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Newcastle University
English Name: Newcastle University
Region: Northern Europe
Country: UK
Found Year: 1963
Address: King's Gate

About Newcastle University

Newcastle University, UK can trace its origins to a School of Medicine and Surgery, established in 1834, and to Armstrong College, founded in 1871 for the teaching of physical sciences.  Today, Newcastle has a broad research base in the fields of medicine, science and engineering, social sciences and the humanities. English, Geography, Architecture and Planning, Cultural and Media Studies, Civil Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Biological Sciences, Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience and Hepatology are among our strongest disciplines. 

We aim to be a globally significant research university that performs high quality research across a wide range of disciplines and locations. We conduct our research activities with a commitment to excellence and a concern for the needs of both local society and global issues. The combination of being globally ambitious and regionally rooted underpins our vision of Newcastle as a world-class civic university.

We strive for world-class academic excellence – but excellence with a purpose - so that our high-quality academic work is responsive to large-scale societal needs and demands. Through three established Societal Challenge Themes of ageing, social renewal and sustainability, we focus a significant part of our research effort towards this aim.

Our Faculty of Medical Sciences is based around four main themes: ageing and chronic disease; genetics and rare disease, cancer biology and therapeutics, and basic science underpinning translation. 

The Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering (SAgE) encompasses the largest and most comprehensive academic resource for teaching, research and commercialisation in North East England in these three areas. It is particularly strong in Civil Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS) is the largest of Newcastle’s three faculties. Its nine academic schools have particular strengths in geography, planning and urban studies, financial economics and the economics of risk, education, English literature, linguistics and language sciences, and the creative arts.


Research Highlights

Newcastle University was ranked 16th in the UK for research power in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, with 78% of our research assessed to be world-leading or internationally excellent. Some notable achievements at subject level included being ranked 3rd in the UK for English, 4th amongst UK medical schools for Clinical Medicine; 1st in the UK for Computing Science impact and 3rd in the UK for Civil Engineering research power. Our annual research income is in excess of £120 million.

A recent study by world-renowned Professor of Medicine and Metabolism, Roy Taylor, showed that people who reverse their diabetes and then keep their weight down remain free of the condition, even if they have had diabetes for as long as 10 years. The research is part of a growing body of evidence showing that people with Type 2 diabetes who successfully lose weight can reverse their condition because fat is removed from their pancreas, returning insulin production to normal.

A Newcastle University team is helping to change the way the world’s precious coral reefs are protected and restored. They have devised innovative and cost-effective coral ‘plug-ins’ that work by rearing baby corals on cement cylinders embedded with plastic wall plugs of the king used to fit screws into masonry. The plug-ins are then slotted into pre-drilled holes in a damaged reef.

Research by Professor of Fine Art, Andrew Burton, involves collaborations with local craftspeople – from brick makers and bamboo breakers in India to graffiti artists in North America – bringing their work to the attention of new audiences around the world. By shining a light on materials, objects and skills that are considered commonplace, he creates new conversations and practitioner debate about art, architecture, craft and the world around us.


International Collaborations and Knowledge Transfer

Newcastle University’s academic expertise is in regular demand around the world. In October 2015, Professor Peter Stone OBE was appointed as the first ever UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection and Peace. With this role comes a mandate for the University to deliver training and build new partnerships worldwide to mitigate the destruction of cultural property during conflict and strengthen the use of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as tools for peace.

Scientists and civil engineers at Newcastle University were called upon by the World Bank-funded Nile Basin Initiative to provide the first impartial of one of the world’s most complex and difficult to manage trans-boundary river systems. Using advanced data management and modelling tools, they helped to establish a new decision support system, providing the foundations of a new shared approach to water management by the nine countries on the banks of the River Nile.

Meanwhile, paediatric rheumatologists at Newcastle University have developed to a new tool for the examination of joints called pGALS (paediatric Gait Arms Legs and Spine) to help clinicians diagnose arthritis in children. This is now taught as a simple clinical skill to medical students and is being used by doctors worldwide.


Teaching Quality and the Student Experience

Newcastle University has invested over £150m in its city-centre campus, creating new teaching, learning and social spaces including a new Business School, the INTO 800-student teaching centre and a multi-million pound renovation of the Students’ Union.

Its students are among the most employable in the country with 94.1% finding work within six months of graduation. The University is ranked in the UK’s Top 10 for student satisfaction.

The long-standing reputation for quality research and teaching has helped Newcastle University increase its global footprint.

In 2009 the University joined forces with SIT, the Singapore Institute of Technology, to launch Newcastle University International Singapore which offers a range of engineering degree programmes.

Newcastle University Medicine (NUMed) Malaysia, established in 2011, provides undergraduate degrees in Medicine (MB BS) and the Biomedical Sciences (BSc), and opportunities for postgraduate study.

We have also entered into a strategic partnership with Xiamen University, in China.

Our new branch campus in Central London. Newcastle University London, opened in September 2015. It provides full- and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes for students from all over the world, with an initial focus on business and finance.

Total Enrollment:18223
           International Students:4238(23%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:14278
           International Students:2081(15%)
Graduate Enrollment:3945
           International Students:2157(55%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accounting and Finance Ba Honours
           Accounting and Mathematics Bsc Honours
           Agri-Business Management Bsc Honours
           Agriculture (Deferred Choice) Bsc Honours
           Agronomy Bsc Honours
           Ancient History and Archaeology Ba Honours
           Ancient History Ba Honours
           Animal Production Science Bsc Honours
           Animal Science Bsc Honours
           Archaeology Ba Honours
           Architectural Studies Ba Honours
           Biochemistry Bsc Honours
           Biology and Psychology Bsc Honours
           Biology Bsc Honours
           Biomedical Genetics Bsc Honours
           Biomedical Sciences (Integrated Master's) Msci Honours
           Biomedical Sciences Bsc Honours
           Biomedical Sciences with Business Bsc Honours
           Biomedical Sciences with Medical Microbiology Bsc Honours
           Biopharmaceutical Technology Beng Honours
           Biopharmaceutical Technology Meng Honours
           Bioprocess Engineering Meng Honours
           Biotechnology Bsc Honours
           Biotechnology with Industrial Placement Year Bsc Honours
           Business Accounting and Finance Ba Honours
           Business Management Ba Honours
           Chemical Engineering Beng Honours
           Chemical Engineering Meng Honours
           Chemical Engineering with Foundation Year Beng Honours
           Chemical Engineering with Foundation Year Meng Honours
           Chemistry (With Industrial Training Year) Bsc Honours
           Chemistry (With Industrial Training Year) Mchem Honours
           Chemistry Bsc Honours
           Chemistry Mchem Honours
           Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry (With Industrial Training Year) Bsc Honours
           Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry (With Industrial Training Year) Mchem Honours
           Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry Bsc Honours
           Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry Mchem Honours
           Chemistry with Study in Europe Mchem Honours
           Chemistry with Study in North America Mchem Honours
           Chinese/Japanese and Cultural Studies Ba Honours
           Civil and Structural Engineering Beng Honours
           Civil and Structural Engineering Meng Honours
           Civil Engineering Beng Honours
           Civil Engineering Meng Honours
           Civil Engineering with Foundation Year Beng Honours
           Civil Engineering with Foundation Year Meng Honours
           Classical Studies and English Ba Honours
           Classical Studies Ba Honours
           Classics Ba Honours
           Computer Science (Study Abroad) Mcomp Honours
           Computer Science Mcomp Honours
           Computing Science (Games and Virtual Environments) Bsc Honours
           Computing Science (Networked Systems and Internet Technologies) Bsc Honours
           Computing Science (Software Engineering) Bsc Honours
           Computing Science Bsc Honours
           Computing Science with Industrial Placement (Games and Virtual Environments) Bsc
           Computing Science with Industrial Placement (Networked Systems and Internet Technologies) Bsc
           Computing Science with Industrial Placement (Software Engineering) Bsc Honours
           Computing Science with Industrial Placement Bsc Honours
           Countryside Management Bsc Honours
           Dental Hygiene and Therapy Diploma
           Dental Surgery Bds Honours
           Drug Development Beng Honours
           Drug Development Meng Honours
           Economics and Business Management Ba Honours
           Economics and Mathematics Bsc Honours
           Economics Bsc Honours
           Electrical and Electronic Engineering Beng Honours
           Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Foundation Year Beng Honours
           Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Foundation Year Meng Honours
           Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Industrial Project Meng Honours
           Electronic Communications Beng Honours
           Electronic Communications with Industrial Project Meng Honours
           Electronic Engineering Beng Honours
           Electronic Engineering with Industrial Project Meng Honours
           Electronics and Computer Engineering Beng Honours
           Electronics and Computer Engineering with Industrial Project Meng Honours
           Engineering with Foundation Year Beng Honours
           Engineering with Foundation Year Meng Honours
           English Language and Literature Ba Honours
           English Language Ba Honours
           English Literature Ba Honours
           Environmental Science Bsc Honours
           Farm Business Management Bsc Honours
           Financial and Business Economics Bsc Honours
           Financial Mathematics Bsc Honours
           Financial Mathematics with Management Bsc Honours
           Fine Art Ba Honours
           Folk and Traditional Music Bmus Honours
           Food and Human Nutrition Bsc Honours
           Geographic Information Science Bsc Honours
           Geography and Planning Ba Honours
           Geography Ba Honours
           Geography Bsc Honours
           Government and European Union Studies Ba Honours
           History and Archaeology Ba Honours
           History Ba Honours
           Industry Meng Honours
           Information Systems with Business and Marketing (Industrial Placement) Bsc Honours
           Information Systems with Business and Marketing Bsc Honours
           Information Systems with Management (Industrial Placement) Bsc Honours
           Information Systems with Management Bsc Honours
           Intensified Processing Meng Honours
           International Business Management Ba Honours
           Law Llb Honours
           Linguistics Ba Honours
           Linguistics with Chinese Or Japanese Ba Honours
           Linguistics with French Ba Honours
           Linguistics with German Ba Honours
           Linguistics with Spanish Ba Honours
           Marine Biology and Oceanography Bsc Honours
           Marine Biology Bsc Honours
           Marine Engineering Beng Honours
           Marine Engineering Meng Honours
           Marine Technology with Foundation Year Beng Honours
           Marine Technology with Foundation Year Meng Honours
           Marine Zoology Bsc Honours
           Marketing and Management Ba Honours
           Marketing Bsc Honours
           Mathematical Sciences (Deferred Choice) Bsc Honours
           Mathematical Sciences with Foundation Year Bsc Honours
           Mathematics and Psychology Bsc Honours
           Mathematics and Statistics Bsc Honours
           Mathematics and Statistics Mmathstat Honours
           Mathematics Bsc Honours
           Mathematics Mmath Honours
           Mathematics with Biology Bsc Honours
           Mathematics with Management Bsc Honours
           Mechanical and Low Carbon Transport Engineering Meng Honours
           Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering Meng Honours
           Mechanical Engineering Beng Honours
           Mechanical Engineering Meng Honours
           Mechanical Engineering with Foundation Year Beng Honours
           Mechanical Engineering with Foundation Year Meng Honours
           Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics Meng Honours
           Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Ba Honours
           Medical Science (Deferred Choice) Bsc Honours
           Medicine and Surgery (Accelerated Programme) Mb Bs Honours
           Medicine and Surgery Mb Bs Honours
           Modern Languages and Business Studies Ba Honours
           Modern Languages and Linguistics Ba Honours
           Modern Languages Ba Honours
           Music Ba Honours
           Music Bmus Honours
           Naval Architecture Beng Honours
           Naval Architecture Meng Honours
           New! Biology (Cellular and Molecular Biology) Bsc Honours
           New! Biology (Ecology and Environmental Biology) Bsc Honours
           New! Food Marketing and Nutrition Bsc Honours
           New! Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering Beng Honours
           New! Mechanical Engineering with Bioengineering Meng Honours
           New! Mechanical Engineering with Microsystems Meng Honours
           New! Nutrition and Psychology Bsc Honours
           Offshore Engineering Beng Honours
           Offshore Engineering Meng Honours
           Pharmacology Bsc Honours
           Philosophical Studies: Knowledge and Human Interests Ba Honours
           Physical Geography Bsc Honours
           Physiological Sciences Bsc Honours
           Politics and Economics Ba Honours
           Politics and History Ba Honours
           Politics and Sociology Ba Honours
           Politics Ba Honours
           Popular and Contemporary Music Bmus Honours
           Process Control Meng Honours
           Psychology Bsc Honours
           Rural Studies Bsc Honours
           Small Craft Technology Beng Honours
           Small Craft Technology Meng Honours
           Sociology Ba Honours
           Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies Ba Honours
           Speech and Language Sciences Bsc Honours
           Statistics Bsc Honours
           Statistics with Management Bsc Honours
           Surveying and Mapping Science Bsc Honours
           Sustainable Engineering Meng Honours
           Town Planning Ba Honours
           Zoology Bsc Honours
Graduate Programs
           Advanced Computer Science
           Advanced Food Marketing
           Advanced International Business and Management
           Advanced International Business Management and Marketing
           Ageing and Health Mres
           Ageing Mphil
           Agricultural and Environmental Science
           Agriculture Mphil
           Ancient History: Rulership, Power and Court Societies in the  Ancient World
           Animal Behaviour
           Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare
           Applied Educational Psychology
           Applied Hydrogeology MSc; PGDip (Residential and Flexible Learning)
           Applied Linguistics and TESOL MA
           Applied Linguistics Research MA
           Applied Policy Research MA; PGDip
           Applied Process Control MSc; PGDip
           Aquaculture Enterprise and Technology MSc; Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Modules
           Archaeology MA
           Archaeology MLitt
           Archaeology MPhil; PhD
           Archaeology of Historic Periods MA
           Architectural Design Research MA
           Architectural Practice and Management PGDip
           Architecture and Planning Studies (Design) MA
           Architecture and Planning Studies MA
           Architecture, Planning and Landscape MPhil; PhD
           Art Museum and Gallery Education MA; PGDip
           Art Museum and Gallery Practice MPrac
           Art Museum and Gallery Studies MA; PGDip
           Arts as Enterprise – Freelancing in the Cultural and Heritage Sector MA; PGDip
           Arts, Business and Creativity MA
           Automation and Control MSc
           Banking and Finance MSc
           Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management MSc
           Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology MSc
           Biological Sciences MPhil; PhD
           Biomedicine MPhil; PhD; MD
           Biopharmaceutical Process Development EngD
           Biosciences MPhil; PhD; MD
           Biotechnology and Business Enterprise MRes
           Biotechnology MPhil; PhD
           British History MA
           Business and Management MPhil; PhD
           Cancer MPhil; PhD; MD
           Cancer MRes
           Chemical and Process Engineering Graduate Diploma
           Chemical Engineering MPhil; PhD
           Chemistry MPhil; PhD
           Civil Engineering (Environmental) MPhil; PhD
           Civil Engineering (Geotechnical and Engineering Geology) MPhil; PhD
           Civil Engineering (Structural) MPhil; PhD
           Civil Engineering (Transport) MPhil; PhD
           Civil Engineering (Water Resources) MPhil; PhD
           Classics MA
           Classics MPhil; PhD
           Clean Technology MSc; PGDip
           Clinical Education Master of (MClinEd); PGDip; PGCert
           Clinical Endodontics PGCert
           Clinical Implant Dentistry PGCert
           Clinical Psychology Doctor of (DClinPsychol)
           Clinical Research MClinRes; PGDip; PGCert; PGDip (e-learning) PGCert (e-learning)
           Cognitive Behavioural Therapy PGDip
           Communications and Signal Processing MSc
           Computer Game Engineering MSc
           Computer Science Integrated PhD
           Computer Science MPhil; PhD
           Computer Security and Resilience MSc
           Computing Science MSc
           Conscious Sedation in Dentistry MSc; PGDip
           Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules
           Creative Writing MA
           Creative Writing PGCert
           Cross-Cultural Communication and Applied Linguistics MA
           Cross-Cultural Communication and Education MA
           Cross-Cultural Communication and International Management MA
           Cross-Cultural Communication and International Marketing MA
           Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations MA
           Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies MA
           Dental Hygiene and Therapy Diploma
           Dentistry and Dental Sciences MPhil; PhD; DDS
           Development (CPD) modules
           Development (CPD) modules
           Digital Architecture MSc
           Digital Media MRes
           Digital Media PhD
           Doctor of Business Administration DBA
           Drug Chemistry MSc
           E-Business (E-Marketing) MSc
           E-Business (Information Systems) MSc
           E-Business MSc
           East Asian History MA
           Ecological Consultancy MSc
           Ecological Farming and Food Production Systems MSc
           Economics MPhil; PhD
           Education (Clinical) MPhil; PhD
           Education and Communication Integrated PhD
           Education Doctor of (EdD)
           Education Master of (MEd)
           Education MPhil; PhD
           Education Research MA
           Educational and Applied Linguistics Integrated PhD
           Educational Psychology Doctor of (DEdPsy)
           Electrical Power MSc
           Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering Integrated PhD
           Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering PhD
           Energy MPhil; PhD
           Engineering and Science in the Marine Environment Integrated PhD
           Engineering Geology MSc
           Engineering Geology with Consultancy Skills MSc
           English Language and Linguistics MA
           English Language and/or Linguistics MLitt
           English Literature 1500-1900 MA
           English Literature MLitt
           English Literature, Language and Creative Writing MPhil; PhD
           Environmental Biogeochemistry MSc; PGDip
           Environmental Biogeochemistry with Consultancy Skills MSc
           Environmental Engineering MSc
           Environmental Law and Policy (Research) LLM
           Environmental Law and Policy LLM
           Environmental Regulation and Sustainable Development LLM
           Environmental Resource Assessment MSc
           Environmental Science Integrated PhD
           Environmental Science MPhil; PhD
           Epidemiology MRes
           European History MA
           European Union Studies MA
           Evidence Based Practice in Communication Disorders MSc
           Film Studies MLitt
           Film Studies MPhil; PhD
           Film: Theory and Practice MA
           Finance and Accounting MPhil; PhD
           Finance and Financial Regulation MSc
           Finance and Law with Islamic Finance MSc
           Finance MSc
           Finance, Accounting and Business Graduate Diploma
           Fine Art MFA
           Fine Art MPhil; PhD
           Flood Risk Management MSc; PGDip (Flexible Learning)
           Food and Human Nutrition MPhil; PhD
           Food and Rural Development Research MSc
           Gastrointestinal Physiology and Urodynamic Science) MSc
           Genetics MPhil; PhD; MD
           Geochemistry MPhil; PhD
           Geography MPhil; PhD
           Geomatics MPhil; PhD
           Geotechnical Engineering MSc
           Geotechnical Engineering with Consultancy Skills MSc
           Greek and Roman Archaeology MA
           Heritage Education and Interpretation MA; PGDip
           Heritage Management MA; PGDip
           Heritage Practice MPrac
           High Intensity Psychological Therapies PGDip
           History MLitt
           History MPhil; PhD
           History of Medicine MA
           History of the Americas MA
           Human Geography Research MA
           Human Resource Management MA
           Hydroinformatics and Water Management (Euro Aquae) MSc
           Hydroinformatics MSc
           Hydrology and Climate Change MSc
           Immunobiology MRes
           Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology MRes
           Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology MSc
           Industrial Quality Technology MSc; PGDip
           Infection Prevention and Control PGCert
           Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship MSc
           International Business Law LLM
           International Business Management MA
           International Commercial Law LLM
           International Development and Education MA
           International Economics and Finance MSc
           International Financial Analysis MA
           International Human Resource Management MA
           International Legal Studies LLM
           International Marine Environmental Consultancy (IMEC) MSc; PGDip
           International Marketing MSc
           International Multimedia Journalism MA
           International Political Economy MA
           International Politics (Critical Geopolitics) MA
           International Politics (Global Justice and Ethics) MA
           International Politics (Globalisation, Poverty and Development) MA
           International Studies MA
           Internet Technologies and Enterprise Computing MSc
           Interpreting MA
           Language Pathology MSc
           Latin American Interdisciplinary Studies MA
           Law LLM (by research); MPhil; PhD
           Linguistics and English Language Integrated PhD
           Linguistics and Language Acquisition MA
           Linguistics of European Languages MA
           Linguistics, Speech and Language Sciences MPhil; PhD
           Local and Regional Development MA; PGDip; PGCert
           Low Intensity Psychological Therapies PGCert
           Major Programme Management MSc; PGDip
           Management and Business Studies (Research) MA
           Marine and Offshore Power Systems MSc
           Marine Electrical Power Technology MSc
           Marine Engineering MSc
           Marine Sciences MPhil; PhD
           Marine Structures and Integrity MSc
           Marine Technology (International) - Dubai MSc; Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules
           Marine Technology (International) - Singapore MSc; PGDip; PGCert; Continuing Professional
           Marine Technology Education Consortium (MTEC) MSc; PGDip; PGCert; Certificate (Rolls-Royce plc);
           Marine Technology MPhil; PhD
           Marine Transport with Management MSc
           Marketing MPhil; PhD
           Master of Business Administration MBA
           Materials Design and Engineering MSc
           Materials Engineering MPhil; PhD
           Mathematical Modelling in Engineering and Industry MSc
           Mathematics MPhil; PhD
           Mechanical and Systems Engineering MPhil; PhD
           Mechanical Engineering MSc
           Mechatronics MSc
           Media and Journalism MA
           Media and Public Relations MA
           Media, Journalism and Public Relations PhD
           Medical and Molecular Biosciences MRes
           Medical Genetics MRes
           Medical Sciences MRes
           Medical Sciences MSc
           Medicinal Plants and Functional Foods MSc
           Medicine and Surgery MPhil; PhD; MD
           Microbiology MPhil; PhD
           Microelectronics MSc
           Microsystems Engineering MSc
           Minimal Access Surgery PGCert
           Modern and Contemporary Studies MA
           Modern Languages MLitt
           Modern Languages MPhil; PhD
           Modernising Scientific Careers: Clinical Sciences (Cardiac, Vascular, Respiratory and Sleep Science,
           Modernising Scientific Careers: Clinical Sciences (Medical Physics) MSc
           Molecular Microbiology MRes
           Museum Practice MPrac
           Museum Studies MA; PGDip
           Museum Studies PGCert
           Museum, Gallery and Heritage Studies MPhil; PhD
           Music and Education MA; PGDip
           Music MA
           Music MMus; PGDip
           Music MPhil; PhD
           Nanomedicine MRes
           Nanoscale Science and Technology MPhil; PhD
           Naval Architecture MSc
           Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe MA
           Neuroscience MPhil; PhD; MD
           Neuroscience MRes
           New! Biosciences MRes
           New! Future Landscape Imaginaries MA
           New! Master of Architecture MArch
           Offshore and Environmental Technology MSc
           Offshore Engineering MSc
           Oncology and Palliative Care MSc; PGDip and Cancer Studies PGCert
           Operations and Supply Chain Management MSc
           Operations Management, Logistics and Accounting MSc
           Orthodontics MSc
           Petroleum Geochemistry MSc; PGDip
           Petroleum Geoscience MSc
           Philosophical Studies of Knowledge and Human Interests MPhil
           Phonetics and Phonology Integrated PhD
           Physics MPhil; PhD
           Pipeline Engineering MSc
           Planning and Environment Research MA
           Planning for Developing Countries MSc
           Planning for Sustainability and Climate Change MSc
           Politics (Research) MA
           Politics MPhil; PhD
           Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) - Primary (with Qualified Teacher Status, QTS)
           Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) - Secondary (with Qualified Teacher Status, QTS)
           Power Distribution Engineering MSc; PGDip; PGCert
           Practitioner Enquiry Master of (MEd)
           Process Automation MSc; PGDip; Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules
           Professional Translating for European Languages MA
           Psychology MPhil; PhD
           Public Health and Health Services Research MSc; PGDip; PGCert
           Public Health, Epidemiology and Health Services Research MPhil; PhD; MD
           Quantitative Finance and Risk Management MSc
           Regional Development (Research) MA
           Renewable Energy Enterprise and Management (REEM) MSc; PGDip; PGCert
           Renewable Energy Flexible Training Programme (REFLEX) MSc; PGDip; PGCert; Continuing Professional
           Research Methods in Law LLM
           Restorative Dentistry MSc
           Roman and Byzantine Archaeology MA
           Roman Frontier Studies MA
           Scientific Enterprise MSc; PGDip
           Skills, Technology, Research and Management for the UK Water Sector EngD
           Small Craft Design MSc
           Social Science and Health Research MSc; PGDip
           Sociology and Social Research MA; PGDip
           Sociology MA
           Sociology MPhil; PhD
           Spatial Planning PGDip
           Statistics MPhil; PhD
           Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine MRes
           Strategic Planning and Investment MSc
           Structural Engineering MSc
           Structural Engineering with Consultancy Skills MSc
           Subsea Engineering and Management MSc; Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules
           Sustainability MPhil; PhD
           Sustainable Buildings and Environments MSc
           Sustainable Chemical Engineering MSc; PGDip
           Systems Biology MRes
           Technology in the Marine Environment MRes
           TESOL and Cross-Cultural Communication MPhil; PhD
           Therapeutics PGDip; PGCert
           Town Planning Diploma
           Town Planning MSc
           Toxicology MRes
           Translating and Interpreting MA
           Translating and Interpreting MLitt
           Translating and Interpreting MPhil; PhD
           Translating MA
           Translation Studies MA
           Translational Medicine and Therapeutics MRes
           Transplantation MRes
           Transport and Business Management MSc; PGDip
           Transport and the Environment MSc; PGDip
           Transport Engineering and Operations MSc; PGDip
           Transportation Planning and Policy MSc; PGDip
           Tropical Coastal Management MSc; PGDip
           Urban Design MA; PGDip
           Urban Design PGCertificates
           Wireless Embedded Systems MSc
           World Politics and Popular Culture MA

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