disciplines which are leading to innovative areas of expertise. We provide talented students with extra challenges and train and prepare them for responsible positions in society.


Tilburg University is the educational home to over 15,000 students from 100 different nationalities. Offering a wide range of both English and Dutch multidisciplinary Bachelor Degree and Master Degree programs, the university does not only offer a wide choice of programs to international students, but also gives Dutch students the chance to prepare for studying and working in an international context.

Through a policy of internationalization Tilburg University is developing high-profile recognition on a national, European and international level. We are participating in national and international networks and entering into alliances with other universities world-wide. We welcome staff and students from all over the world, and offer them advanced facilities to help them develop their talents to the full. The name Tilburg University has long been synonymous with research and education of the highest caliber. We will continue to build upon our successes.

Total Enrollment:15,000+
           International Students:4,500+(30%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:8,000+ Bachelor students
Graduate Enrollment:7,000+ (pre-)Master students

International Bachelor programs (16):
           -          BSc International Business Administration
           -          BSc Econometrics and Operations Research
           -          BSc Economics
           -          BSc Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation
           -          BSc Data Science (Joint program with Eindhoven University of Technology)
           -          University College Tilburg: Liberal Arts & Sciences
           -          BSc Psychology
           -          LLB Global Law
           -          BSc Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence
           -          BA Online Culture: Art, Media and Society
           -          BSc Global Management of Social Issues
           -          BSc International Sociology
           -          BSc Human Resource Studies: People Management
           -          BSc Public Governance
           -          BA Theology
           -          BSc New Media Design
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International Master programs (45+) in the fields of:
           -          Accounting
           -          Finance
           -          Marketing
           -          Management
           -          Economics
           -          Econometrics
           -          Entrepreneurship
           -          Data Science
           -          Communication
           -          Digital Media
           -          Culture
           -          Theology
           -          Philosophy
           -          Psychology
           -          Sociology
           -          Human Resource Studies
           -          Organization Studies
           -          Law
           -          Public Administration
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