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Tarbiat Modares University
English Name: Tarbiat Modares University
Region: Southern Asia
Country/Region: Iran
Found Year: 1982
Address: Jalal Ale Ahmad Highway

Tarbiat Modares University (TMU) was founded in 1982. The main mission of this university is to train academic staff 

as well as researchers for universities and higher education centers in Iran.

TMU endeavors to provide a professional environment for research in various areas and disciplines. It has also 

established several academic relations with distinguished home and foreign academic and industrial institutions. 

This includes student exchange agreements, publication of books and journals and holding national and 

international meetings and conferences

As a postgraduate university, TMU offers Master’s and Ph.D. programs at 122 and 95 disciplines, respectively. For 

this academic year, the number of Master’s and Ph.D. students is 4315 and 2429, respectively.

At present there are 13 faculties and 14 affiliated research centers within the university. The university has 528 fulltime 

faculty members. The main campus of the university is located in Tehran, the Capital of Iran. The 

Faculty of Agriculture is located 17 Km west of Tehran, and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Marine 

Sciences is located at Noor, on the Caspian sea coast.

Libraries, computer centers, gym, restaurants, coffee shop and several dormitories are among other facilities of the 

university. Since its establishment, it has been under constant expansion and several new buildings for the faculties

 of Engineering, Basic Sciences and Agriculture are under construction. As a postgraduate university, research 

activities are of high priority and software & hardware facilities are devised to meet this priority

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