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Sultan Qaboos University
English Name: Sultan Qaboos University
Region: Western Asia
Country/Region: Oman
Found Year:
Address: P.O. Box 50

Sultan Qaboos University is the realization of the promise announced by the Sultan of Oman, His. Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said during the 10th anniversary of Oman’s National Day in 1980. Work on the university started in 1982 and the first students were enrolled in 1986. The University commenced with five colleges; namely Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Education and Science. Furthermore the College of Arts was established in 1987, following the College of Commerce and Economics which was developed in 1993. The College of Law joined the University in 2006 and finally the College of Nursing was established in 2008. Today the university is home to more than 14,000 undergraduate and close to 1500 postgraduate students. Set in a valley beneath the stark panorama of the nearby foothills of the Oman Mountains, the University is a tasteful array of buildings designed with arches and courtyards and constructed in white and pink sandstone in a manner that reflects traditional Omani and Islamic architecture. The University was constructed on an axis in the valley with one end aligned toward Mecca. We currently have close to 1500 students enrolled in master's and PhD programs covering medicine, engineering, science, the environment, agriculture, marine sciences, commerce, economics, education, information technology, and the humanities and social sciences. Postgraduate diplomas are awarded to students who satisfy certain coursework requirements only.   In addition to acquiring world class facilities, SQU has promoted research activity by providing management structures, funding schemes, qualified staff, state-of-the-art infrastructure, regulations, electronic management systems, research centers and chairs. The University’s aim is to create a sustainable research culture able to contribute to the country’s development plans and to Omani society in general. Financial support may arise from HM Strategic Research Fund, The Research Council of Oman, University Internal Funds, External Contracts, Consultancy and Services. Research in key disciplines is coordinated and facilitated through nine centers which serve as focal points for researchers within SQU and Oman and for interested international scholars.

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