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Queen's University Belfast
English Name: Queen's University Belfast
Region: Northern Europe
Country/Region: UK
Found Year: 1845
Address: University Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Established in 1845, we are the ninth-oldest university in the UK, and one of the most beautiful campuses. As a place of excellence we have produced Nobel Laureates, leading global academics and thought leaders including the physicist John Stewart Bell, Poet Laureate Seamus Heaney, Sir Robert Hart, Inspector General China’s Imperial Maritime Custom Service and Professor Máire O’Neill, widely regarded as one of Europe’s leading cryptography experts.

A member of the prestigious Russell Group, we are a leading research-intensive university, combining outstanding research and education, we have 21 subjects in the UK top 20 and 13 subjects in the UK top 10. Our students are taught by world-leading academics and our teaching is consistently judged to be of the highest standards. We are categorised in the top 75 universities in Europe for Teaching Excellence and 14 of our subjects are placed in the top 200 in the world.

Over 24,000 students study with us and over 85 countries are represented by the student body. Our global alumni network spans 120 countries and we take great pride in our high levels of employability. We are highly postitioned within the top 140 in the world for graduate prospects with 96 per cent of our undergraduates in employment or further study six months after graduation.

A dedicated team across our campus ensure every one of our students receive emotional and physical care and assistance during their time with us. Student well-being is central to our ethos, and 93 per cent of our current international students say they are happy with their life at Queen’s.

Queen’s is in Belfast, a modern capital city, known for its accessibility affordability and safety. A ‘must-see visitor destination’, (Lonely Planet 2017/18), Belfast is over £5,000 per year cheaper for students to live in Northern Ireland compared to London. Northern Ireland has also been named the safest region in the UK (British Crime Surveys 2017/18). It is just an hour from all other major UK cities plane and is well connected to Europe and the rest of the world.

Total Enrollment:24,000
           International Students:3,022 (13%)
Undergraduate Enrollment: 15,813
           International Students:1,416 (9%)
Graduate Enrollment: 6,566
           International Students:1,606 (25%)

Undergraduate Programs
      Actuarial Science and Risk Management
      Aerospace Engineering
      Agricultural Technology
      Audio Engineering
      Biological Sciences
      Biomedical Science
      Broadcast Production
      Business Economics
      Business Information Technology
      Business Management
      Chemical Engineering
      Civil Engineering
      Computer Science
      Computing and Information Technology
      Drama and English
      Electrical and Electronic Engineering
      Energy, Environment and Sustainability
      English with Creative Writing
      Environmental and Civil Engineering
      Film and Theatre Making
      Film Studies
      Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition
      Food Science and Food Security
      French Studies
      Human Biology
      International Business with A Modern Language
      International Politics and Conflict Studies
      Irish and Celtic Studies
      Irish Studies
      Land Use and Environmental Management
      Liberal Arts
      Marine Biology
      Mathematics and Computer Studies
      Mathematical Studies
      Mechanical Engineering,
      Music and Audio Production
      Music Performance
      Music and Sound Design
      Planning, Environment and Development
      Politics, Philosophy and Economics
      Product Design and Development,
      Social Policy
      Social Work
      Software and Electronic Systems Engineering
      Spanish and Portuguese
      Spanish Studies
      Structural Engineering with Architecture
Postgraduate Taught Courses
      Accounting and Finance
      Animal Behaviour and Welfare
      Applied Cyber Security
      Architecture: Certificate In Professional Practice and Practical Experience
      Architecture: Master of Architecture
      Arts Management
      Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics
      Building Information Modelling Project Management
      Business Administration (MBA)
      Business Analytics
      Business for Agri-Food and Rural Enterprise: Business Communication
      Business for Agri-Food and Rural Enterprise: Rural Enterprise Development
      Chemistry: Chemical Enzymology
      Caring for Children and Young People with Complex Needs
      Children's Rights
      City Planning and Design
      Cognition and Culture
      Cognitive Behavioural Practice
      Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
      Conflict Transformation and Social Justice
      Construction and Project Management
      Criminology and Criminal Justice
      Ecological Management and Conservation Biology
      Education: English, Maths, Science, Modern Languages, Social Science, Religious Studies
      Education: Educational Studies
      Education: Inclusion and Special Needs Education
      Education: Leadership
      Education: PGCE
      English (Creative Writing)
      English (Literary Studies)
      English (Poetry)
      Environmental Engineering
      Food Safety (Advanced)
      Global Food Safety
      Global Health
      Global Security and Borders
      History: Public History
      Human Resource Management
      Human Rights Law
      Inclusion and Special Educational Needs
      Industrial Pharmaceuticals
      Information Technology and Computing: PGCE
      International Business
      International Business Law
      International Relations
      Irish Studies
      Law and Technology
      Leadership For Sustainable Development
      Material Science and Engineering
      Mechanical Engineering with Management
      Media and Broadcast Production
      Medicine: Clinical Anatomy
      Medicine: Mental Health
      Mental Health and Mental Capacity Law
      Molecular Medicine (By Research)
      Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
      Molecular Pathology of Cancer
      Nursing/Midwifery: Advanced Professional Clinical Practice
       Nursing/Midwifery: Advanced Professional Practice
      Oncology Drug Discovery
      Parasitology and Pathogen Biology
      Pathology Informatics and Business Application
      Pharmacy: Advanced Pharmacy Practice
      Pharmacy: Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Practice
      Pharmacy: Prescribing For Pharmacists
      Planning and Development
      Psychology: Applied Developmental Psychology
      Psychology: Clinical Health Psychology
      Psychological Science
      Psychotherapy: Systemic
      Psychotherapy: Cognitive Behavioural
      Public Health
      Risk and Investment Management
      Social Research Methods (By Research)
      Social Work (Post-Qualifying Studies): Applied Social Studies
      Social Work (Post-Qualifying Studies): Children, Young People and Families
      Software Development (Conversion)
      Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders
      Systemic Practice and Family Therapy
      Violence, Terrorism and Security
      Youth Justice
Postgraduate Research Programs
      Archaeology and Palaeoecology
      Arts Management and Cultural Policy
      Biological Sciences
      Civil Engineering
      Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
      Cognition and Culture
      Computer Science
      Electrical and Electronic Engineering
      Environmental Planning
      Film Studies
      Food Safety and Biotechnology
      International Studies
      Irish and Celtic
      Law (Juris Doctor)
      Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
      Media and Broadcast
      Molecular Biosciences
      Music and Sonic Arts
      Nursing and Midwifery
      Photonic Integration and Advanced Data Storage
      Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work

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