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Saint Petersburg State University
English Name: Saint Petersburg State University
Region: Eastern Europe
Country: Russia
Found Year: 1724
Address: 7-9 Universitetskaya Nab.

Saint Petersburg State University was the first university to be founded in Russia, in 1724. Now a special status is accorded by law to Saint Petersburg State University as “unique scientific and educational complex, the country’s oldest university, having enormous significance for the development of Russian society.”

Saint Petersburg State University is authorized to issue its own diplomas both in Russian and in English with the official insignia of the Russian Federation. The University was the first in Russia to introduce its own educational standards, setting requirements for achievement by students that are higher than the official state standards.

In 2014 the University resumed the tradition of conferring its own post-graduate degrees. Works submitted for the title of PhD at Saint Petersburg State University are assessed by scientists from several countries, who must be specialists in the subject, to which the PhD thesis is devoted.

Saint Petersburg State University set up a unique Science Park, which is open to scientists from around the world and offers competitive programs of support for young scientists. Within last 5 years the University invested more than 6 bln rubles in up-to-date research facilities and attracted a member of leading scientists to start here their laboratories. Professors and graduates of the University, who include nine Nobel prize winners, made scientific discoveries and breakthroughs of major importance to the history of world science.

Saint Petersburg State University has more than 300 partner universities in about 70 countries including China, Germany, USA, France, Finland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Brazil. More than 25 international summer and winter schools are held at Saint Petersburg State University annually. The University is a member of a number of international associations and student mobility programmes and internships: Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+, Finnish-Russian Cross Border University, Finnish-Russian Student Exchange Program, Santander Universities, TEMPUS, and many others.

Centre of Expert Advice of Saint Petersburg State University provides expert evaluation in the whole range of the University’s educational and research activities. The Centre caters for individuals and legal entities including the RF Constitutional Court, the RF Supreme Court, federal government agencies, public corporations, and private companies.

Alumni of Saint Petersburg State University include six Russian heads of government: Petr Stolypin, Boris Sturmer, Alexander Kerensky, Vladimir Lenin, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev (both of the latter have also served as Presidents of the Russian Federation).

Today Saint Petersburg State University stands for the vanguard of scientific research, high standards of education, competent expert consulting, development and innovation based on strong historical traditions.

Total Enrollment:25130
           International Students:1604(6%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:19229
           International Students:1225(6%)
Graduate Enrollment:5901
           International Students:379(6%)

Graduate Programs
           Accounting and Statistics
           Administrative Law, Financial Law and Data Protection Law
           Agricultural Chemistry
           Analytical Chemistry
           Applied and Mathematical Linguistics
           Astrometry and Mathematical Astronomy
           Astrophysics and Radioastronomy
           Atmospheric Physics and Hydrospheric Physics
           Automation, Production Control and Production Management
           Bioorganic Chemistry
           Civil Law; Business Law; Family Law; Civil Procedure; International Civil Law
           Civil Procedure; Arbitral Procedure
           Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology
           Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics
           Condensed Matter Physics
           Constitutional Law; Municipal Law
           Criminal Law and Criminology; Executive Criminal Law
           Criminal Procedure, Forensics and Legal Expertise; Criminal Investigation
           Deformable Body Mechanics
           Design Automation Systems
           Developmental Biology and Embryology
           Developmental Psychology and Acmeology
           Differential Equations
           Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Cybernetics
           Economic Sociology and Demography
           Economic, Social and Political Geography
           Educational Psychology
           Enterprises and Facilities
           Environmental Economics and Land Management
           Environmental Science
           Ethnography, Ethnology and Anthropology
           Finance, Currency Circulation and Crediting
           Fluid, Gas and Plasma Mechanics
           Folklore Studies
           General and Regional Geology
           General History
           General Pedagogy and History of Pedagogy and Education
           General Psychology, Personality Psychology and History of Psychology
           Geochemistry and Geochemical Methods of Mineral Exploration
           Geology, Exploration of Solid Minerals and Mineralogy
           Geometry and Topology
           Geomorphology and Development Geography
           Geophysics and Geophysical Methods of Mineral Exploration
           Geotechnical Engineering, Geocryology and Soil Science
           Geotectonics and Geodynamics
           Germanic Languages
           Histology, Cytology and Cellular Biology
           Historical, Typological and Contrastive Linguistics
           Historiography, Source Studies and Approaches To Historical Studies
           History of International Relations and Foreign Policy
           History of Philosophy
           History of Science and Technology
           Industrial Engineering
           Information System Analysis, Management and Processing
           Innovation Management
           Inorganic Chemistry
           International Economics
           International Law and European Law
           Judiciary; Procuratorial Supervision; Law Enforcement Management; Legal Profession
           Labour Economics
           Labour Law; Social Security Law
           Land Hydrology, Water Resources and Hydrochemistry
           Land Use Planning, Cadastre and Land Monitoring
           Languages of The Peoples of Foreign Countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Indigenous Peoples of America and Australia
           Laser Physics
           Law of Natural Resources; Agrarian Law; Environmental Law
           Literature of Foreign Countries
           Literature of The Peoples of The Russian Federation
           Macromolecular Compounds
           Management and Administration of Plants
           Mathematic Simulation, Numerical Techniques and Software Systems
           Mathematical Analysis
           Mathematical and Instrumental Approaches To Economics
           Mathematical and Software Support For Computers, Computer Systems and Networks
           Mathematical Logic, Algebra and Theory of Numbers
           Mathematical Physics
           Medical Psychology
           Meteorology, Climatology and Agricultural Meteorology
           Mineralogy and Crystallography
           Molecular Biology
           Molecular Genetics
           Museology, Conservation and Restoration of Sites of Historical and Cultural Value
           National History
           Nuclear and Particle Physics
           Numerical Mathematics
           Ontology and Epistemology
           Organic Chemistry
           Paleontology and Stratigraphy
           Petrology and Volcanology
           Philosophy of Science and Technology
           Physical Chemistry
           Physical Electronics
           Physical Geography and Biogeography, Soil Geography and Landscape Geochemistry
           Phytophysiology and Phytochemistry
           Plasma Physics
           Political Institutions, Ethnopolitical Conflictology, National and Political Developments and Technologies
           Political Issues of International Relations and Global Development
           Political Psychology
           Population Economics and Demography
           Psychology of Labour; Engineering Psychology and Ergonomics
           Regional Economy
           Romance Languages
           Russian Language
           Russian Literature
           Semiconductor Physics
           Slavic Languages
           Social and Economic System Management
           Social Philosophy
           Social Psychology
           Social Structure, Social Institutions and Developments
           Sociology of Culture and Spiritual Life
           Sociology of Management
           Soil Science
           Solar Physics
           Solid State Chemistry
           Theology, Philosophic Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture
           Theoretical Mechanics
           Theoretical Physics
           Theory and History of Art
           Theory and History of Culture
           Theory and History of Law and State; History of Legal Theories
           Theory and Methods of Teaching
           Theory of Economic System Management
           Theory of Economics
           Theory of Information Science
           Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
           Theory, History and Methodology of Politics
           Theory, Methodology and History of Sociology
           Thermal Physics and Thermology

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