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Tallinn University of Technology
English Name: Tallinn University of Technology
Region: Northern Europe
Country/Region: Estonia
Found Year: 1918
Address: Ehitajate tee 5

Tallinn University of Technology, TTÜ was established on 1918 and it is one of the largest and the most international university in Estonia, a leader in providing interdisciplinary engineering and economic higher education in Estonia.

It is also the main research center of technical, social and economic sciences in Estonia. Engineers are prepared practically in all engineering fields and industrial economics.

Innovation and technology policy are an important constituent part of contemporary education in the above areas. TTÜ has about 700 bilateral cooperation agreements with foreign universities. With about 12 000 students (of which 15% are international students) and 2000 employees (academic staff 55%).

TTÜ offers diploma, bachelor, master and doctorate programs.

The academic part of the university is organized into 4 schools and Estonian Maritime Academy, 20 departments and different centers of strategic competence on EU, national and institutional level.

Vocational training tasks carried out at the university are essential part of the overall development at every department.

E-learning and multimedia course development combined in 34 international programs have increased foreign student and staff exchange by multicultural approach and reaches globally.

Each faculty, department or center within TTÜ maintains a number of international research contacts and is involved in international scientific/educational projects in their respective subject areas.

Research supports the development of the areas of responsibility of TTÜ studies.  R&D key priority areas: civil engineering; power engineering; information and communication technology; chemistry and biotechnology; environment; mathematics and physics; materials science and technology; social sciences (incl. economics); health; production technologies, mechanical and instrumental engineering

TTÜ cooperates with the top 10 universities of the world (Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, etc.) In addition to that, there is cooperation and agreements with the leading universities in Europe and Asia. TTÜ has cooperation agreements with more than 500 universities from Europe, Asia and America. The main emphasis is on the development of curricula, including joint curricula, exchange and development of students and employees (ERASMUS), joint research and development projects, etc.

The mission of TTÜ is to be a promoter of science, technology and innovation and a leading provider of engineering and economic education in Estonia. We value professionalism and reliability, entrepreneurship and innovation, openness and cooperativeness. Our vision is innovative Estonia in a sustainable world.

TTÜ main goals:

  • To become an internationally outstanding      university of engineering and technology, which brings together motivated      employees and ambitious students;
  • To respond actively to the needs of the rapidly      developing society and is involved in tackling the challenges of the digital      era;

To have a very strong cooperation between the university, enterprises and the public sector for contribution to knowledge and welfare in the society.

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