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Shinshu University
English Name: Shinshu University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: Japan
Found Year: 1949
Address: 3-1-1, Asahi

Shinshu University was established in May, 1949 as a national university by unifying the regional colleges and institutions of higher education in Nagano prefecture, and then became a National University Corporation in April, 2004. Shinshu University is a comprehensive national university having 8 faculties and 7 graduate schools as follows: the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics and Law, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, and the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology.

A wide range of education and research is carried out on the campuses at Matsumoto, Nagano, Ueda, and Ina.

Organic collaboration between the various departments is carried out utilizing the advantages of a comprehensive university, to achieve world level advanced and innovative education and research.

Also, based in the rich natural environment looking out onto the grand Alps group, we are deepening collaboration with the local community and industry to contribute to society as a center of innovation and creation to achieve a sustainable society.


The Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research has been established bringing together research resources in 5 research areas where we have original and world-class strengths: carbon science, energy and environmental science, fiber engineering, mountain science, and biomedical sciences. We aim to realize the next generation of innovation and creation through a multi-faceted approach that transcends academic fields. In addition we have established the "Global Aqua Innovation Headquarters (COI)", a national project initiative for all Japan to promote social systems innovation in water.


Shinshu University has been ranked top overall for the fourth year running after 2012, 2013 and 2014 in the Survey of Degree of Contribution to Local Community by National Universities conducted by the Nikkei Research Institute of Industry and Regional Economy.

Collaboration with local governments and local industries, open courses and symposia for the public, local volunteers, etc., contribute to local development through human resources and research results.


The Faculty of Textile Science and Technology is the only faculty in Japan with "Textile" in its name. It is recognized as an international research center in fiber engineering.

In 2012 we joined the Association of Universities for Textiles (AUTEX) based in Europe, to vitalize international exchange and collaboration.


Under the motto "Rooted in the community, opening up the world", as the local center of knowledge our advanced research results are widely published both within Japan and overseas.

We work together to provide the best possible educational opportunities to our students while keeping close links with the local community.

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